2 journalists to testify against Malawi ‘hyena-man’ Aniva

Blntyre magistrates court faied to hear the case of Eric Aniva on Wednesday because the magistrate Innocent Nebi was engaged in other official duties in Lilongwe.

Aniva: Malawi sex ritualist

Aniva: Malawi sex ritualist

The court was supposed to hear witnesses from journalists; Capital Radio’s Chinsinsi Moyo and former MBC journalist Eldson Chagara who is also photojournalist for Associated Press.

The two are key state witnesses because they were present when BBC interviewed Aniva who claimed he had slept with over 100 widows and young girls in an outdated sexual cleansing exercise.

Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula said the case returns to the court in Blantyre on Thursday.

President Peter Mutharika ordered the arrest of Aniva following claims Aniva made that he slept with young girls as young as 12.

He was arrested following a BBC report on the issue. Aniva is charged with practising harmful culture.

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If the journalist accept to testify in this case, they should know that they will have opened an ethical pandora’s box for future court cases thereby making freedom of information and protection of sources difficult. It is up to the prosecution to offer proof of guilt; but in such ethical breaches, I am sure the information was meant for the journalist only not third party distribution.

be humane
poor reasoning guys. This of how this culture has robed dignity and health of our innocent mothers and sisters by Aniva. Think of how many people have died from AIDS related illness from Aniva’s infections. How many girls future have been ruined by this Aniva? How many people today are on ART but have no capacity to get the needed nutritious foods because Aniva infected them? Leave your political obsession to dogs and think rationally for the poor innocent rural women who is oppressed by her culture. seeing nothing wrong in the practice you are indoctrinated does not mean causing… Read more »
Be-humane – i think you do not understand dynamics of life- in this scenario- Sena culture- this man you are accusing has committed no sin- its the Sena plus Malawi culture that is at trial here- they president has been away for a long time and does not know much about culture in his old age. The person to be tried here are the chiefs, parents of those children because they are the custodian of culture. HIV/AIDs is just like any other disease that must be prevented and treated both by Government and individuals. People can live with HIV/AIDS as… Read more »
Unenesko Nguweni
Is the nation punishing Aniva because of his confession.Was he threatening people so that he sleeps with these girls.Infact we should be thanking Aniva for revealing sins cherished by the society and traditions.Arrest the chiefs.Infact ask him to mention the girls and women he slept with because those will be real witness so that they tell us how it was happening.Was Aniva coming on his own or was being sent for.Or else we want to punish Aniva for letting the world know that our women were slept with people like Aniva.This is our tradition.Thank you Aniva for coming in the… Read more »
Aniva is a victim of culture and traditions which are everywhere in our country. We should understand that as far as people in Nsanje are concerned, this man was doing the right thing. He was fulfilling cultural obligations. However, the consequences of such an act is what causes an alarm to all of us. One thing we we should know is that while Aniva is being paraded before court, this practice lies at peace in the minds of people of Nsanje. They are wondering what has befallen them that such a noble act could earn one of their own a… Read more »
Why can’t the state dwell on real issues other than this Aniva guy. Scores of people are dying because of the Cashgate why can’t the authority fast track the prosecution of the cash gate thugs and recover the looted money and buy maize or improve water and electricity problem. Issues of culture is not an issue for the who State to be spending resources for your information it’s not only Aniva who has been doing this! There are a lot of cultural practices that need to be revised or abandoned completely especially with the HIV pandemic. If anything investigate who… Read more »
Musiyeni Aniva, if anything the local leaders in his area need to be the ones to be taken to task!! Malawians, we all understand the powers local/traditional leaders have out there at local level. Mukumuvutilanji munthu, Aniva neither raped the girls nor proposed love to them! All he did its because he was chosen by society to do the sinful acts. Seriously, kwa amene anakulila kumudzi Aniva had no choice but to do what society told him to do, otherwise he would have been considered (as per their local beliefs) munthu obweretsa matsoka ndipo “akanathana naye”……!! Personally, I strongly believe… Read more »
I truly support you Central. they have arrested and prosecuting a WRONG person. Traditions za kulowakufa and kuchotsamatsoka or kuchotsa fumbi sanabweretsedwe ndi Aniva or those guys who do the work. Why cant these dunderheads think well?? Coz the big guy was the one who ‘ordered’ them??? Arent they independent of doing their own thinking and acting??? very sad indeed. poor pple will not receive justice on earth. Akanakhala kuti waba ndalama zambiri zaboma tikadamva kale kuti amupatsa 3yrs and amtulutsa ‘next wk’ coz waonetsa khalidwe labwino… eish these guys, may God do so much to them due to their… Read more »

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