3 Rumphi family killed, beheaded, police nab suspect

Malawi Police in Rumphi have arrested a suspect in a horrible murder of a family of three from Rumphi who had gone to Lilongwe to buy a vehicle.

The three, a husband, wife and a five year old daughter were killed and had their heads severed.

Their bodies were found in Bunda hills forest.

Police say they have arrested Sekile Zunda, 23 from Monga village in Chief Zoloke’s area in Rumphi and a relation to the deceased man.

The police said the suspect accompanied the family to buy the vehicle.

The deceased are 43 year old Chawinga, a head teacher at a community day secondary school and had just upgraded from primary school, his wife and daughter.

The three left Rumphi for Lilongwe some weeks ago to buy a vehicle.

On the day they missed, they informed their relations that they were at Road Traffic Department for the registration of the vehicle.

The vehicle is still missing and police believe the sellers of the vehicle had a hand in the kkillings.

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27 thoughts on “3 Rumphi family killed, beheaded, police nab suspect”

  1. Chibongozo says:

    Kill that bastard please. No need to take him to court because there are lawyers who can twist the whole issuie.

  2. Ronald says:

    So sorrowful

  3. lucius says:

    aphedwe basis koma aulure network take.From Alibinos now beheadings

  4. ngwiiiii says:

    zowawa.Malawi chikondi chako chapita kuti?

  5. baba says:

    This is real sad how can somebody do that? Why not just steal money and go away. Bring back death sentence to our society

  6. Jangayanga says:

    Atleast The Government Should Establish Strong Measures For Such People.

  7. May their souls rest in peace

  8. zack ib says:

    Are these kind of persons desrve to live ?

  9. Vibisi says:

    APresident musachedwetse ingosainilani death penalty basi tatopa ndikuphedwa kwa anthu mopanda chisoni

  10. NGWAZI says:


    HUGE !!


  11. Harawara says:

    How can three lives I mean human lives be lost for a car? How? and why? Has life become so cheap like that?
    With society morals decaying that fast there is urgency to introduce a subject in primary and secondary schools where humanity and morality would be taught. Without emphasis on these we would be hearing and seeing more and more deaths and robberies..

    Economic prophets, preach against these. These are real serious social issues and not the prophecies of people’s birthdays and winning netball teams that you are busy with? Political chiefs (Lundu, Lukwa) and political pastors (Bvumbwe, Gama) turn your attention to challenges that matter to the society most. Address them in your spheres of influence. Conduct studies of most common sins and package your sermons against inhumanity and materialism. Lead us out of envy. If the murdered family (RIP) was political we could have heard your loudest noises and bangs. Let us sound alarm for every robbery and murder regardless of who the victim and suspect are.
    Let us do something. Restore death penalty.

  12. Mkuziwaduka says:

    Oyenda ndi lupanga adzafa ndi lupanga. Almighty plz intervene.mku

  13. Menward mobby says:

    Akapezeka onset anyongedwe

  14. zinthu zina osamaziyamba dala. Inu kulimba mtima kupha mpaka? Anthu awa alibe mzimu wawumunthu

  15. it is good continue

  16. CHIM says:

    Ndi komwe anagula
    Afufuzidwe asap !

  17. Joseph Banda says:

    WITH THE BEHAVIOUR OF KAMLEPO, one can see how this man kills a relation

  18. And the human rights bodies are championing for the scrapping off of death penalties in these situations

    1. zack ib says:

      And they dont even care that those dead had a right to live

    2. Adzonzi says:

      and they will just be silent………they only speak when the police shoot a robber and not the other way round…shame shame shame!!!!!

  19. Che nsomba says:

    Gone just like that? How does someone dream of wiping out the entire family just like that???No remorse. This man should also go. Naense apite!

  20. Che nsomba says:

    Zoona. Why wipe out the entire family of your relatives just like that without any remorse. Death sentence should be carried out on this person. Koma mwabanthu banyakhe mulije lusungu!

  21. Eye to an Eye says:

    give us that person timukanyange nafenso timudule dule ngati kanyenya.Chikanakhala chabwiono dyabulosi uyu kusabadwako.

  22. Barnaba Sila says:

    O Beloved Malawi! Where are we heading to? God have mercy over us! This is so pathetic

  23. Mpesa says:

    Sikusinja ndi Gwenembe. I thought it was just a fiction until this happened. Great job Malawi police.

    1. Muriya says:

      Boma la APM limenelo! Iye ali phee kumwa coffee as if nothing has happened.

    2. austin says:

      Great job MP indeed.

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