5 things keeping Prophet Bushiri busy during lockdown

As of Monday, June 1st, Majority of South African provinces moved down to level 3 of the national lockdown implemented by government to minimize the spread of Coronavirus in the country. It has been a long journey for South African residents since the lockdown started in March with level 5 that completely required everyone to stay indoors apart from those defined in essential skills list such as health workers and police personnel.

A lot of people have described the lockdown differently. To others, it is simply a torture and imprisonment while others feel it has brought them closer to things they never had a chance to. Below are five things keeping Africa’s most famous and celebrated man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

  1. Conducting online church sermons 

With the help of his highly trained and experienced IT department, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is among the most famous men of God keeping their calling promise to God by conducting online sermons, attracting millions of congregates throughout the globe via Zoom, Prophetic Channel, Major1Connect, Facebook Live and YouTube Live streaming.

Innovative Bushiri launches ECG Church online service and over 6 million join worldwide

His services have followed a normal routine structure of his physical services which happen at Showgrounds in Pretoria, South Africa. Among others, the man of God is conducting Sunday, Friday and Monday services. He also gets down to a series of partner’s meetings and live programs for his Christian TV.

  1. Studying for his Degree

This may sound strange, but yes, the man of God is currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. To those who follow him, he once posted on his Instagram and Facebook accounts that he had enrolled for a degree program having obtained a series of relevant diplomas in the same discipline. He described this move as a way of motivating young people and everyone across the world the importance of Education.

The man of God believes for one to truly attain the highest level of success, he should be able to understand the dynamics of his field of interest. As a man managing a number of businesses across the continent, he thought it wise to advance his knowledge on business and entrepreneurship by enrolling for this program.

Prophet Bushiri and his posh car

“For my vast knowledge in business and entrepreneurship, I am studying Business Adminstration and Management at University of Lilongwe. Be inspired and if you were thinking of giving up your studies, be encouraged,” posted the man of God while in a classroom setup with his University Lecturers who give him private classes at the comfort of his private hotel in Rustenburg.

With the lockdown offering all the time, the man of God has been down to his books and he is currently writing end of Semester Open Book Examinations for they cannot physically meet in class. He is expected to graduate in December this year. To add on that, he is also polishing up his research thesis titled: ‘An assessment of the utilisation of the planning model and principles of business management in Pentecostal churches in Malawi’

  1. Spending plenty of time with family

As a busy man on the road with ministry and his businesses, the man of God is having a great deal of time spending it with his family and close friends. He is a husband and Father of two beautiful daughters.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife prophetess Mary Bushiri

His presence at home has greatly benefited his family who have appreciated the connection being shared. He has also had time to call his friends all over the world and relatives in Malawi.

  1. Donating to people affected by the lockdown

You cannot speak of prophet Shepherd Bushiri if the speech is devoid of his never ending charity works. With millions of people impacted by the lockdown and global shutdown due to Covid-19, the man of God is leading ECG church towards making various donations to people affected.

Bushiri donating to hardest hit families during Covid-19 lockdown

He is able to coordinate all the charity events and sometimes, he physically gets involved in lending a helping hand to the need in South Africa. He has by far been very active in making sure that people have food and shelter in these trying times.

  1. Physical Fitness

With an access to a private gym at his home, the man of God has been keeping shape and gaining some muscles. He is working out tirelessly and following a prescribed diet from his personal trainer. As a man who spends most of his time standing during sermons, it is natural requirement that he continues to work on his fitness.

Bushiri has academy of sports

Above points are simply some of the things keeping the man of God busy during the lockdown. This has only added on his numerous hobbies which include, but not limited to writing books, reading the bible, playing golf and watching soccer.

Talking of soccer, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a devoted supporter of Liverpool FC and great admirer of Sadio Mane and Virgil Van Dijk. I guess its congratulations in advance for winning the Premier League. Too bad it will be won without the audience.

  • The 5 things list has been compiled by: Kelvin Sulugwe, a social commentator and writer. You can search and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to enjoy his thoughts and contributions on different topics.

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4 years ago

He is one of the prophets who will be remembered generations to come,who is reflecting Jesus to the highest degree his teaching is so amazing to a level where by you can be delivered without his presence but only his teachings.Long live Major 1

Gwendolyn Yvette Hill
4 years ago

May Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his family become even more blessed. Prophet Bushiri sought the Lord. He receives wisdom from God for life. He leads by precept and example. He is doing all of this! We all have the same 24 hours. I am inspired to have a schedule and structure for my life. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri teach us to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship with Christ is more important than all material goods. They won’t let us settle for good or better. We have to be the best. We have to have… Read more »

Chungu Felix Kabaso
Chungu Felix Kabaso
4 years ago

I like what he does, the faith he has and that’s what makes me to love him a lot. I call him my father, prophet, my oracle and my roll model. I wishes and wish to meet him face to face. #MORELOVE

4 years ago

He is not every one.Some love him others no. That’s how man is.

4 years ago

Last time major you walked in Air
pls major teach us to do these tricks .

The one you did in the church by comanding fire to burn witches was very simple to craft .

The way movies are done its the same way how fake miracles are done.The triks are very simple and when you have too much money like bushiri !you become believeable and untouchable.

4 years ago

I admire the humility of the aposltles!
It was more of Jesus in them .
What happened the seer before covid19
was it hidden?
And why u walk with heavy security yet yo followers puy yo photos on their cars for protection.

some years back in Lilongwe u,u began selling soap with special powers to heal and bring success just asking how is the business?

The anointing oil sells around R150 to R300 just wondering if we can a franchise of these business

4 years ago
Reply to  Ansah

Too bad He’s not going to read that rubbish..

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