Academic dons hit back at Mutharika over survey: Times newspaper says ‘Malawians are unhappy’

University of Malawi’s Chancellor College political scientist Boniface Dulani has described as insensitive remarks by President Peter Mutharika that researchers who concluded that only 41 percent of Malawians trust their Head of State.

Dulani: Insensitive remarks by President Mutharika

“He is entitled to his opinion. It is insensitive on his part to think the people we talked to are flies. They are Malawians,” said Dulani.

Mutharika on Saturday went to town on Dulani, discrediting the survey results, saying either he cooked up the figures or he talked to house flies, saying the situation on the ground is contrary to the survey results.

The survey, conducted by Chancellor College’s Department of Political and Administrative Studies shows that the President is the least trusted with a rating of 41 percent.

The survey shows that Malawians trust the clergy and traditional leaders more than politicians.

Dulani said the survey was aimed at finding whether traditional leadership was relevant in democratic Malawi or not.

The survey, entitled ‘the paradoxy traditional leadership in democratic Malawi,’ show that the clergy are most trusted with 80 per cent rating, followed by chiefs with a rating of 76 per cent, NGO leaders have a rating of 65 per cent, ward councillors had a rating of 48 per cent and members of parliament at 41 per cent.

According to Dulani said the survey was conducted by Head of Political and Administrative Studies Happy Kayani, Michael Chasukwa, Gift Sambo and Dulani himself.

Dulani’s 2014 survey successfully predicted that Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party would win the general election.

Meanwhile, Malawi’s flagship newspaper, The Daily Times on March 27 2017 said in an editorial that President Mutharika should not ignore critics should not perceive critics as enemies.

The paper pointed out that “there is a wave of discontentment” with the way Malawi is being run.

“Malawians are unhappy and life is difficult, especially with rising cost of living and lack of basic necessities,” reads the editorial.

The paper said President Mutharika “must learn to accept criticism and use it to rebuild his otherwise dented reputation.”

It said as long as Mutharika remains the Head of State he will always be a subject of criticism.

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thulasizwe mbuyane

headless bwampini for head of state. zili ku nyasalande amwene!!

A Ngozo

We know most of the people who comments positively about the DDP Captains sailing our Sinking Malawi are on the DPP pay roll so don’t pretend as if everything is OK. Think of abale anu mu midzimu. You are the worst greedy enemies of the of the nation. Malawi can not develop like that. In other words you are not patriots but party zealots.

Independent Advisor

A Dulani samalani. Musavutike kusonkhezera mphika wa eni ake. Nkhondo imeneyo ndi ya a Tumbuka akuzungulirani wo. Inu chanu palibe. Anthu amenewo kupedza nnofu inu sangakukumbukireni ayi. Muone zimene anapanga ka nthawi kochepa analamulira kunsana kwa mai Joyce zimene anapanga anthu amenewo. Did they remember you? Did they remember Chinsinga? Ufufuze department ya mzako Kayuni yo adzadzako okhaokha achina Thindwa etc. These people are dangerous they are like cancer. When one joins you they start eating you one by one and before you know it they have destroyed you. Open your eyes. Be wise.


Stupid. Senseless. Shameless. Idiotic. That’s the least I can describe your comments.


You people be serious. Did our President really said the researchers talked to “House flies”?
Meaning Ntchetche?

Aubrey Sumbuleta
Sometimes our Head of State does surprise me. I sometimes wonder as to how he attained his Professorship in Law. He behaves as if he never went to school. I don’t understand why the whole Head of State should go to town just to refute findings of a survey conducted by reputable, experienced and professional experts. To me the best he could do was to go back to the drawing board with his troops in the DPP and rectify socio-economic problems that have rocked the country that have in return contributed to the loss of trust by the general public.… Read more »

I am not clear bout the objectives of the survey and for whose benefit?

chaponda mchimanga

Asiyeni awa adzaziona 2019. Akamufunse Joyce Banda.


Dulani will be ashamed come 2019. Academic (labolatory cooked) figures have never been correct when it comes to politics.



The same Dulani predicted a DPP win in 2014, and APM won, what the hell has he done wrong in conducting this survey? why did you not discredit the findings of the survey prior to the 2014 elections?

Worst President Ever

Nkulu uyu samva. A Kudalira green card kuti zikadzabvuta adzathawire kuli ana ake.Mngulu ngakhale ataphunzira sukulu kwambiri bwanji, chimidzimidzi sichimachoka mwaiye.

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