ACB arrest Malawi Roads Authority boss Trevor Hiwa over corruption

Malawi’s anti-graft busting body, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested embattled Roads Authority chief Executive Trevor Hiwa and  for corruptly awarding himself a K223 million contract.

Hiwa: Arrested

Hiwa was netted on Tuesday morning on corruption charges.

He is being accused of recommending Infracon Limited (Hiwa’s company) to the Word Bank to be awarded a contract worth $303,823 (about K223 million at current exchange rate) for the design and supervision of various roads constructions in Central and Southern Regions of Malawi without the approval of Internal Procurement Committee (IPC) and without declaring interest

ACB director General Lucas Kondowe in a telephone interview Tuesday morning confirmed his officers arrested a man suspected to have engaged himself in corrupt dealings but could not be drawn for further comment.

Kondowe, without giving out minute details said: “I can confirm that ACB officers this morning arrested a man suspected to be involved in corrupt act.”

The ACB boss hinted that there will be more arrests to come in the coming days.

“We are doing our best as ACB and we will bring anyone contravening the law in line with corruption to the long arm of justice and we mean anyone.”

But Kondowe asked the people to be patient with the bureau as investigations take too long to finalise saying his officers arrest suspects after gathering enough evidence so that they can be taken to court of law for justice to take its toll.

“We understand people’s frustrations, but they have to understand that we can only arrest suspects based on the evidence we have gathered. It may take long but we promise that we will bring anybody involved in corruption to book and we need the people’s support as the fight on corruption can only be won if the public is involved,” said Kondowe.

Hiwa will be charged with failure to disclose interest in the procurement process contrary to Section 25D (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act and Section 19 (1) of the Public Procurement Act and abuse of public office contrary to Section 25B (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act.

ACB publicist Egrita Ndala who confirmed Hiwa’s arrest in a statement seen by Nyasa Times said on 28 April, the ACB received an allegation that Hiwa and Engineer Sam Kadangwe recommended Infracon Limited (Hiwa’s own company) to be awarded a contract worth $303, 823 (approximately K271 Million) for the design and supervision of various roads constructions in Central and Southern regions of Malawi without the approval of Internal Procurement Committee (IPC and without declaring interest.

“The Bureau establishes that Engineer Hiwa misinformed Engineer Sam Kadangwe that Infracon Limited was cleared by the ODPP and could do business with the Roads Authority,” said Ndala.

Hiwa who holds a Masters degree in Leadership and Change Management form Leeds Metropolitan University and a civil engineering bachelor’s degree from The University of Malawi’s constituent college, The Polytechnic, joined the Roads Authority as CEO on July, 2014.


The Roads Authority Board, a couple of weeks ago suspended Hiwa, following a misprocurement in which he awarded a $303,823 (about K217 million based on the exchange rate then) World Bank project to his own firm called Infrastructure Consultants (Infracon).

Hiwa was suspended from his position after a legal advice from the Attorney General, Kalekeni Kaphale, and findings of a team of investigators whose September 29 2016 report found Hiwa guilty and it was recommended that a punitive disciplinary action be taken against him.

Kaphale however advised the board to give Hiwa a hearing in a disciplinary inquiry and then make a decision that is merited by the findings of fact and the law.

When the media uncovered Hiwa’s dishonesty and duly reported it, he hit back demanding an apology and through his lawyers he threatened to drag media houses reporting on Hiwa’s corrupt act to court.

Several articles appeared in the media including the Malawi’s online giant Nyasa Times and Hiwa reported to Minister of Transport and Public Works informing him of a senior officer, former director of procurement, Dan Kamoto, that was the source of the stories.

Hiwa’s sole decision to end contract of a senior officer, Benjamin Kapoteza, cost the Roads Authority K17 million since the board was not consulted and former Secretary to Treasury, Ronald Mangani, said the Ministry of Finance did preliminary investigations which found that Hiwa was in the wrong.


Nyasa Times understand that Roads Authority Board formed a team of investigators to probe further and that the team comprised Chief Director responsible for Good Governance in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Wezi Kayira as Chairperson and Chief State Advocate in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Richard Santhe.

The team also comprised of Director of Human Resources Management and Development, Hilario Chimota and Deputy Director in the Office of the Director of Public Procurement, Edward Jeke.

The Team also found wrong doing in the award of the contract.

“The Team further established that Hiwa as the controlling officer was fully aware and involved in the processes leading to the award of the contract to Infracon Limited contrary to (a) World Bank’s Procurement framework in the PAD (Procurement Appraisal Document) and other associated guidelines; (b) Public Procurement Act, 2003; (c) RA’s Conditions of Service; (d) the employment contract and (e) the RA Code of Conduct and Ethics,” reads the document in part.

The report adds: “He [Hiwa] may, therefore, be liable to disciplinary action in line with RA’s Conditions of Service and his employment contract.”


Corruption poses a serious challenge in the development of Malawi and the Southern African impoverished country suffers from various types of corruption – from high level political corruption to petty bribery that impedes service delivery and patronage and nepotism that exacerbates inequality and poverty in Malawi society.

Corruption is seen to be particularly severe in the police, registry and permit services, customs, and the judiciary. There are also reports of widespread corruption and extortion by public officials in procurement.

While some of the corruption measurement metrics indicate that Malawi has been making progress on the anti-corruption front in recent years, the country is still marred by high levels of political corruption.

Institutions such as the judiciary, the office of the ombudsman and the anti-corruption bureau are seen as being effective in investigating and prosecuting lower level corruption cases.

However, experts have raised strong concerns about their treatment of politically significant persons and interests.

The launch of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in 2008 is thought to have brought many improvements to the anti-corruption framework of the country.

Malawi is seen to have strong anti-corruption laws and institutions and initiatives by the private sector complement the governmental efforts.

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25 thoughts on “ACB arrest Malawi Roads Authority boss Trevor Hiwa over corruption”

  1. mkandawire says:

    mtundu umenewu ndi mbava zokha-zokha;taonani mayina apa cash-gate ine zimandichititsa

  2. GONANI says:

    It’s good to know that we are making progress on this front. Our international image will improve if the results of our positive change in behaviour, attitude, conduct, work, levels of patriotism are tangible. Well done A C B! Keep it up.

  3. MZIKA says:

    Small Fish K233 Million

  4. Generation of Vipers says:

    If Hiwa was from tribal areas, sakanamangidwa koma poti he is not a Lhomwe nde pavuta apa

    1. mkandawire says:

      mtundu umenewu ndi mbava heavy,check cash-gate list

  5. lemson says:

    Sindingawerenge the whole story is too long. Ok mwati anadzipatsa contract, nde anapanga misewuyo? Ngati anapanga thats fine aliyense amakokela kwake. Nanga achina Kalonga aja amangotenga ndalama without rendering any service bola ndani?

  6. jane says:

    Bravo ACB, but arrest Eng Samuel Kadangwe as well. Under what provision of the procurement law did he use to single source Hiwa’s Infracon Company for the K217m deal? Is it not the Internal Procurement Committee that has the mandate to approve the single sourcing of a firm? How about the suspecious promotion of Eng Samuel Kadangwe to Director of Construction by Eng Hiwa? Wasnt there an element of corruption since Kadangwe “faciliated” award of contract to Hiwa’s Infracon Company and Hiwa fast-tracked elevation of Kadangwe to Director of Construction after firing Eng Benjamin Kapoteza? How about the Board of Roads Authority! Why does it take the whole Govt machinery to advise the Board of what to do? Was the Board benefiting from the fruits of Hiwa’s dubious contracts? And the Internal Audit Manager Mr Matemba! where was he when Hiwa was awarding himself a contract of such value? A systematic corrupt syndicate of 2 Engineers, Board and Internal Audit Manager!

  7. Retarded says:

    Nanga Chaponda????

  8. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Good job done ACB but please dont spare Dr. Chaponda please, no matter he is a friend to President APM.

  9. Che nsomba says:

    My man remains VP Saulos Claus Chilima. Put this man in charge and you will see change. This man is above reproach. This man is Mr. Clean himself!!

    Where is Chaponda? I hear that he is not afraid of being imprisoned for helping Malawians. Which Malawians did he ever help this Chaponda? ACB you have your job cut out neatly for you. Get him in!

  10. Austin Jailosi zuze says:

    ACB chonde chonde tamvani kulira ndi kudandaula kwa anthu amene ndiobvutika koma amayesetsa kuwalipira anthu akubawa.Chonde ndapotananu gwirani ntchito yanu mwachilungamo ndi moopa Mulungu.

  11. mjiba says:

    Well done ACB for now. A mere arrest is not what we want. Imprisonment for corruption, forfeiture and return to the state, looted monies is the end result we expect. But for now keep it up.

  12. The Partriot says:

    Good job ACB! Some boys appointed by the leadership think they can get away with anything! I hope some of them will learn a lesson from Trevors predicament!
    As for Mr Kondowe….Malawians are very patient but we are not fools! The Maizegater was caught with loads and loads of Forex….what more evidence do you need to nab him? Once you get the maizegater…the father of the joker in UK ….all Malawians who hate corruption will be very very happy!!!#stop impunity ##viva accountability!!

  13. Maunits says:

    Arrest Chaponda not children. Otherwise we have no trust in ACB leadership as a country.

    1. The children should not be accountable for their fathers wrong doing. These thieves are employed to serve their nation but look what they do? They are paid with tax payers money at the same time they steal tax money which low strangling poor Malawians are paying, to enrich themselves. What can be so evil than this? If this continue I will not be surprise when will just get tired and raise. It has gone so far that these evils have NO feeling for those suffering. NO Wonder Malawi is the poorest nation on earth 2017. SHAME. They have sold land to Indians. Give them Dual citizebship. Where shall Malawi call their country? India?

  14. Zinenani Zoona says:

    This is the tip of an iceberg. The former board chair, one emily banda is also involved in RA’s woes. She started by firing the previous CEO, and several directors who were seen as too straight. Unfortunately APM removed her before she could do her deals. The remedy is to bring back the previous CEO and his directors. MIE should not just speak on simple issues: here are two engineers mentioned in hot corruption and fraud. The Roads Fund: for a contractor to receive money for work well done, he has to oil the hands of some officers.

  15. chatonda Mvula says:

    This is a good start for ACB. However, the public will appreciate very much when obvious wrong doers like George Chaponda, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Richard Makondi are arrested too. No selective justice please and we have told ACB enough of this. Please help this country and this is not asking too much from you ACB Director and the president. Help Malawi now than later please.

    ACB has this list below already and the people of Malawi who are paying your salaries will appreciate of these people will face justice. What else are you waiting for???
    Please help and help by arresting all the people below for us to appreciate and trust your neutrality.
    Thank you for your action sooner than later.

    – See more at:

  16. eeeeeeeeeh zatani???? ndekuti siwamlakho ameneyi eti????

  17. Munthu Wankulu says:

    Kakuba aka!!!!

  18. nundwe says:

    Amachokera ku ntcheu. Makondi ali kuti? Nanga Chaponda? Zachisoni……selective justice

  19. Ayuzy says:

    Akatere ndiye kuti ananyoza DPP ameneyu; anzake amene akumati akaba ndikukapeleka chiongola dzanja ku DPP sakumangidwa koma iwe umafuna udye wekha-wekha phukusi lonseri

    taonani nanga!!!

  20. Charles wa Mndondo says:

    “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Ecclesiastes 8:11 (KJV). Lesson to all of us – evil schemes have limits! Above everything else we are all accountable to God.

  21. amuje says:

    Hiwa is a small fish. ACB you are toothless and biased. Why are you leaving Chaponda untouched? This is useless. Free Hiwa now!

  22. kaka says:

    Well written article this idiot Hiwa thought he was untouchable .ACB good job and keep it up.Bola asapeleke ya chi banzi kwa ma judges.Amangidwe ameneyu basi waba kokwanila

    1. marcus says:

      brave ACB keep it up we are tired of stupid corruption late them starve in prison

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