ACB czar hints no minister implicated in K236 billion Cashgate

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director Reyneck Matemba has disclosed that the anti-graft busting body  is yet to start investigations into the fresh 54 files it  has received from the Auditor General on the  audit query in the K236 billion Cashgate scandal but hinted that there are no seven cabinet ministers involved as it had been claimed.

ACB boss Matemba: Hints no minister implicated in the files received

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Matemba said the bureau may start the investigations next week.

“We first received 24 files and then later we received 30 files making them 54 in total. So, we are yet to start investigations into these files,” Matemba told Nyasa Times.

Asked if any Cabinet minister has so far been implicated and when will the bureau release their names, the corruption-busting czar said names mentioned in the files will not be disclosed when investigations are underway.

He, however, hinted there are no ministers in the said case.

“The public is going to know who was involved at that time when we start arresting suspects if we found any wrong doing,” he said.

Pressed to comment if among the suspects there could be Cabinet ministers, Matemba kept on talking of companies not individuals.

Matemba said” when we look at these files not all of them are in wrong doing. When we crosscheck the files of  these 13 companies all them are  not involved in corruption. Sometimes you find that the only problem is that the suppliers were charging more than the actual price, and just like with the opinion of the former Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale, we can’t fault the suppliers but the procurement team.”

Currently, ACB is still investigating the first 13 files that were submitted by the Auditor General’s office.

Last March, the graft-busting body released names of five companies it cleared but ACB director general Reyneck Matemba said they were carrying “fresh investigations.”

But Matemba said they so far they have seven files  to finish their scrutiny.

“We are still remaining with seven files out of the 13 we received. It’s a lot of work to investigate these files. We can’t rush things because we might miss out important issues,” said Matemba.

In 2015, a financial analysis report by an audit firm established that about K577 billion of public funds could not be reconciled between 2009 and 2014. The figure was later revised to K236 billion in another forensic audit.

Speaking in Lilongwe on Tuesday when he presided over the launch of the National Security Policy, Mutharika  who has always said the claim of seven Cabinet ministers implicated was “ a lie and fabrication”,  challenged the institutions investigating the matter to fast track and complete investigations.

Said Mutharika: “We are not doing this to please anybody but it is for the interest of the nation

Mutharika maintained that he will not give amnesty to anyone found  with any Cashgate wrongdoing.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera has asked government to prosecute individuals who looted public resources in the previous Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration while continuing with investigations into the 2012/13 Cashgate under the Joyce Banda administration of People’s Party (PP).

“Cashgate under the PP administration was as a result of porous financial management system that was put in place by the DPP-led government,” said Chakwera.

He asked authorities to bring to justice all those  who, in previous DPP and PP regimes, acquired property and riches illegally.

“We hope to see this (DPP) government pursue the cashgate scandal and bring culprits to book, “he said.

The Cashgate theft is the biggest financial scandal in the history of Malawi, which depends heavily on foreign aid.



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Mr Reyneck Matemba, Director of compromised ACB; just admit that you’re either incompetent, unqualified for the job or in the pockets of the very ministers/politicians you are charged to prosecute. It seems you have already cleared all culprits mentioned in the files, even before scrutinising the contents. May I also remind you that in any corruption case, there’s a corruptor and corruptee both of who are guilty of a crime under the Laws of Malawi. If suppliers are overcharging and still are awarded the tender/business, it is not rocket science to reasonably conclude that both the supplier and procurement officers… Read more »

It has become foolishly fashionable and normal part of Malawian (morbid) culture to go onto the podium and deny the obvious or say blatant lies without SHAME when and where the INDEFENSIBLE is clearly obvious. Unfortunately most of the conmen involved in such shenanigansism ndi anthu akuluakulu above 50yrs or 65yrs. SHAME! One wonders what kind of country we are building for the next generation.

A Matemba nanunso mungodzipakapaka nyansi apa!! Inu nomwe mumvekere “we can’t rush things because we might miss out important issues” inu nomwenso mumvekere there are no seven cabinet ministers involved in the K236 billion Cashgate scandal as it had been claimed, inu nomwenso mumvekere so far there are seven files to finish the scrutiny? So you mean a minister’s name can never be found in the remaining 7 files or the newest 54 files? Ndiye timve ziti!! Why are you saying there are no Ministers when you have not yet concluded investigations? Whose name are you protecting leneck? Awanso, mwayamba… Read more »
National Front for Protection of the Poor
National Front for Protection of the Poor

Is it practical for billions of Kwachas to be rooted from public coffers without a single minister involved? How come some ministers turned from paupers to over night billionaires. ACB now says all ministers are righteous? If one looks at the functions and responsibilities of a minister how can that be? DPP is not serious with the fight against corruption. ACB has chosen to save the ministers and let the corrupt ruin lives of poor Malawians. God save our Country from the ruthless rulers!!!!!


Nonsense by the ACB czar. Why give a sweeping statement that no name of minister is mentioned when in fact you haven’t finished scrutinizing the files. Kanundu or you have also been palm oiled? Educated dunderhead, sycophant!!!


This chap called Reyneck Matemba has been msogoleri ku ACB kunkhani ya prosecutions from time immemorial. if ACB has failed ndi a Matemba. Tisayiwale kuti anachita samasoti nkhani ya Muluzi mu Khoti. Kugwetsa nkhani yonse pansi kuti phwaa fumbi lokhalokha umboni kuyaka utsi kuti fooo. Palibe chabwino chitatuluke ku ACB ngati bwanawa apitilile kukhala msogoleri kumeneko.


Mr Matemba is just the right person for the corrupt politicians. What he doesn’t know is the the hunter will be hunted and will suffer a bad ending. Investigations will be leashed against him by the next clean party that’s shortly coming to save and lift Malawi from abject poverty. He better start doing his job and do it well n accordance with the true ACB mandate

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Not yet investigated the files but there are no ministers implicated. That is ACB Malawi.

Just a Penny

There is no way he can say there are indeed 7 ministers involved before his contract is over and gratuity paid to him, hence the contract will be terminated. The boy is simply protecting his job and he may have already been warned by the powers that be never to touch any of those 7 ministers.


Nanga aja amati 7 cabinet ministers aja ali kuti?


Ali ku United states of Thyolo & Mulanje……………………………………………… kikikikikikikiki alhomwe oye

joji wina

central ndiwe mbuzi. Bwanji umadana ndi alomwe? Mmalalawi muno palibe mtundu woposa umzake. Ngati mwatopa ku opposition mupemphere kwambiri kuti 2019 ambuye akuchitireni
chifundo otherwise jelousy will just kill you.



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