Activist wants city councils to get back money from DPP

A civil rights activist has told Mzuzu and Blantyre City councils to get back K8.5 million the councils have donated to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Unandi: Let then vomit the food and pay back the money

Mzuzu City Council reportedly donated K3.5 million while Blantyre City Assembly donated K5 million to a blue night held at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Saturday.

Sources say the Blantyre City Council sent a cheque worth K2.5 million but the party sent back the cheque saying the money was peanuts, forcing the assembly to write a K5 million cheque.

But Unandi Banda, executive director of National Elections Systems Trust (NEST) said this was tantamount to rigging ahead of the 2019 general election.

“If the councils want, let them sponsor all political parties in the country but we cannot allow the councils to be partisan in a democratic dispensation,” said Banda.

He therefore asked the councils to get back the money and apologise to Malawians for abusing their resources.

“If the council officials ate the DPP food, let them vomit the food and give us our money back,” said Banda.

The DPP manifesto clearly states that when in power, the party would make a red line between government and party activities.

The DPP also forced the Lilongwe Water Board to donate another K5 million to last year’s blue night and the water board was forced to donate to First Lady’s Beautify Malawi initiative.

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This is very bad. Why should DPP force councils to support its fundraising activity? Malawi will never change for the better with DPP’s administration. This party is full of people who do not understand Democracy.


ohooo! Akuteteza ma udindo. Muli inu dc mudakateroso.


I will never ever pay city rates,drug me to court,or dare sale my property muzandidziwa.anthu tikuvutika kupeza ndalama ndikumalipila ma city rates inu ndikumatenga ndalamazo kukapeleka kuchipani.Anyani inu,,

osward voponga nsadala
osward voponga nsadala

The concerned councils must be taken to court for the illegal donations if they do not recover the money from DPP.


Forced? In a Democracy, they are free to reject. They will tell you that they did it within their policy of donations irrespective to who and for what they can donate for. The fact that you have mentioned vomiting food clearly indicates that you are just making a futile noise for how can one vomit the food that was eaten almost a week ago Silly!


Sitingafunenso umboni apa, inu ndi amene mwaumiliza anthu kupelekayo!! Ngati simumamva zining’a osangokhala chete bwanji??

Nganiza Muthulika
This shows that Magovernment is thieves. citeras are patina high wayer bills and The government which should be thinking about how Malawians are really fighting with the economy are stealing or forcing companies to pay their parties. I dont think This can happen in a democratic nation anywhere. It started with Bingu This stealing. Why not let people Who are invited pay?. U see in Malawi NO investor would like to invest If government is doping This. I know that water board or Cities want to give the money but afraid of loosing job. Its evil on The highest.… Read more »

Koma inu.. a Malawi muli duuuu


china chake chikubakila mbava izi ,chimaganiza bwanji kaya. ndi ndalama zathu zimene timadulidwa zimenezi ndiye wina wake akubakila za uchisiru ,ndinene chizungu kapena YOUR HEAD IS NOT TOUCHING.

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