Almost every rapper’s top 5 MC’s

Rap music is some of the most popular, and all great hits are a collaboration between rappers and MCS’. Of course, many are talented enough to do both roles, and over the years, we have seen some massive names who will go down in history and never be forgotten. From Ghostface hit Poker Face to Eminem and many others, here are the top five MC’s that almost every rapper wants to be like.

  1. Ghostface Killah 

Let’s start with the man himself; Ghostface Killah is part of the hip hop group known as the Wu-Tang clan. They are the genius behind Poker Face, and it is one of their best-selling tracks of all times. It is no coincidence that the group released such a hit because they do enjoy a spot of gambling and are known to be compulsive card players. Poker is undoubtedly one of their favourite games, and some of them excel. Poker Face was released in 2006, and at the same time, America saw a surge in the popularity of online poker. It is thought that the relevance of this pre-planned simultaneous release added to sales and was undoubtedly a clever and strategic marketing ploy. To be fair, online poker has continued to be incredibly popular, with many rich and famous people getting involved.

  1. Ice Cube 

No one is quite sure why rappers seem to need obscure names, but Ice Cube is another massive name in the world of hip hop. This talented star has been part of groups like WestSide Connection and N.W.A as well as performing successfully as a solo artist. His influence started a lot earlier than ghost face, as his album Straight Outta Compton was released in 1988 and totally shook up the industry. He is known for being bold and saying precisely what he thinks, and his influence will last for many generations to come. Ice Cube had a string of releases throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s. His first solo album was called AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and was seen as a statement and a message that he wanted to convey to the nation.

  1. Jay-Z

Another pretty huge household name is Jay-Z, and his career began way back in 1996. The first album was titled Reasonable Doubt, and since then, he has gone from strength to strength to become considered perhaps the most successful performer in hip hop history. Everyone you speak to will sing his praises, from his fans to peers who undoubtedly wish they could be more like him. His music is some of the most influential ever seen, and not many people can ever come close to the achievements that this natural talent has made. Jay-Z is certainly seen as a trendsetter, and many styles of hip hop, trends and techniques all stem from him and his genius in the field. It is almost like he has a crystal ball as everything he comes up with is ahead of the game, making him one of the most prominent leaders with thousands of wannabes desperate to follow in his footsteps. Some of his hits are the most classic and will certainly live for a whole lifetime. In 2017 he released another masterpiece in the form of 4:44, which is undoubtedly an epic track.

  1. Eminem

Another extraordinary talent, Eminem, has created a legacy that will last forever. His knock for building stories and performing in an unusual manner has set him up for a lifetime. To be fair, he didn’t look much like an international superstar when Dr Dre discovered him and thought he could see something in the demo that he received. This strange-looking youngster portraying a slightly psychotic nature was certainly one of the best decisions he ever made. In 1999, the world was treated to the slim shady LP, and it shot him to instant stardom almost overnight. To be fair, his music is certainly controversial. Still, it is catchy, and you can go years without hearing a track and yet find yourself perfectly miming along with the whole lyrics set because it is simply that memorable. He is responsible for another generation of hip hop fans who may never have found interest in the sound before. He is a hard-working singer who constantly reinvents and works hard to ensure that everything he releases is met with rapturous approval from his fans. Eminem is, without a doubt, a talent with extraordinary skill.

  1. Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane is another name that will forever be synonymous with pioneering the hip hop style. His talent began in the 1980s, and he has gone from strength to strength. He is certainly the epitome of all thing’s rapper, he has a swagger and an aggressive technique, but he is massively talented and knows how to spin the best lyrics. In MC terms, he is a God, and many came after him desperate to emulate his style and succeed for themselves. He is still someone that many look up to and will continue to do so for some time to come. His most successful albums that have become hip hop classics are the 1988 Long Live the Kane and the 1989 It’s a Big Daddy Thing. Again, there is very little negative that can be said about him, and his fans certainly support everything he does. His influence on the industry is vast and has created a love for the art of rapping and hip hop among many young people.

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