Analysts critique Chakwera’s Sona: Welcome special corruption courts, Truth Commission

Analysts have said the country had a pleasant surprise from the boring State of the Nation Address (Sona) in the past administration which mostly sent legislators to sleep in Palriament, saying  President Lazarus Chakwera’s maiden Sona themed “Restoring warmth to the Heart of Africa” lived up to its billing.

State President Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Gotani Hara inspects some of the tress at the Malawi Parliament-pic by Lisa Kadango
Vice President Chilima and Members of Parliament in the Chamber

The chairperson of the Civil Society Governance Platform, Benedicto Kondowe said the Sona was inspiring hope  and welcomed  the special corruption courts.

“On the special corruption courts which are being called the Financial Crimes Court, they are welcome, but the President must also ensure there are short-term and long-term measures.

“A new court would require a lot of time [for now] they should explore designating judges to preside over financial crimes cases now like we did with Cashgate,” he suggested,.

Kondowe also pointed out that there should be more judges to dispense justice as some people are being denied justice due to current case backlog in courts.

Governance expert and commentator Makhumbo Munthali told Nyasa Times that Chakwera’s address, on overall, did not disappoint.

He said Chakwera’s address , which was  themed “Restoring warmth to the Heart of Africa,”  was grounded on communicating on how the Tonse government would deliver what it pledged in their manifesto—largely MCP and UTM 2019 manifestos.

“It’s a Sona that has set the tone on the priorities that the Tonse government would want to focus on,” said Munthali.

However, Munthali said key areas of concern is whether the Tonse government would be able to implement what it had pledged in the Sona within the coming financial year.

“Looking at some things highlighted in the Sona, you clearly see that they can take two to four years. In short, it’s unrealistic to implement all things pledged,” he said.

Nonetheless, Munthali  commended President  Chakwera for his promise to establish the Truth and Reconciliation Commission – as it was put in Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  2019 Manifesto.

“It  is another positive that needs to be widely supported if the country is to indeed heal from it’s past atrocities,” said Munthali.

However,  he pointed ou that the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission cannot happen overnight- that is within this financial year.

“ There is need for government to clearly come up with a roadmap towards the establishment of the Commission. Besides, this may also require for the President to be clear on which ‘Truth’ does Malawi want to reconcile with.

“ Is it only those atrocities done during one party MCP era? Or is it even those done after? The establishment of such a commission may also require setting up an enabling legal and institutional framework which may also need time.  However, the suggestion to review the National Peace Policy is welcome especially in the context of the new Ministry.”

He also commended Chakwera for committiong himself to appear before Parliament three times in line with the Constitutional provisions as well as the pledge made in MCP 2019 manifesto.

“Malawians will be looking forward to the honouring of this commitment. The same applies to the reducing of Presidential powers. However, it will be critical to be clear on what Presidential powers should be reduced and the extent of reducing such powers,” he said.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa said he will respond to the speech on Monday.

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Amon Kajawo
Amon Kajawo
1 year ago

The president should have also buil teachers houses. Ndimukumbutse kuti akuti palibe kuphunzirira pansi pamtengo tikudikilira. K100000 tax free.

1 year ago

Are you comparing substance or accent in the two speakers for you to say to is boring than the other. Otherwise we used to deliberate on pressing issues in those days with both mainstream and social media as well as our half baked experts and analysts buzzing with analyses and name it. Probably this is one of those Kokoliko outbursts and hand-clapping.Otherwise,on the streets, there is nothing special the heard and there no frenzy about it than last time they talked about K100,000 tax free band. So spare us from this mediocre praises, there is nothing to smile about.

Jason Mlowoka
Jason Mlowoka
1 year ago

Not surprising to see the usual Tonse Alliance Lapdogs praising an empty SONA, whose objectives and goals is unattainable. If you say it was good but again check yourself by doubting if it will be feasible in this financial year, what sort of picture are you portraying? You know it that the speech left quite a lot to be desired. Instead he concentrated on telling the nation the problems we have as if we don’t live in the country, that on its own was a waste of the precious time. Those are the same issues he said during his campaigns,… Read more »

Mwini muzi
1 year ago

Hope by definition is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen(English Oxford Dictionary).This expectation should be based on solid foundation and well defined strategies and realistic time frames to instil this kind of hope to ensure it won’t disappoint.It is obvious some of the promises made for these projects will take over five years and going by history, any new government that has come by has descarded some or all projects initiated by the previous government. That’s why Malawi is not developing due to this lack of continuity.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mwini muzi
1 year ago

Mphamvu zaupulezodent zikhwefulidwe choyamba,chifukwa imangokhala nyimbo
Awanso asakhalile kumangoimba.Ameneyu tiyamba kumuyamikila tikamaziona zina mwazolonjezedwa
IWE CHAKWELA CHONDE tatengela style ya Kagame ndi Magufuli CHONDE CHONDE CHONDE tamdiva uliko

Bwana Wa Ulesi
Bwana Wa Ulesi
1 year ago

Tili kuma Stands

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