Analysts trash DPP, MCTU remarks on MCP-UTM ‘Day of Rage’ protests 

Commentators have described as cheer hypocrisy assertions by the  governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  and Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) that a call by opposition alliance partners MCP and UTM Party for workers to boycott work on Friday in protest against Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah and the commissioners to administer the fresh elections is unlawful and would affect the economy.

UTM’s Chidanti Malunga and MCP’s Ezekiel Ching’oma: We have christened 27th March, 2020 The Day of Rage

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM at a news briefing in Lilongwe on Tuesday said they have organised ‘The Day of Rage’ protests this Friday and called upon workers to boycot work for one day  to force Justice Ansah and her  fellow Commissioners – who the court declared incompetent to manage an election- to resign.

“We have christened 27th March, 2020 The Day of Rage. Since we cannot hold street protests due to the threat of the Covid-19 virus, we are calling on all our supporters to stay away from work on Friday.

“Just for one day, we must remind Prof Mutharika and Justice Ansah that we are tired of them taking us for granted. They do not have power. Power is with the people of Malawi. And the people of Malawi want Electoral Commissioners they can trust. Let us show our rage on Friday, 27th March, 2020,” said a joint statement from the two partners in the upcoming fresh presidential poll.

But DPP is contending that the boycott will hurt the economy.

Political analyst Humphreys Mvula said it is misleading for DPP to claim that the one day boycott would affect the economy of the country, when most protests in the recent past have been held during working days.

“Boycotts are a lawful and non-violent protest unlike most protests that the country has witnessed recently which were violent and led to damage of property and affected both work and businesses,” said Mvula.

He said DPP itself has held more than four protests recently during working days.

Another commentator said the call to boycott work would help the middle class to participate in the protests by shunning work since they do not physically join street protests and vigils but just post pictures and videos.

“This is the time for the working class to actively participate in the revolution other than being bystanders and just posting videos of protests without actauly participating,” said the commentator.

Boycotts are increasingly becoming a popular form of peaceful protects aimed at affecting the reputation of the target and also press for positive change.

However, the commentator said the Friday boycott can become successful if it is well-planned with a clear, strategic purpose and execution plan for a greater effect and more lasting impact.

“The boycott should also have a consideration to the needs of company owners and traders who would feel it will discrupt their business and the workers who may view the call as affecting their ability to feed their families,” said the commentator.

In their statement, UTM and MCP accused MEC led by Jane Ansah and President Peter Mutharika as treating the findings of the Constitutional Court and the Public Appointments Committee with contempt.

“(This) blatant disregard falls well short of the standard of behavior expected of senior public officers – particularly those charged with the solemn midwifery responsibility of giving effect to Malawians’ choice of their leadership. This self-serving and arrogant attitude towards State institutions established as a bulwark against capricious behavior of members of the Executive is a gratuitous assault on this nation’s constitutionalism. It is also very dangerous,” laments the statement.

UTM and MCP appealed to Malawians to unit to fight back against arrogance and impunity by Ansah, her commissioners and Mutharika.

“This nation has already paid too dearly for Commission’s incompetence. How much more should Malawians suffer for Justice Ansah to realise that this nation shall be better off without her and her fellow Commissioners clinging on to their positions? The nation surely must move on,”it said.

Meanwhile, Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) has described the call by UTM/MCP as unwarranted and unlawful.

Speaking to public broadcaster MBC, MCTU president Luther Mambala, a pro-DPP activist, said the call by the two opposition parties is illogical and against labour laws and called on workers to disregard the call.

There was no immeidiate response from MCP and UTM on MCTU remarks.

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Appeasement Court
Appeasement Court
4 years ago

When did this thief called Humphreys Mvula become an analyst? Mvula is a hardcore thief who store everything at Shire Bus Company and the company closed under his nose. What good advice can come from Mvula? Shame shame shame to him.

Those that want to lose jobs must absent themselves from work on Friday. Period!

4 years ago

Coward Joloza !!!!
Tulo basi !!!!

4 years ago

This call for boycott is going to those who are working for MCP/UTM companies. As for me I can’t sacrifice my job on the altar of politics. We don’t eat politics. Ndikajombe kuntchito chifukwa chakwera akufuna kukhala president. Ntchito Yanga sinyambo yomuika wina pa mpando. Kapangeni kampeni uko anthu akuvotereni osati zopusa zanuzi

4 years ago


4 years ago

iwe store boy wanga uyelekeze kujomba ndikuchose ntchito uwone. capital ya shop imene ija ndinayivutikira ndipo andale sanandipasepo olo single tambala

George Victor
4 years ago

komoa a Chidanthi zoona zomwe mumayankhulazo kkkkk ndikasiye kuvaya ku Vep nkhani yake ya chipani kkkkkkk olo atandithira doom mkamwa yokhayo ndaikana fees mundithandiza ya ana anga akandichotsa ntchito kkkkkkkk muzindilipilira ma bill kkkkkkkk eti amene SKC YOKHAYO YAMWA MADZI IKANI STRATEGY INA KKKKKKK

4 years ago

What kind of analysis is this Mr Mvula? Don’t take Malawians for granted they are not as stupid as MCP/UTM thinks.You are not an employer and tell somebody not to go to work.That’s a very broken mind.Anyone with sane mind can’t take this nonsense.

4 years ago

MCP and UTM agwa nayo. We are not going to listen to you stupid work boycott. You are in the pocket of Simbi. You do not feed us so you can’t tell us to boycott work.

4 years ago
Reply to  Gene

Will do in the heart beat. Revolution is starting slow but sure

4 years ago

Tikakudyereni kuti inu a MCP ndi UTM. Write now you are haggling for position for yourselves. FOTSEKI

4 years ago

Great that MCTU has blasted MCP and UTM.

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