Atupele calls for more contenders to launch UDF leadership bids: Convention August 1

Opposition United Democratic Front  (UDF) will have an open leadership contest during the party’s national convention scheduled for August 1 in Blantyre  ahead of next year’s tripartite elections, incumbent leader Atupele Muluzi has said.

Resetting the button: Atupele Muluzi addresses a UDF rally in Lilongwe

UDF crowds in Lilongwe

UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga addressing the rally

Atupele Muluzi: UDF leadership contest wide open

The UDF president has said any member aspiring to contest for any position including that of a president at the party elective national conference should be allowed to do so in line with the democratic principles which the party stands for.

Atupele as he is fondly called said this on Sunday at Area 23 police ground in Lilongwe when he addressed a political mass rally.

Speaking to thousands of party supporters and members,  Atupele of the ‘Ung’ono-ung’ono’ brand or ‘Ukiti Ukiti’,  said the UDF party is a champion of democracy in Malawi and should always lead by example when it comes to intra party democracy.

“We are a democratic party and we should lead by example in the way we conduct our business. This party is for all of you  members,” he said.

So far on the presidency, it looks to be a two horse race between Atupele and Balaka North legislator Lucius Banda as the two go head-to head for the golden crown in the party.

Atupele welcomed Banda’s challenge, saying as a party member he was free to contest for the position, saying that is what democracy is all about.

Atupele said after the convention in August, the party will consult widely on issues to be concluded in the party manifesto for 2019 elections.

He pledged that as a leader he will make sure that women  and the youth in the party are not only followers but “active participants” who should hold influential positions at the top hierarchy of the party.

The UDF president said women and the youth have always been at the centre of party organisation and it’s high time they are recognised.

Muluzi, who is turning 40 this year,  said he was hopeful UDF will win the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

As of responding to his critics the young Muluzi  said the UDF party is” a movement born out of a clear  agenda and will never be killed by anybody”.

Atupele  said he believes in an economy that creates jobs for  the youths, and properly management of public resources for the benefit of all Malawians.

He said the fruits of the country’s  economic growth must be enjoyed by all Malawians regardless of religion, tribe or where they come from.

The rally was attended by Senior party members which included Dr. Godfrey Chapola  his 2014 runningmate, Second  Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Dr. Clement Chiwaya, veteran politician  Clement Stambuli and others.

Chancellor College-based political analyst Mustafa Hussein has since welcomed the development in UDF, saying the convention will provide an opportunity to clarify major concerns of some of the party’s members.

“People have great expectation of UDF because it is a mother party. It needs to clarify whether the party will stand on its own or will have an alliance with the ruling DPP [Democratic Progressive Party],” he said.

Atupele, who heads the UDF, is Minister of Health in the DPP-led government.



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Shithole DPP

you sold the party to dpp and do not expect anything from Malawians.


all new faces and failures who in his sober mind can weaste there vote for this useless atupele and his team am sure only achawas that’s why you don’t see veterans like nthandizi OMAR


Kodi munthu bambo ako kukhala President ndintchimoo eetii? Kkklkll koma ma guy akongelesi.


Mbuzi ya munthu atupele, amalawi, please mudyereni mwana ameneyu. after all its the money that his father stole while he was in power


MCP was run as family business, UDF was/is run as a family business, DPP was/is run as a family business. Until Malawians wake up to the fact that personality idolisation isn’t the way to go in politics, the country is doomed forever. All political parties are modelled on the Kamuzu-type thinking and therefore will always be about greed and patronage. Malawians have to opt different type of politics and DIFFERENT BREED OF politicians…….selfless politicians who truly care for the people and are intolerant of corruption and any sort of reed.


This guy Atupele is not a leader but an opportunist like what he father did in 1994.To be fair by that time the president was suppose to be Chakufwa Chihana had it been we did not vote based on tribalism and regionalism.


It is fair for all of us in Malawi that Chihana lost the 1994 presidency on whatever grounds had he won Malawians were going to be his slaves. The socalled liberator was hyper-arrogant he enjoyed drawing attention to himself, political marriages offered him the opportunity to display his authoritarianism, at no point did he exercise consultations as the correct instruments for achieving consensus. Bakili was a corrupt guy however he brought the presidency to the ordinary people yes a corrupt president that’s why he is answering cases in court related to sleaze


Olo utakhala ndi Mzeru,Utsogoleri zipani zaku Banja -Family Business sangakusiyire anta.Amatosiyira ana awo,amphwawo basitu enanu ati muzingosatira.Ine Olo kundithira doom mkamwa sindingavotere zipani zama Surnamezi UDF Muluzi.

kotakota mtalamo

Ung’ono ung”ono nthawi yakuthela wapusitsidwa ndi DPP,u running mate uja Adakulonjezan Prince Of Thieves sutheka ayi, Nde mudzafika pa ukulu ukulu koma osakhalabe president wa dziko lino

kaka ni dada

Mwana amalira ndi tulo take tomwe.

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