DPP gun totting gurus impunity: Ben Phiri sparks outrage with pistol display

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) impunity has reached new levels with its Director of Field Operations Ben Malunga Phiri openly displaying a pistol gun in public  just a few months after his assistant also displayed a pistol during a public meeting.

Gun-totting Ben Phiri

A picture circulating on social media shows Phiri surrounded by party loyalists displaying what looked like  a pistol on his torso.

Analysts say the action by Phiri signifies the impunity that the DPP is showing in the run up to elections next year.

A few months ago, one of Phiri’s body guards Noel Kaiya also displayed a pistol during a public meeting in Thyolo when he accompanied Phiri to his rally. It is believed Kaiya does not own a gun licence.

Police are yet to investigate Kaiya case.

“In fact this shows that the DPP does not care about the suffering of the people and that’s why they are doing whatever they want,” said one political analyst.

” They are telling us they can do whatever they want because they are in government,” he added.

Nyasa Times  investigations have shown that Phiri has a gun licence.

But it does not mean that he should be displaying the gun in public.

Phiri is campaigning to claim ra parliamentary seat in  Thyolo Central Constituency from incumbent Gabu Bob Khamisa.

The incumbent MP  Gabu Khamisa also belongs to DPP but has been swept out by DPP  strongman Phiri.

Khamisa, 26, is son to the late Bob Khamisa who once served as MP for the constituency.

The younger Khamisa won the seat  as an independent in the May 20 Tripartite Elections after beating his own uncle, Fariz Khamisa, who stood on People’s Party (PP) ticket. He later joined DPP.

Malawi will hold tripartite elections in May next year to elect the President and Vice-President, 193 members of Parliament and 462 ward councillors.

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Was the pistol in his hand or on his torso? It would be most dangerous if he hid it. Was he on a rampage? Za ziiii. Was he gun-totting? The pistol was in its right place. What would you say if he held the pistol in his hand?

Keen Observer

Don’t worry Malawians amati mulandu suwola. Every dog has its own day. It can take decades or centuries but one day this will come to an end. Malawi is not a place to be playing like this & the problem with people of less education is that when they come close to the people with power they abuse it, we have seen this before some calling themselves untouchables but today where are they?

che nnungu

They will be booted out shortly

I think we will all be surprised when DPP wins with a landslide victory. There is an African (AU level) conversation that is going on to encourage political leaders (Heads of state, VPs, MPs, councillors) to limit their terms to 10 years to allow for young blood inject fresh blood into politics. This is the same argument that encouraged presidents to rule only for 2 terms. This argument is based on the fact that, you can’t have political leaders discussing and promoting policies beyond 10-12 years and still remain fresh. At some point they get stuck with same ideas and… Read more »

Ine ndale ndiye zangondifikapo. Ndi chani chimenechi? Mamina awa angakhale mtsogoleri? Dzuka Malawi ndikuti udzuke


Uku nde kupusa kuja kumeneku. Kupanda nzeru.munthu ukuziwa kale kuti your party is now associated with violance tendencies ,basi iwe nkumayenda ukuonesa mfuti ulinso mu attire ya DPP kuti akutame ndani? Kungopitiliza kunyazisa chipanicho ndi a president. Kupepela mkulu iwe!!!!!

Cognitive DIssonance Theory
Cognitive DIssonance Theory

Now you should remember what Calista said. the old man is not in control.

It’s sad that we are going this route in an aim to establish ones authority and influence. Mr Phiri optically connected as you are, it is not right to be gun trotting in public like this. In fact, your act of carrying a gun with you elsewhere even in your own home area goes to confirm how insecure this nation is. If not, then it confirms how insecure you are as a character who has created enmity with many in the political circles. However, in as much as you are entitled to bear an arm, it should not be abused… Read more »
Its scary to witness Malawi descending into a banana republic characterised by lawlessness, corruption and poverty, and all we do is comment online and reducing the scourge into entertainment by having conversations in bars and offices. Malawi currently is a state in a crisis of mega proportions and yet we have its inhabitants going about their business as if all is ok. How stupid can we be as Malawians. Malawi is being raided by foreign criminals and we are reduced to just mere condemning on various podiums, radio and newspapers; with no tangible actions from our leaders or law enforcement… Read more »

It is only the men in uniform who can display fire arms as backed by law. This kind of behavior must not be tolerated and the unfortunate thing is that such thugs are residing at the state house.

What good can such men bring to Malawians. Its only thievery, thuggery, lawlessness etc. Malawi must pray for its leadership!


The basic idea is to intimidate and frighten people. To show he is a “big man” who is protected by the President. Shameful behavior. What kind of a “Dr.” behaves like this. Only a Chimbolongondo.

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