Atupele gets UDF ‘vote of confidence’, Mangochi governor says

United  Democratic Front (UDF)  District  Governor  for  Mangochi  Urban  Abubakar Foster says that  the current  party  leader,  Atupele  Muluzi will  be  voted  again  as leader of the  party  at  a national convention  to be  held  next  year.

Atupele Muluzi addressing a rally in Mangochi for UDF

UDF governor Foster says Atupele is the real deal going

Crowds at Atupele rally in Mangochi

Foster  said  UDF  leaders  in the  district  already  made  the  resolution  and  that  they  are  only  waiting  for  a convention  to  make  it  official.
The  District  Governor  said  this  at  public rally  addressed by the  UDF president  himself  at  St.  Augustine 3 primary School  in Mangochi Central constituency . The Second  Deputy Speaker  Clement Chiwaya is the legislature for the area.
Foster said  party members and officials in Mangochi  are  impressed  with  Atupele Muluzi’s  track  record  especially  on how  he has  performed  as a Cabinet minister  in the  President Peter Mutharika  led administration .
He described the  UDF  leader  as a man  if integrity  and a well-focused politicians  which  he said  are  qualities of a good  leader.
“Mr.  President  some of  us  are able  to  see  the  meaning of  Agenda  for  Change  through  the  way  you  are  performing  as  a Cabinet minister.  We are  not  surprised that  the State President Professor  Mutharika has  confidence in  you and  please  tell him that we are  very  thankful  to him ,” said Foster.
He said  the  UDF  party  leader  has been  able to  draw  a line  between  partisan politics  and  government  work which is very rare not only in Malawi but  beyond the borders.
On his  part,  Muluzi  asked  party leaders  in the  district to remain loyal to the  party,  saying the UDF  belongs to  them  and  not  any other leader in the party  including  himself.
He told  the gathering  that  as leader  he  has  embarked on a  country  wide  tour  to interact with party  members and  supporters alike  as one way of, strengthening  the  party.
However  he advised the  party  to be on the lookout for  what  he called  enemies of the  UDF who  are  spreading  all  sorts of  lies  about  the  party.
He said  some  of them  pretending to be  party  members when  they have  ” a leg  somewhere else”.
” Our enemies  are  spending sleepless nights  spreading  all  sorts of  lies  against  me  and  the  party , please  ignore them “, said Atupele.
The  UDF  leader  announced that  he will be  addressing another  public rally in  Blantyre on  13th August,  2017.
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chesyene mesi

@Telon thus a stupid analogy. Your strong prejudice towards Atupele stems from regionalism and stereotype of Islam other than his true characters, which is very bad for our democracy and development as whole. It seems you are either a Chewa or from North if you think that is how we will be going about it then let me tell you in strongest terms that UNLESS you change your corrupt attitude, Southern region will keep on dominating politics in our country MARK MY WORDS!

chiswa B

Lucius genuinely loves UDF. Atupele, i wonder what he is telling his blind, illiterate followers who are good at defecating in Shire River and Lake Malawi


When Atupele went into govt he did not demand the post of APM runningmate in 2019 as Mia did to MCP. The young just wants to help in developing this country. But the problem is that the opposition has been looking for the fall of this govt and pull all opposition parties to one side and fight govt. Atupele said it openly that he is in govt to help Malawians.

Nganiza Muthulika
Can Malawians trust Atupele? A party leader is like a capita in a shop or army. He Does not leave to drown and join enemies. Atupele did twice. He joined PP and the party which humiliated his father What kind of a leader is he.going to be? He is weak He his father who sold UDF to Muntharikas. Mia in the hand he quited UDF and since he quited he has never been bought. NO trust for UDF/Atupele. He is campaigning for DDP. U will believe me. DDP/APM know he has NO chance this time except use… Read more »

Keep it up Atupele..every body is busy with their party now ..zikumuwawa aphulike basi


Kicks of a dying horse. The Party is already sold to DPP. What is he trying to achieve? He will not be even running mate. Son of an evil family. A family that adores money. Atupele will never rule Malawi until Mohamed rises again. This man is a traitor. Let him confine himself to the Yaoland because that’s where they entertain mediocrity. APM has called Saulos his son and Atu a step son (ompeza) who by tradition has no right to inheritance.

Sodo Nimla

Inunso muli ndi umoyo wa chikale bwanji anzanu anafa nawo mtima umenewo ndipo anafa ali ovutika kwambiri


Atupele…so you want people to follow you just for being minster (?????)..Kutha ma plan kumeneko.

Nox Nthambi

kkkkkk leader for which party? DDP/UDF Alliance or UDF? Greedy Atupele

Sheriff Asedi

Landlord amayendela ma tenant ake.


Where is Lucius Banda? Let him call for his rally in the name of the same UDF.

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