Atupele in North Malawi tour, unpacks his action plan for ‘new beginning’: UDF secures K170 billion fund

Thousands of people in the northern region have been trooping to listen to United Democratic Front (UDF) presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi and his running mate Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo who have been holding a series of whistle-stop campaign meetings as they unpacked their vision for Malawi.

Muluzi and Mwenifumbo in the North on whistle stop tour
Atupele greets the youth in the nroth
North Malawi gives UDF presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi warm welcome
Atupele and Mwenifumbo campaigning in Karonga for UDF
Atupele and Mwenifumbo on campaign trail in the North
Crowds of people at a rally by Atupele in Karonga
UDF crowds in the North

Muluzi, who is Minister of Health in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration under President Peter Mutharika, reiterated his stance that UDF has demonstrated throughout the last five years, that as democratically elected politicians they  serve the people of the country “and Malawi comes first.”

Muluzi has addressed whistle stop meetings in Rumphi, Karonga, Mzimba, Chitipa and Nkhatabay.

He said: “We have shown you that even when though I may belong to a different political party we can work with others to develop Malawi.”

Added Muluzi: “We have shown you that we can belong to different tribes and religion but still work together to develop Malawi.”

On UDF plans for the country, he reiterated that his administration will deliver  “an honest and accountable government”.

He also said the UDF will build an open dialogue with all Malawians and have feedback mechanism, saying  the core area that his party is focusing on are based on these three pillars; “ensuring we listen to Malawians, especially young people; being able to respond by providing the leadership; and being able to implement and demonstrate tangible results that begin to hold us leaders accountable.”

Muluzi also pledged to develop “sustainable jobs” and a living wage for a modern economy/

The UDF torchbearer  said his administration will establish new centres of medical excellence as well as build new district hospitals and local health centres to support the country’s  growing population.

“We will maintain free to access healthcare as part of our commitment to universal health coverage.

“We will alsoi improve teacher working conditions and increase education resources, particularly in primary schools,” he said.

Speaking in his calm tone, Muluzi said to pay for these developments, the UDF  economic development strategy has two sides.

“The first is that of public sector reforms. We must achieve more with what we already have. That means government ministries and departments working more closely together to reduce duplication and create more efficiency.

“Government Ministers and Parliament will also have a greater responsibility to account for spending and to achieve greater transparency,” he said.

Muluzi, a son to former president Bakili Muluzi who governed the country from May 1994 to May 2004, said  the world is changing very quickly  and urged Malawians to change with it;  “that includes changing what we produce and what we do with that produce to ensure we are competitive.”

He said the second part of UDF economic growth will come from diversification to more profitable crops, industrial sectors and markets.

“If we grow or make something in Malawi then we should try and maintain as much of the value chain as we can here in Malawi – don’t allow others to profit from our hard work.

“Today’s Malawi is younger than it has ever been before, there are more women than men and we are moving to live in the towns and cities in larger numbers than ever before.  Our plan has been developed to support not just people today, but the growing and changing Malawi of tomorrow,” he said.

Muluzi said he is  confident that UDF has  both the right plan of action and the experience to deliver “a new beginning” that works for all Malawians.

Mwenifumbo: Vote for Atupele Muluzi to be president on May 21

“One that is supportive and not restrictive, that is inclusive and not elitist and one that develops a stronger Malawi for all our futures,” he said.

Muluzi, who has served as Cabinet minister both in the People’s Party (PP) from 2012 to 2014 and DPP from 2014 to date, said his Cabinet experience has taught him what it takes to bring change, adding that change cannot come with one person; hence, UDF is promoting inclusiveness.

He said UDF has demonstrated that it can deliver, adding that alongside his running mate Frank Mwenifumbo, a member of Alliance for Democracy (Aford), they have already initiated programmes targeted to benefit the youth and the country at large.

Muluzi said UDF has helped secure K170 billion fund that will see businesses accessing loans and also jobs being created which will in turn contribute to the development of the country.

He said even if he does not make it as Head of State, entrepreneurs will still access the funds to do businesses and employ others.

“We just demonstrate commitment that this is about Malawi. It is not about UDF, it is about putting Malawians first irrespective of political party, tribe or religion,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi and  vice president Saulos Chilima, who is contesting the presidency on the ticket of the country’s newest registered political outfit UTM Party, are members of Mutharika’s Cabinet aspiring for the office of President.

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3 years ago

Atupele on duty disturbing the voting paterns for the undecided ones in the north….utm,mcp,pp,udf sharing voters as DPP supporters remain intact….

3 years ago

‘We have also shown you that we can belong to different political parties and different religions and different tribes but we can work together to scam Malawians. Together we are able to steal more from Malawi.’

Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba ndi nkhungu

Udf is worse than utm guys. Don’t even think about giving them votes. Wait for Bakili Muluzi to go to hell. Bakili destroyed Aford. Bakili is crook. He could not even keep his two wives. Crook. Atupele is with dpp and has nothing to offer. Nyama izi.

3 years ago

This young man Atupele stands out to be a calm and collected leader and wouldn’t make a try ever statesman. Of all the candidates standing this young man is the cleanest and has no blemish. It is totally wrong for those who want to associate the failures of his father with him. After no one is perfect. But if we compare the performance of Bakili with that of APM, Bakili is miles ahead of Peter. Therefore it is important to take this Atupele and judge him in his own right. It looks God has chosen this young man for Malawi… Read more »

3 years ago

I like the last paragraph,
Atupele and Chilima of UTM are both members of the current failed gvt, and yet they think they can bring change kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

mcp boma basi!

3 years ago

Kikikiki learn this: the same supporters went to meet Chilima

3 years ago

It is clear now that the presence of a big crowd does not mean voters. Parties should not be cheated with the crowd attending rallies. The young man in Zimbabwe (Chamisa) was cheated by the crowd. To win an election there are some critical fundamentals to take into consideration. We had a Mr. Mpinganjira’s NDA which flopped. The parties unfortunately are focusing on character assassination of competitors. Kaliati in UTM, Chimwendo in MCP and Mayi wa ku Nkhotakotayou in DPP are just as examples. The struggling poor and urban and population are interested in issues which will improve their lives… Read more »

3 years ago


3 years ago

You have my vote

3 years ago

Atupele speaks with wisdom and intelligence.Good mouthed politician.Mwenefumbo is also a great man with lots of workable experience and wisdom.

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