Atupele promises formidable UDF in 2019: Woos Mangochi on ‘Malawi First’ agenda 

United  Democratic  Front  president  Atupele Muluzi  took  Mangochi  by  storm on Sunday  when  he addressed  a public  rally  at Namalaka  School ground  in  Lutende  constituency promising  a formidable  UDF  in 2019.

Atupele hist stronghold Mangochi as he continue to reconnect with voters with elections due in 2019

Atupele Muluzi confers with UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo at the rally

Atupele greeting party supporters at Lutende in Mangochi

UDF will be stronger in 2019 polls: Atupele waves at supporters in Mangochi

His  message was coined in a  clear  strategy of giving  hope to the UDF  faithfuls in a district considered the party  stronghold.

On the other hand  his message  of  ‘Malawi  First’  drawn from the  theme of the  UDF  National Conference of 2012  where  he was elected leader of the party  seems to  be  his  tramp card now.

The  UDF leader  told  a mammoth  gathering  that  braved a sweltering  Sunday  afternoon  heat , in the  lake  shore  district  that  the  UDF is  a party  that  has a rich  history  and  that  as  it’s  current  leader  he will  work  very  hard to  preserve  the  history.

“UDF  does  not belong  to  me, Hon.Lillian Patel  or any  leader in the party.  It belongs to you  the people. As such  I urge  you to  be united and  guard  against any  elements  that  may  attempt  to  divide  us . You and I should never  allow  that  because  this party  has  a unique history,” said Atupele.

However,  he was  quick  to say  that  as the party leaders  do  politics  they  must  not  lose  sight  of the  fact  the  people  of Malawi  need development to change their lives .

” When  I see  infrastructure  development  benefiting the  people of  Mangochi, I  become  a  happy person,” said  Atupele  amidst  chants  of approval.

In stressing his agenda for ‘Malawi First’ , he added;  “There is  time  for  politics and  there is time  for  development  too. We can  not  be  campaigning  for  five  years  and  expect  this  country to develop.”

He said  time  has  come  where  all political  leaders  in Malawi  should  think  of Malawi  first  and  not  their  political ambitions  for the  sake of  the  people of Malawi.

The  UDF  leader  also  took time  to  condemn  what  he called  politics  of hatred which  he said  seems  to  take  centre  stage  in Malawi.

He  said that  urged  all  political leaders  to  put  their  political  difference  aside  and  work  for the  country.

Member of parliament  for the area  Biliati  was all praises for the  UDF leader for visiting the area which is one of the remote areas of  Mangochi district.

He  asked  the UDF leader carry a message to  president Peter Mutharika and his government to expedite the  Mangochi Makanjira road  saying  it was  a very important  road that  could  help  spur  development in the  area.

Atupele  was  accompanied by the party  secretary  General  Kandi Padambo and  almost all the UDF members of parliament.

Former  cabinet minister  in both  Bakili Muluzi and Bingu wa Mutharika regimes,  Yusufu Mwawa who has since rejoined the UDF  party  also attended the rally.

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innocent osman jaffer(ayoba)

Mmmm so shameful people of mangochi they don’t know where to go,always floating with waves on the lake by wind,the party to support is coming 2019 not now,

Jelbin mk

Atupele is as useless as his father was, he advocated for agenda for change and yet he joined the company of non changable matchonas. What did he expected into working with the rotten DPP thugs how did he expect to play in the mud without messing up his white shirt if he wore any of which I doubt. Now everyone knows that every cabinet minister is corrupt how has he escaped from that? He will cheat only fools not intellectuals.


That’s coming Atu…Big up!


Koma School ndiyofunikadi! You mean Atupele still has supporters? I cry for my home district, Mangochi!


Malawi the land of dishonest pepo.

Lucius Banda

My fellow Malawians, am sorry, some greedy people have been using me to fight Atupele Muluzi but just realized that am building a castle in the air, though he’s young to me but politically he’s far above my thinking. I have been used to paint Atupele’s image black but the more i do so the more he becomes popular. Ine anga ndimagitala basi sindingathe kulamulila dziko and even ndalama ndilibe zoti ndingapangile campaign. My fans am sorry too.

convicted former minister
convicted former minister

Dear readers, can someone do me a favour by advising that convicted former minister to stay away from politics bcoz we dont want him anymore here in balaka central east constituency


Atupele is one of those leaders of the future. Someone that is aware of what this country needs. Matchona akutipusitsa.


DPP stooge




Yusuf Mwawa should also go back to his home area and change the mind set of the people in the area to attend classes. Too much absenteeism at Namanolo Primary school. We do not want leaders who think of politics as their bread and butter. We want people who can transform the lives of people in their homes and the country as a whole. By rejoining, UDF what do you have on the table for the people in your area? .


Iwe asiyatu !
kodi chi uncle chafika mpaka pamenepa?

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