Atupele provides some details for agenda for change

United Democratic Front (UDF) presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi has started outlining the vision of his ‘Agenda for Change’, telling a rally in the southern district of Chiradzulu that he believes in a “united, secure Malawi” with a growing, transparent and inclusive economy.

“This is my vision for Malawi and this is what I stand for, “he told the gatherings at Namitambo, Thumbwe trading centers and Mwanga school and Smith Grounds in Chiradzulu District on Wednesday.

Atupele said his new agenda for change represents three issues that will set the framework for the 2014 elections.

He told the crowds that his 2014 campaign will focus on, Generational Change, Economic Change and Independence.

Atupele giving specifics to his agenda for change
Atupele giving specifics to his agenda for change

Generational change

Atupele said that a new generation must take over.

He said “the world is changing and we are now in a digital age. If Malawi is to truly transform, it requires a political and social revolution. We need a new thinking and new ideas for Malawi 50 years after independence“.

Atupele noted that Malawi’s demographics have changed. The majority of Malawi’s population is under the age of 40 years of age.

“They are demanding economic change and I am representing this generation,” he said.

He warned all political leaders in the country to brace themselves for a revolution in 2014.

Economic Change

Atupele pointed out that economic change must translate into jobs for Malawian people and improved standard of living for all.

He stated that is why he has put together a comprehensive programme on job creation, which will be unveiled after the party’s policy conference.

UDF president disclosed that his party’s policy conference will focus on four transformative areas of Inclusive Growth, Governance, Social Protection, Peace and Security.

Atupele told the gatherings that he is the pace setter for the elections.

“We began talking about no politics of castigation and now everybody is now talking about it. We talked about transformational change. Now everyone is talking about it. We talked about job creation. Now everybody is talking about it,” he said.

Atupele further stated that the difference between him and the other candidates is that his core focus has and will always be on delivery and results. He went on to explain that it is why in all his public speeches this has been the issue.

“I believe that Malawi has many, many needs but limited resources. It is impossible to do everything at the same time. That is why I have not been making unrealistic promises as politicians tend to do.

“I am not promising you a flyover when our roads are full of potholes. I am not promising you a parallel fertilizer subsidy programme when the existing one is failing. I am not going to promise you a Mudzi Transformation programme when we are failing to roll out the existing social protection programmes throughout the country like the cash transfer programme, village loans and housing scheme and public works initiative.“

Said Atupele: “What I promise you is that as President my administration will ensure that we have good roads with no potholes. Our hospitals always have available medicines and that patients should not wait long hours to receive treatment.  Our civil servants should be properly renumerated and be paid on time. Our schools should have decent teaching and learning materials. We must improve on what we already have as a starting point.“

Throughout his tour, to the last venue people lined up along the road to catch a glimps of the UDF leader. They chanted and sang songs, encouraging and in support of the UDF candidate.

On several occassions he was forced by enthusiastic supporters to stop and talk to them at some places that were not on the programme.

Atupele also urged the people to register in the ongoing voters registration exercise so that they can vote for leaders of their choice in the 2014 elections.

Atupele greet supporters in Chiradzulu
Atupele greet supporters in Chiradzulu
Listening to Atupele speech in Chiradzulu
Listening to Atupele speech in Chiradzulu

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