Atupele rallies Malawians to vote for ‘positive future’

United Democratic Front (UDF) presidential hopeful Atupele Muluzi and running mate Frank Mwenifumbo  on Friday conducted final campaign  meetings in Blantyre City with main message of  poverty reduction through transformative leadership that understands and reaches out to the people.

Muluzi arriving in Ndirande
Atupele and Frank Mwneifumbo: UDF presidential pair in Ndirande
Atupele last push for votes in Blantyre
UDF presidential candidate last meeting in Blantyre
Atupele last push in the race to State House.
Crowds at Nyababdwe as Muouzi wraps up his meeting in Blantyre

The youthful presidential candidate, 40, is this Saturday wrapping up campaign in stronghold Mangochi district which has 402 000 potential voters.

“As we all go to the polling stations on Tuesday, I ask you to think about what you want from your Malawi.  We believe we are one of the few parties to have offered a deliverable and affordable plan that will work for both men and women, young and old that seeks to unify rather than divide,” said Atupele at Nyambadwe Primary School ground in Ndirande on Friday.

He stressed: “The UDF campaign, our vision, and our direction is based on two clear priorities, inclusive growth and an inclusive economy to support all regardless of their gender, creed, colour or tribe.

“This will require real transformative change that can quickly demonstrate results. Meaning a need for stronger leadership that is transparent, accountable, responsive and inclusive.”

Atupele pointed out that UDF has demonstrated over the last five years that they can put aside political difference to put Malawi first.

“We must make change happen together,” he said.

He said the vote for UDF is a vote for a “responsible and a responsive” government and a “positive future” that focusses on the needs of all Malawians and it is a vote for meaningful and sustainable jobs that will develop Malawi for everyone.

“Please make sure you all go out and vote and vote for me, Atupele Muluzi to lead Malawi forwards to a brighter future,” he said.

UDF  spokesperson Ken Ndanga said the party is pleased to have conducted a successful campaign.

Ndanga said their campaign had been very smooth because they focused on issue-based politics.

“Our strategy has worked very well and we are happy with the way we have implemented it,” he said.

Slightly over 6.8 million Malawians have registered to vote on Tuesday.

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Njolo mpilu
Njolo mpilu
1 year ago

Unatibela kale iwe .kukanika kukhala padela popanda kugwila ndalama. Ku UK kija bwa!! Nde munkanjoyatu nde mukaona mmene zinalili muja, kubwerako kumangoyenda mmakopala and pano simukufuna kukhala padela

1 year ago

Atupele ndiwe munthu wabwino Koma ukufera machimo a bambo ako ndi chipani chankhanza cha UDF.Bambo ako ankafuna kuti ayimenso kachikena, anaba ndalama zambiri,anapha anthu ambiri kuphatikizirapo Matafale,ma young democrats amenya ndikupha anthu ambiri chifukwa chokana kuti bambo ako aimenso, sorry Atupele mwina udzayesenso bambo ako akadzamwalira kaye

1 year ago

what a j0ke!

1 year ago

Atupele for President! He has fought the most clear, clean, sincere, civilized and respectful campaign of all the candidates. He qualifies for a genuine leader who values the importance of good governance and total inclusivity of all in matters of state and development. Indeed Atupele has proved that he has emotional stability to withstand extreme pressures of all sorts, understand situations, fight for the disadvantaged and most of all participate in national matters regardless of insults and distractions. Atupele You are magnanimous and a true statesman. Those who would like to put the country first will surely identify with you.… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  mwe

Honestly Atupele you are the man of the match …. eish sory I mean man of the campaign.
Waonetsa khalidwe labwino kwambiri chifukwa mkamwa mwako simunatuluke mawu onyonza aliyense … you born with human heart.
God bless you

From the mountains
From the mountains
1 year ago

The fight is between two giants but the usual winner finally lost.

1 year ago

This guy will steal all your money in 2029. Do not let him do it to you.

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