Atupele says UDF strengthening to move Malawi forward: Malindi ‘thank you’ rally draws masses

United Democratic Front (UDF) presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi was on Saturday treated to a heroes welcome in Malindi Mangochi when he addressed what the party called a ‘Thank you’ Malindi rally in which he emphatically said the party is getting stronger again.

Atupele says UDF to strengthen their political grip building on Malindi byelection success

UDF Malindi rally on Saturday

People listening to Atupele at Malindi rally

The rally was organised after UDF won the local government election held in the ward on Tuesday.

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah in announcing the results of Tuesday by-electio,  said Malindi Ward had four candidates. With 15 647 registered voters, 5 287 voters turned up for polling, representing a 33.79 percent voter turnout.

She said there were 84 null and void votes, representing 1.59 percent. The results of the voting were as follows: Hassan Chikuta (People’s Party-PP 878 votes), George Mayamiko Chiwaula, (Independent) 530 votes, Ambrose Benford Hamisi (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) 1 060 votes, Kassim Abiewa Limamu (United Democratic Front-UDF) 2 735 votes.

During the ‘thank you rally’, Muluzi walked a ten kilometers distance greetings party supporters who lined up all the way to Malindi the venue of the rally.

“I want to assure Malawians that UDF is determined and focused to contest inthe next elections as a strong party,” he said.

He said UDF is doing a lot on the ground to strengthen, saying his party has Malawi’s best interest at heart.

Muluzi, who is Minister of Health and Population Services in President Peter Mutharika’s Cabinet, said UDF will soon hold a national conference where it will have route map  ahead of the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

“Politics is dynamic and full of changes,” he said.

Muluzi, whose father Bakili Muluzi ruled the country between 1994 and 2004 as the first post-independence multi-party Head of State, said UDF was strong and that he will ensure it gets more formidable.

UDF’s strength in Parliament has been dwindling since the 2004 General Elections. From 84 seats in 177-member Parliament in the first post-independence multi-party elections in 1994 to 91 MPs in 1999 when the number of constituencies rose to 193, the party got 49 in 2004, 16 in 2009 and 15 in 2014.

Muluzi said he was confident the party seats will rise again and move Malawi  Br forward with ambitious plans to unlock the country’s potential.

If endorsed at UDF convention as party leader, Muluzi would contest as presidential candidate again after failing on his first attempt in 2014 when he finished a distant fourth.

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Manchester United v West Brom Albion

Thanks Nyasatimes for reporting that udf had 93 seats and now only 14. Kwinaku atsala ndi makhansala omwewo. Chiwaya wawona kuti basi the udf is in ICU on oxygen. Kutha ngati nsalu ya makatani. What is the point of sticking dpp? Are you not scared MCP managed 1000 votes? Shithole Atupele and shithole dpp. Chipatala chapsatu.


Congress guys very interested to comment about UDF issues kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.


Galu ulila dpp is playing a game on u Mia walowa kumeneko mcp 1008 votes

kaka ni dada
Atupele usanamize anthu a ku Mangochi kuti udzawina chisankho, wachepa nazo ndale, UDF ku central region ndi ku Northern region inatha kale kale, ku mwerako idatsala ku Mangochi ndi ku Machinga basi, komanso MCP yalowako through Mia, ngakhale mupange alliance ndi DPP, anthu akupanga zomuika Chakwera ndi Mia m’boma .DPP ndi UDF ndi zipani za ku banja ndipo zatha ngati makatani . Ndimakumbukila mawu a Bingu oti UDF waitha yekha Bakili anayithadi, pano DPP waitha yekha Pitala . There is too much Hurricane blowing in UDF & DPP . Now Atupele can’t be considered for runningmate to Pitala, Chilima too,… Read more »
Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

UDF is a party for Mangochi , Machinga, Balaka and some parts of Zomba. The big win in Malindi is because DPP did not contest and its supporters managed to vote for UDF.

Paradign Shift

This is a direct reaction to Callista detonation. Atupere now realises he is a political victim, & with DPP squabbles he will end up being used like a condom. But its too late, Malawians have realised youre unprincipled just as the old politicians. Kumakidwa ma vote in your own backyard.


Mukazatoluzaso basi wa ku Boma .Kuthawa ntchito yanu yosusa.Onani telemu yoyamba ya Bingu zinthu zinayenda chifukwa Osusa anali ambiirri .Mnyamata ngati Iwe kukana 50+1.


He is a sell out. What a selfish man!

Mchawa wa pa Kapoloma
Mchawa wa pa Kapoloma

A confused boy Madhala GG @82 was referring to. People of Mangochi, don’t be betrayed by chameleons.

Amangwetu, Adyu mwanachedyu tachisumisya UDF dyi. Ngaaakunda awa. Ana welewa ali ku DPP kapena ku UDF?


Tenzi Mzungu

No comment here but if it were DPP then you could have said you want young generation. Atupele is young so if you want a young leader vote for him. Leave DPP alone. Leave our mulupale alone. You have many choices to make. The people will decide their choice

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