Bagus quits ruling DPP to join MCP: Mia’s big catch in Lower Shire

Malawi’s political landscape took yet another turn Saturday after former minister Salim Bagus withdrew his membership from governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and defected to the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Kwachaaaa!!! Bagus speaking at an MCP rally addressed by Mia in Nsanje on Saturday.

Bagus, who served as Minister in the Bakili Muluzi’s UDF administration and was national, organising secretary of Peoples Party before he joined DPP, said he was joining MCP to bring his experience and deliver meaningful change to Malawians.

He was welcomed in the party at a political rally organised by Lower Shire political giant Sidik Mia in Nsanje on Saturday.

“Let’s unite and stand with Malawians in this journey of change ,” said Bagus.

“I am not a full member of Malawi Congress Party,” he confirmed.

Mia described Bagus as a big catch in the Lower Shire political area.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila who also comes from the Lower Shire said Bagus was “exercising his freedom of association.”

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kkkkk mizimu yokha yokha iyi nanga nkumati tawina munthu apa? kkkk!!!!!!!


All these names are tired people!!!! Malawi needs a whole new set of politicians. We need young, vibrant and progressive politicians that have this country at heart, not just to enrich themselves. If I hear these names one more time I’m gonna. Vomit.


When msonda stambuli and the other stupid guys join dpp they r big catch while bugus u r saying he is not kkkkkkk zakuvutani ma blue night


Francis Kasaila welcome to MCP in advance. Bwana Harry Thomson nthawi yabwino ndiyomwe ino.


Bagus like Mia. UDF, DPP, PP, DPP, MCP. Political mahule with no ideology but driven by desire to fill their stomachs.

I love Malawi

A political prostitute with no value,who’s not even sure of joining MCP.Mia akumukakamiza munthuyu poti ndi nchawa nzake.koma zoti DPP ingagwedere with his move,I doubt. 2019 water and landslide victory for the mighty Dpp,watch the space!!!!!

Ukavu Wasuzga

Inde tulukani tilowe ife eniake atonga omwe together with Bingu formed a formidable political organisation that shook, changed and was poised to transform Malawi with its zero tolerance approach on corruption. Had it not been for thugs like these hijacking our agenda in Dpp, Malawi would have by now moved into a middle income economy and not a hyena society that it is.


Dpp get ready to for mass exodus, your time is up


From UDF to PP to DPP to MCP? What a bitch!

He was a Minister in the UDF. That is 18 years ago. You can as well talk about Iqbar Omar of Lilongwe. Now this Bagus you say was in DPP. What post did he have in the party? As Bagus, what have he done for DPP in the Lower Shire the short time he was in the party? Will the DPP miss him? If people choose to join MCP in his area, will it be because of him or because of Mia? How then can Bagus’ defection be a big catch? May be with MCP it can really be a… Read more »


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