‘Becareful with cheap propaganda’: Rev Nyondo denies statement afainst Eid holiday

Regime propaganda machinery is at work to divert citizens attention on pressing issue and one has been to fake a statement purportedly signed by Reverend Levy Nyondo the General Secretary of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) in the Synod of Livingstonia in the northern part of Malawi, had restricted followers and employees from recognizing Eid-al-Filtr holiday as circulated in the Church’s institutions as well as the media.

Nyondo:   Fake statement

Nyondo: Fake statement

On Tuesday this week government declared Thursday 7 July 2016 as a public holiday to allow Muslims to celebrate the end of Holy month of Ramadan.

According to the document dated 5 July, 2016 and contained Nyondo’s signatory, all employees of the Livingstonia Synod were expected to report to their respective duties at Eid-al-Filtr holiday because the Church does not recognize it.

However, Nyondo has on Saturday denied the report describing the document as “absolutely fake” despite being communicated to its workers as well as posted on the institution’s notice board.

“I did not sign any document concerning the issue and I know that someone is behind it with the aim of dirtying my name and the Church,” said Nyondo.

He said the Church is investigating the matter while blaming the media for not hearing from his side.

Eid-al-Filtr marks the end of the holy month of fasting for the Muslim community across the world.

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Interaction is Civilization

ILLUMINAT! so the circular found its way to employees as well as the NOTICE BOARD but the Synods CEO does not know and wants the church to waste resources to investigate this trash. I always pity my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in the Livingstonia Synod.Its very dangerous to have politically corrupt clergymen at the Helm of the Church. GOD HELP US.


Rev Nyondo is a disgrace to the Livingstonia synod.


Akunama Levi Nyondo authored that letter.Munthu ameneyi ndi devils advocate osati mbusa wathu wa CCAP.


I even doubted it when I saw the letter. There was no proof that it came from the office of the General Secretary. No logo or letterhead. It was a mere paper that can be typed by anybody.


We are in the last days. Letters coming from nowhere to somewhere.I respect the Livingstonia synod because I benefited a lot from them academically but in the recent years it has completely lost its focus. Its fighting so many stupid and unnecessary battles. Lets hope they don’t find themselves in Syria or Ukraine.

Racist McTumbukaFace

Just proves that pastors are the biggest liars.

Kodi inu a Nyasatimes, I thought you are the ones that championed to the extent of praising Nyondo’s letter. Why are you changing tune? I thought you were happy with it?? Popeza za thina mukufuna musinthe thabwa poyerayera??? You think we are zombies sichoncho????. Musanamizire regime propaganda apa. It is yoyu Nyasatimes that were in the forefront spreading this Nyondo news. In any way why take so long to respond? Why not when the letter came out? Mukufuna munamize ndani. I know you will not publish this letter. But you must know that the nooze is closing down on you.… Read more »

I dont buy it that the document was faked. Its just a shame that he acted like that and thought it would die internally and that people will not know about it. He made a mistake, the only thing he can do now is to own up to it and not start telling stories of propaganda. Shameless clergy


You don’t know Nyondo. Had it been he authored the letter, he would have proudly admitted that he did. He has never been a coward like some of you.

Interaction is Civilization

even a foolish or an insane person can sense danger and start withdrawing Kamchacha. a Synod is not a political party because is made people from different political parties. remember the fight with NKHOMA Synod is one Baby born through this.

Atumbuka usawi

and right now Livingstonia after fighting with Nkhoma, is fighting with Blantyre synod…shameless Livingstonia synod…

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