Belgian journos say RVG’s Malawi job surprised compatriots

Two Belgian journalists have disclosed that Ronny Van Geneugden surprised compatriots back home after landing a job as Malawi National Football Team coach in April this year.

Belgian coaching Malawi: Ronny Van Geneugden

Sports editor for Belgian newspaper Get Belang Van Limburg which publishes in Dutch, Mark Cornelissen and video journalist Guyentie Bogaert who were in Malawi to do a special coverage on RVG, said the country is relatively unknown to Belgians just as its football.

Another element of surprise was raised because the Belgian journalists said it was RVG’s first time to take charge of a national team.

“People in Belgium were a bit surprised because he has never trained a country but clubs,” Bogaert said.

“Apart from that most people in Belgium don’t know Malawi as a country and also its football is not well known,” she added.

The Sports Editor Cornelissen said RVG’s job would now put Malawi football on the radar in Belgium as they have already started following how their compatriot is faring with the Flames.

“We wish you well its good that you have started winning,” he said.

The two journalists came in Malawi on Tuesday and left on Thursday after doing their assignment and they also attended a news  conference at Chiwembe Village in Blantyre called by RVG.

The journalists said RVG is a high profile coach in Belgium who has also coached a Belgian top league side Genk.

With Malawi national team he has registered one win over Comoros in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, one draw against Kenya in a friendly and two losses home and away to Madagascar in the Championship of African Nations (Chan).

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15 thoughts on “Belgian journos say RVG’s Malawi job surprised compatriots”

  1. We mediocre from the heart!

  2. MR Lee says:

    That’s alie,where was Laurence Ways,how do you people forget that our former players have been playing in Belgium ?

  3. self centred says:

    A Malawi we don’t accept the problem that we have,we thin we are the giant ,RVG is a good coach and the team that played Comoros is quite different from any other team in terms of style of football that the team played, we don’t want to talk history the time kinah, and now you can’t compare, this coach is good and is good ,if you talk of 700,000 people in Comoros population does that make sense in the ground ,in football we don’t underestimate the oponet everyone gets prepared before the game so that he win ,1 goal or 100 goals all the same it gives you 3rd it’s at the end and he gets that so what do you want an the opusa of adana nd zinc zabwino ,

  4. kkkkk ayaya amalawi RVG tamuona ngati mulungu chifukwa chowina game imodzi tiyeni timudikire atipititse ku world cup. 1-0 pa home ground game ya home and away its a disgrace. rvg ngati ulidi coach tipititse ku world cup tione if you that we gonna praise you the whole life.

  5. kamangadazi says:

    Those who do not know Malawi, are just poor Geographically. We Malawians, know many places in the World regardless of what they have done. But being interested to know much about the World. In my case, I knew Belgium in the subject of History before I knew Hazard. Those Chinese & Belgians who failed to know where Malawi is, are just lazy to read the World Map. Many pple know places in the World not that they reached there or that country has done something special, but through books.And they clearly explain about that place as if they have been there.

  6. jervis nyaka says:

    just wait and see the following games. cameroon and others

  7. Mzika Yeni Yeni says:

    A Malawi mungotengeka ndi za zii. Poti ndi Mzungu. Tiri ndi anyamata mummuno mu Malawi. In 1973 at Mzimba Secondary school, we had one sports officer from Ministry of youth ( Kondwani Lindoni) was his name. He coached our team for only 3 full days. In 3 days he built a team. The following week end we played Mzuzu Government Secondary School ( National School), we held Mzuzu Govt. Sec. School 0 – 0.

    They did not believe this. After the game Eliam Mtika , Sherif Khonje, Walter Moyo and I think two more players were taken on board for National Schools’ Team. Bwanji pamenepo? The unknown school was known. This country should not be known because of the Mzungu from Belgium, ayi!!! , but because of Football Performance. Ask Zambia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. They are known not because of Azungu. African building African Foot Ball Team. Africans ( Malawians) kuzidelera too much or nsanje too much.

    Home ground, 1 -0??????????? Kaya tiyeni nazo.

  8. kamale says:

    its funny how journalist think they know everything in the world. let him dig his gold he landed it on his own.

  9. Keen Observer says:

    Shameful indeed. Malawi can be put on the map because of the so called RVG? Who is he after all? Is Belgium a footballing nation? The answer is a fat “NO”. What do their clubs do in Uefa competitions? Nothing. Holman & Kennedy Malunga once played in Belgium so why should they say people will start to know you cos of this RVG? Kuwina kwache kuti?? Comoros at home 1-0? Comoros population about 700 000 people? Come on guys be serious. We did better under late Reuben Malola with his team comprised of late Frank Singapore & late Cliffton Nsiya just to mention a few. And with Kinnah Phiri we went to Afcon so which map is this Nzungu going to put us?????

    1. I totally agree with you

  10. Leonard NDHLOVU says:

    What criteria did they follow,Malawi it will be difficult to improve in football,get Beston chambeshi from Zambia u20 coach better.

  11. Shasha says:

    Malawi is not known in most countries. One time I traveled to Taiwan. Whilst in a Restaurant, a waiter came to ask me where I came from so that he places a flag of my country on the table that I sat. When I mentioned Malawi, they were all very surprised and asked where is Malawi on earth only to find it after googling. Instead they placed a South African flag on the table that I sat. Countries such as Nigeria, Zambia, Tunisua, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe are very familiar to them than our little known Malawi. No wonder RVG’s compatriots couldn’t know Malawi.

  12. Vitu says:

    Magame ena amene Flames siinachite bwino aja anali ma team a FAM… this is team ndiya RVG… nde jealous down let’s wait and see poti yake nde ikuwinatu…

  13. opportunist says:

    Prophet is never honoured in his country

  14. JAMES MKOKO says:

    You are a good coach we like you to give as good team. And this is our first time to take Cosafa HOME

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