I was bitter with Mphwiyo, he betrayed my trust — Witness Daniel Jenya

Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development chief economist Daniel Jenya  has finished  testifying in the case that involves former government top officials like Paul Mphwiyo, former budget director, David Kandoje former accountant general , Auzius Kazombo , IT guru Steve Likhunya Phiri and 15 others  in the K2.4 billion Cashgate case

Mphwiyo coming out of court.-Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma

Jenya, who has been giving his testimony on the case since Monday this week, finished his testimony by telling the court that Mphwiyo betrayed his trust when he prevented him from travelling to the United States of America to pursue government-sponsored studies.

He was responding to a question from Director of Public Prosecution, Mary Kachale, on what might have caused the poor relationship between him and the former budget director.

Jenya confessed to the court that he was “very bitter” with Mphwiyo over the scholarship issue which saw him not going for studies but instead it was Mphwiyo going in 2010.

“What happened as that in 2009 there was an opportunity to go and study Masters in Economical management with Columbia University, and as you know Columbia is one sub University one wouldn’t dare to miss an opportunity to study there, it’s a golden opportunity to everyone so too it was for me.

“The Secretary to the Treasury wrote Mr Mphwiyo on a scholarship letter to choose one bright officer who can go for this scholarship and Mr Mphwiyo wrote on the same letter that, Mr Jenya can you apply.

“I did apply and it was Mr Mphwiyo who approved for my registration fee which then was around 82 dollars. In April 2010 I got a letter  that I have been admitted to the college l and I went  to see Mr Mphwiyo in his office  to let  him know that  finally I have been admitted to the college, that’s where I was  also told by him that he too applied and he had been admitted.

“He instructed me to write a memo to the ST and I did as per his advice but never got any word or feedback on the memo from him if it was good or not good enough. He even took me to Lee Photo Studio for a photo shoot as we were to be preparing for our Visa application, he told me that we had K100 million for the project (scholarship). I later on learnt that the ST only approved him to go.

“I was very bitter with him, he voluntarily nominated me without asking for it as I never knew about it, and he raised my hopes high only to fail. I felt betrayed by Mphwiyo who before he went was my acting director in the ministry. I was very bitter with him,” explained Jenya

He told the court that in 2012 when Mphwiyo was back in the country and at the ministry, secretary to the treasury Radson Mwadiwa asked Mphwiyo to create a forum for research and he voluntarily nominated Jenya and had reconciled.

The case has since been adjourned to 10 July2017.

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13 thoughts on “I was bitter with Mphwiyo, he betrayed my trust — Witness Daniel Jenya”

  1. Hon Pwhisi says:

    I feel sharing the loot was not done properly. Hence the poor relationship osatinamiza apa swine ndalama zathu mwamangila ma mansion, kumwela mowa kuchindila what have you.mxiii just wasting out time with your bla bla bla scholarship. Sitting fart.lm pissed off

  2. These thieves are playing with us. They are even laughing at us. Sure is this true? It was better the bullet had finished him so that we could now not hearing hus name.

  3. mbolo ya mphwiyo says:

    Koma zimenezi ndi silu kwambiri.munya muona moya wake ameneyu?

  4. ellias says:

    Tikufuna timve za ndalama zathu osati school ayi. Anzanu oba mbuzi adalowa kalekale mu ndende……… Inu mukungozungulira!

  5. How did these two secure such rucretive positions?the one testifying does not even know to connect what he says with the topic in question.

  6. stan says:

    I respect Jenya as a bright intellectual. He knows what he is doing .lf you don’t know he is one if brightest economist in Malawi.A young man full of vision

  7. Leonard NDHLOVU says:

    Assist me with scholarship also pro Peter mtharika

  8. Push Kankhani says:

    Contrary to what Malawians are expecting to hear…. Mbuzi nonse.

  9. Dungulinya says:

    We are interested on the cashgate issues where a collosal sum of money was wasted through the pockets of some greedy people without regarding the shameful poverty of the mass malawians.These useless scholarships in some yankees land has nothing to do with testifying of cashgate case. Palibenso zoti wina was bright and was supposed to go to US nothing like that.We are interested as to where you were hiding those sacks of money ripping of taxpayers because of your greediness. You greedy people have destroyed Malawi.We are also not pitying Mphwiyo with his mangled jaws after being blown up by his thieving friends. Muzitiwuwza zomveka apa osati kumangobwebweta zaku Columbia University apa. Where is the 24 billion kwacha that disappeared at capital hill please????

  10. Gwamba says:

    Ife za ku sukulu zanuzo chikutikhuza ndi chani? Mfiti zokhazokha

  11. epha says:

    Where is this testimony related to the amount of money stolen? No link and its not evidence at all. Did you take part in the scum or not? That’s what needs to be addressed here

  12. Was this a relevant testimony or it is witch-hunt? I suggest this was a witch-hunt and not all a testimony related to this 2.4 billion kwacha case.

    kikiki. It therefore, appears that whatever Mr. Jenya has furnished to the court as evidences, there are just mere propaganda and ills against his colleague as there was already deep division and personal hatred between these two people.

  13. Kabiniko says:

    Mudakumana mbava zokhazokha inu

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