Bishop Tengatenga launches blistering attack on ‘failed’ govt

Revered Anglican Bishop the Right Reverend Dr. James Tengatenga has challenged Malawians  to be vigilant in safeguarding their hard won democracy and also check their morals including that of others particularly political leaders.

Bluntly telling his flock in Blantyre, the Anglican Bishop said Malawians must ensure that leaders stop nurturing bad behaviours “otherwise failing to caution failures that ought to be smoked out of governing system, makes us all be part of the malfunctioning system.”

Said Bishop Tengatenga: “As we enter another New Year on our long journey of waiting for the coming of our Lord, I urge you to be your best and wait with a purpose.

Bishop Tengatenga: Malawians must safeguard democrcay

“Any person should be waiting with a purpose and that nobody should cheat another that things in our country are okay when the opposite is true.”

Morally corrupt

The Bishop observed that although the country has been rocked with numerous problems, some people would want others to believe that things are normal.

“What are you doing when you see our women dying because there is no ambulance to take them to hospital? What are you doing when your husbands spend nights at filling stations waiting for fuel? What are you doing when kinsmen die because there are no drugs in hospitals?

“Are we not busy corrupting others by telling them that ndi nthawi yake [its time] hence they should not get worried? Nobody should pretend that nothing is wrong in our country,” the Lord Bishop said.

Blame game

The senior Anglican Bishop observed that instead of coming up with solutions to the country’s problems that have engulfed every corner, some leaders waste time blaming others saying “this is ridiculous.”

Over the last few weeks President Bingu wa Mutharika has pushed the blame for his administration’s failure to run the country to Satan, the former ruling parties of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) ad most recently the international chain stores such as Spar, Mr Price and Game Stores.

“While we are waiting for the coming of the Lord, the man of God cautioned that our waiting should not be characterized by tough moments just because someone somewhere is failing to perform his duties or listen to others.

“Leaders ascend to power because of our votes. If they can not serve us today…If they can not solve the problems we are facing today… If they cannot take the responsibility bestowed on them by us now, when and where will they do it?” wondered the Bishop

“And if we do not take them to task now when we are suffering, when and where shall we take them to task to address the issues, “quizzed Tengatenga, wondering why Malawians allow their leaders to take advantage of them by drumming morale for them for nothing.

The Bishop added:  “We, Malawians, like singing and dancing but surely when we see nasty things happen it is our responsibility to question the morality in that, but what do we see or hear?… Songs like ‘angwazi akaima amalankhula mau’…. Which mau? Why not mau of ending woes of fuel, forex, drug shortages.

“Is it normal that every 5.00am you should be expecting lights to go off? Is it normal to see vehicles parking in the main highway because they have run out of fuel? Is it normal to have dry taps in your homes for a week?”

Tengatenga also wondered how a leader would want people to believe that essential things like fuel, forex, water, electricity and drugs only affect a certain section of people.

He then related the congregation of a story of a family that buried a son in Rumphi whose death came about because of the fuel issue.

“This young boy was helping his father to refuel petrol in a vehicle from a jerry can. Little did he know that the petrol had spilled over his shirt and you know where petrol is any contact with fire is fatal. And after dutifully assisting his father, the boy went to warm himself with a charcoal burner, and…..(silence),” narrated the Bishop.

Due to scarcity of fuel, buying of fuel in jerry cans has become a norm in the country. Others buy in bulks in their vehicles and then drain in other fleets at their respective places.

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