‘Black Monkeys’: Malawian families told by tourism investor

Do not believe the verdict by one of the tourism online sites, http://www.ozeana.com/malawi/cape-maclear/hotels/fat-monkeys-lodge/ which preaches management at the Cape Maclear located Fat Monkeys Lodge in Monkey Bay are “really friendly and gracious” to visitors and all alike. Six indigenous Malawian families have just been called ‘Black Monkeys’ by the owner’s wife.

Prominent lawyer Noel Chalamanda and former television news anchor Thomas Chafunya and several other families were first denied vehicle entry into the lodge confines, a campsite literally a mere 10 meters from the beach, before been turned away garnished by the racist remark.

“At Fat Monkeys, owner has just called us Black Monkeys. Titani nawo atsamunda amenewa?” complained Chafunya on his Facebook post on.

Chafunya family racially abused with 'Black Monkeys' rant at Fat Monkey Lodge
Chafunya family racially abused with ‘Black Monkeys’ rant at Fat Monkey Lodge

The families met their depressing fate when they drove all the way from the capital city Lilongwe and the commercial city of Blantyre to spend the festive season, touching on several spots including the now infamous Fat Monkeys Lodge.

The remarks, which raised tempers not only among the racism victims trying to access the joint but also readers on Facebook, came after the lady denied the vehicles entry, and when the team tried to park their vehicles outside to walk in they were told food from elsewhere was not entertained.

“When we complied and tried to get in to use our readily available cash to buy lunch we were then out-rightly told we could not come in and in Afrikaans the white lady called us Black Monkeys,” explained Chafunya, who says he will try his best to lodge a formal complaint with the Minister of Tourism,  Moses Kunkuyu.

“We are together. We [were] six families and kids, we [were all] branded black monkeys,” he protested, adding the police came to defuse the anger that erupted, but “…the police were so meek… and all they said was ‘Mabwana tikudziwa mwakwiya. Tisiyireni tikonza’… (we know you bosses are so angry but live it to us to sort the matter…).”

“We are very offended. We demand the Minister of Tourism to intervene, these so called investors are getting away with too much. The guys trade like this always we are told,” fumed Chafunya.

Chalamanda was earlier at the spot and was told not to come in and had to wait for the other families to hear for themselves.

On Facebook, angry locals and foreigners suggested several actions against the racist management, wondering what treatment the local workers received from the management if they could afford to treat visitors and prominent would be clients in such a manner.

“Racist remarks,” screamed lawyer, Habiba Osman on her post.

“Report them… I did that with Blue Elephant…” posted Graham Tanganyika supported by Timothy Nundwe who sternly called for “deportation”.

Prominent journalist and editor, Denis Mzembe also remarked: “Most of that land has been corruptly grabbed from the locals there…” and wondered why Malawians were being treated in such a racist manner after the late Nelson Mandela and de Klerk agreed to end the worst type of racial discrimination the world has ever known practiced under
the apartheid regime of them white dominated South Africa.

Wayne Chaff advised: “No guys, the way to counter that is to ‘start acting like a monkey’, i.e. jump on tables, drop plates, make crazy noise, pee on the walls – if anyone asks don’t answer! You don’t understand human and they don’t understand monkey! Breakdown in communication.”

In his post one Kondwani Zulu added that the owners also have dogs that only attack black people.

“Land policy dictates 200 metres from the shore is freehold, i.e. no one can own the shore,” he said. Jeff Greyson agreed that the place was highly racist.

“They don’t allow black people in. I would not recommend such a racist business to anyone. May be the owner needs to pack up and go to a countries where such low lifers are entertained,” he wrote.

Mtchuka Mwale capped it all when he posted: “This is your country they are visiting…” supported by Lansen Chikopa who said this was an insult to all Malawians.

“We must act. I expect nothing short of closure of that facility,” he said.

According to www.ozeana.com verdict of the shore resort, “…the food at the restaurant is good and the bar is a great place to relax, whilst enjoying a couple of beers. This a good place to stay for backpackers and campers alike. Note : The campsite does get pretty busy during the peak season.”

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