Blame game over progress on Karonga Stadium

A spirited blame game over the pace at which the construction of the Karonga Stadium is going has ensued in Karonga with local groupings spitting fire at the contractor for “lack of seriousness.”

Work in progress for Karonga stadium

Work in progress for Karonga stadium

During an ad hoc presser last week, the groupings told journalists that there was a mismatch as regards the work that had been done on the project against the time allocated for the whole project to complete.

Chairperson of the groupings plying under the banner of Karonga Stadium Development Committee on construction of the stadium Kossam Munthali said “only ten per cent of the work has been done.”

And yet, Nyasa Times understands, the contractor has been on the site for about four months.

The time allocated for the project is fifty-two weeks – about a year – Nyasa Times also learnt.

Munthali warned that if the lack of seriousness “persisted” they would be “forced” to resort to “some other action.”

While we could not reach the contractor, Nangaunozge Building Contractors, we learnt from experts on the site that what the groupings were talking about “really did not matter” as they did not understand the practicality of the whole project.

The expert, who said would have been of more significance if he were invited to the meeting, argued the groupings “needed to be schooled on the subject.”

He refused to comment further saying it would make “no difference” since they were “not invited” to the press briefing.

“But they should give us time – maybe two or three months,” he said.

The Malawi government announced the construction of the K504 million at Baka in the district – a project under the Local Development Fund.

Since independence from the Britons in 1964, north Malawi has known no state-of-the-art stadium. The two main stadiums in the country – CIVO and Kamuzu – are located in the central and southern regions respectively.

According to government sources, the stadium, which will have a capacity of up to 20 000 is the first project in the package government has for the northern region.

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Just wait until you start drilling oil, that is the time you will really know who Karonga people are. Basop


K504 million for a stadium? Kkkkkkk kumpoto angokunamizani anzanu akumangiridwa ma stadium olodzeka.


banyithu bakukaronga kupupuluma muk uba ngati imwe ndimwe munazeru kweni mulije .ndalama izo mukuba ngati mwasonkha ndimwe mtima pasi wamangenge uyo ndi mwanalume fumbani wanyinu waku south or central region. tawanyinu mseu wa kafukule mpaka pano taluwakoso kweni wakamupa contractor mukulu fargo. dont warry shaba ni shaba wakutondeka ntchito yayi a
sk pa jenda wamanga town pamenepo. musovenge na phuma linu .fatsani .

K504million can not build a modern stadium. I am pretty sure it will have the looks of Civo stadium or even worse. The contractor for the project is not worth the salt which means mediocre standards of construction. Northerners are always fooled when it comes to infrastructure projects. They are assigned second-fiddle development projects just to give credit to the ruling party while other regions enjoy high standard projects. Take for example, the comparison of Mombera university in Mzimba and Malawi university of science and technology in Thyolo, everyone will notice that the designs though are not supposed to be… Read more »
Wakwithu syndrome

I like the proactive attitudes of our friends in the north. The should monitor both the time and quality of this work so they get value for money. Interesting project done in the north by a northerner so if they cheat each other, at least they will only have themselves to blame.


All those who criticises people of the north,especially achewa,we the northerners don’t intervene in your way of how you baer children and not to send them to school as you are,north will never be central or south.mind your problems of not having land due to your non schooling family planning

To be honest, we should be able to stick to the topic when commenting issues here. We Malawians Love to comment issues depending on the region that story originates! That is shame at its best. Someone who is wise enough can’t say ‘we shall not give you so and so….?’ Are the ppl of Karonga wrong to ask that the stadium is taking long before it is finished? Remember whether you are coming from Nsanje or Chitipa; Nkhotakota to Mchinji, we are all Malawians. No one is MORE Malawian than the other! Respect the views of others and they in… Read more »

Home ground for Chilumba Barracks

Gobenjani GS
My dear people in Karonga, let us acknowledge that there is a problem here which is lack/absence of a modern stadium in Karonga and this is not a simple problem to address and this is a complex problem in nature. Effective problem solving take some time to achieve meaningful results. There comes a time whem hopeful dreams becomes a reality. Surely you can have instant results in as far as coming up with a big project like this one. This is not a bulb switching on and off situation. Let the good community be part of the team to solve… Read more »

When did Mzuzu stop being part of the North? There is a stadium called Mzuzu stadium in Mzuzu.

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