Blantyre City Council erected clock tower at Sanjika crossroads

Barely a month after Blantyre City Council (BCC) indicated plans to install 31 city clocks in all the prime roundabouts and other crucial sites in the city, the council has erected a clock tower along the M1 road’s Haile Selassie, Victoria Avenue, Sanjika crossroads.

The newly erected clock tower,pic by Francis Mphweya

BBC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alfred Chanza disclosed last month that they already had eight clocks which were expected to be installed within weeks.

“We are doing this in accordance with the government’s reform of transforming Blantyre into attractive and beautiful city.

“Blantyre is a hub of commerce in Malawi and our vision is to be a city of choice in the region where people shall live, do business and prosper,” said Chanza in an interview.

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25 thoughts on “Blantyre City Council erected clock tower at Sanjika crossroads”

  1. bristone mabichi says:

    The next thing you will hear is that the City has spent K5.6 billion to erect this trash around Blantyre. Ask me.

  2. paul says:

    Take the damn things down!
    This does not meet the standard of a rising city centre like BT. City of BT should be ashamed. Erection of points of City Pride should first pass citizen go ahead…show people what you intend to put as showpiece and allow a viewing and vote of support like any planning warrants; if there is no opposition to the plan, you can go ahead.

    I wonder whether these clocks are home made and donated. Otherwise, I should fire your Buyer. Malawi is not South Sudan. Showcase something that will make BT truly outstanding and unique. Replace these awful things with traffic lights!

  3. Aaah says:

    Tsopano uyo wayima pakati panseuyo akutanipo, koma si misala imeneyo?

  4. neba says:

    Had it been that the houses seen in the picture with green iron sheets do not belong to Blantyre City Assembly, they could have been dressed in double big red stars. unfortunately these are inheritances of DDP from their colonial masters, welesike. Apa ndiye ndi mwana mbuu make mbunso basi.

  5. Chonchobe says:

    waste of money. Clean Mudi River which is currently stinking shit and I believe the water flowing down the river is mixed with sewage somewhere upstream. this is one way of developing the city. Make it clean; natural water sources, trees, good road network (few congestion) and modern buildings. Go to India and see the same amwenye refusing to demolish old buildings here complying back home. Gavementi be serious at once please.

  6. dzambo says:

    clock tower or a clock on a pole. Hahahahaha…. Malawi, ahahahahahaha!

  7. dzambo says:

    clock tower or just a clock on a pole? Hahahahahaha…………Malawi hahahahahahhaha

  8. grape says:

    I guess these were donated. BCC has more challenges than the absence of clock towers. Do they add any beauty to the city by the way? if the idea is to improve residents time management then I say we are still backwards. Almost every individual has a clock in form of either a wrist watch or on the phone. If they procured then I have the right to believe that someone in the procurement process benefitted corruptly from the this useless project.

  9. youna says:

    Kumagula watch ulibe kabudula, ndi misalatu imeneyo! Mukuganiza bwanji kumipandoko. BCC has got so many challenges osati izi za ma watch tikuzionazi.

  10. concerned citizen says:

    MEDIOCRITY AT ITS BEST. The same thing like allowing residents to construct parameter fences out of grass . No standards enforced . Do we have town planners in our country, or even the plans for our town and city growth projections? Is it that who ever becomes CEO of the town or city decides what to do regarding the growth of the city or town. As long as standards are not followed, Malawi will be the most backward country in the SADEC region

  11. None at non says:

    This is not Blantyre city assembly this is being placed by Media Solutions a pvt company for as advertising platforms. . . . BCC is only ridding on there back.

  12. DZIKO LATHU says:


    1. Criminal A says:

      There is no way those houses can be destroyed my friend. They are custodians of the city’s history. Go to Rome in Italy, you will find such structures.

  13. Mzungu says:

    All these qualified engineer we have in malawi and come up
    With this I don,t know what to say .
    Let’s just be colonised again medina.

  14. pathfinder says:

    stupid development. fix wenela please anapanyero inu. and build modern infrastructure, if you know what that means kkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. Nadzimbiri says:

    Transforming Blantyre City with clock towers my foot… Ife kuno Ku Lilongwe ma watch anuwo takana. Tamapanganiko chitukuko chooneka pls. Blantyre City is this the best you can come up with zoona?

  16. CitizenX says:

    Waste of money, why not invest in building new bus depots in the city, stop displaying stupidity in public guys. and secondly please demolish those ugly old buildings in the back ground and build a modern skyscrapper there, now than is a plan. Guys please lets be serious about really developing this country

  17. kamulonde says:

    Amwenye buildings zija bwanji osawachotsa ngati sakufuna kukonza? Momwe anayikila red star kamuzu till now. Amwenye! atuluke mtauni

  18. Owen Banda says:

    It’s a development, therefore I support it. However, I am not sure how this is seen as first priority by city council…
    when the markets are dirty and Without water supplies
    Animals are slaughtered under the trees in the mud
    No pavement in some roads within the city
    Bus stand at wenela looks like some criminal place. Seriously..
    I think the clocks couldn’t have been the priority in the face of these things that directly affect residents.

  19. Peloma Pepe says:

    Waste of money. I have never seen clock towers spread in any city around the world. And look at the quality of the said clock towers! Can these clock towers make the city beautiful? This quality?? Why not take of this money and build something better and more attractive than these ones? Even kindergarten kids cannot be attracted to this poorly conceived plain clock towers.

  20. Mphwache says:

    Seriously, if you have too many clocks, it would be ideal to place them at Traffic Cycles that lead into Blantyre, eg: Illovo Roundabout, Junction at ADMARC/Limbe Cathedral or Kameza Roundabout, and not any crazy place where a drunken motorist will bring it down.

  21. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk will people of BT eat cloak towers????? This is part of they strategies to hide rampant corruption taking place there. People want food on the table not cloak towers.


    TRANSFORMATION ? Clocks can not transform a city. Build real infrastructure like modern buildings. Look at the design of the clock. Just on a simple pole. No impressive architectural design of the supporting pillar. Take time to visit other cities even in Africa and see how others are developing their cities. You might as well call this a clock pole.

  23. chatonda Mvula says:

    SO CHANZA WANTS PETER MUTHARIKA TO STOP AND SEE THE TIME ON HIS WAY TO SANJIKA PALACE? Stupid and corrupt thinking. You think you can be promoted because of the mere watch? Galu or imbwa ya munthu. Change this kind of pleasing the president at the expense of the poor people all the time. This guy is going to Ndata 2019 and position yourself to be safe after change of government any time.
    Chanza wayesa akuphunzitsa ku Mpemba kuja adakutenga Peter ku.

    Brainless poor guy. Eee, whats wrong with you guys who want favors by behaving like uneducated villager?

  24. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Bravo BCC! I hope other cities, especially Lilongwe, will follow this example. After all that is the Capital City. These clocks are actually overdue, and it is good that Blantyre has started doing it. Better late than absent. On the other hand, it is not completely surprising that of all the cities Bt is leading in this. It is the oldest city so it is playing the leadership role that it is supposed to. Keep it up BCC.

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