Britain’s DfiD says corruption remains greatest setback to Malawi

Britain’s Department for International Development (DfID) outgoing head Jen Marshal has said corruption remains the greatest setback to Malawi’s investment and development.

Jen Marshall: Outgoing Head of DfID in Malawi cautions government against corruption

She has since urged government to curb corruption.

Marshal has made the comments to the local press on her reflections as she wound up her four-year tour of duty in the country.

She said greater investment by the United Kingdom is dependent on how recipient  nations like Malawi fight corruption , thereby giving way to effective progress among needy citizens.

“Unfortunatelt this [corruptuin] is still the bigger rust to our investments here and, therefore, a risk to continued aid flows from us and others, as well as to the reputation of Makawi globally,” she said as quoted by the a leading daily.

“Very simply, the scale of the corruption here – whether through public procurement, money laundering or public appointments – is undermining the future of Malawi’s growth and development,” she added.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Nicholous Dausi said government is doing all it can to end corruption, which he insists cannot be eradicated in one day.

In an editorial comment, The Nation newspaper , said on Monday that  government efforts have so far “not been enough”.

The paper pointed out that Malawians continue suffering because of lack of basic services such as luck of drugs in hospital since money that can buy medicine is lost through corruption.

It urged government to “show seriousness” by walking the talk on corruption.


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4 years ago

Thanks DfiD, for ascertaining to Malawians that our major problem is corruption. And NOT the age of the leadership.

4 years ago

Corruption is so engrained in Malawi’s societal fibre that it would require decisive intervention to manage or eradicate the scourge. DPP has demonstrated, over and over again, that it has no capacity, capability or political will to deal with it decisively. In fact the party has become a perpetrator and enabler. Its head and executive are proven crooks who are good enough for jail. Malawi is giving them enough rope to hang themselves and evidence is piling. All of them will follow the route of the ex president of South Korea, ex president of Brazil and ex president of South… Read more »

chimanga chaponda
4 years ago

Mbava zizanga zaku boma mukumva koma? Dziko tikuononga tokha

4 years ago

Nix the corruption issue was one of the issues you promised to address in your manifesto towards the 2014 elections hence time may never be an issue…………………….!! How many years do you need to show significant progress!!

Frankly your party can never do anything significant enough becoz the key perpetrators of the vice are many and your own…………….!! Khoswe akakhala pa nkhwate sapheka………………………………. goes the saying!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Central

This is the reason why DPP is delaying its National Elective Conference. At these conferences they assess their performance on the back of its last manifesto, as adopted by the party in 2013. It is clear that the manifesto isn’t worth the paper it is written on. A few of the milestones, if anything at all, have been achieved. They either have to rehash the same old ones or come up with new incoherent ones. Unfortunately for them, the public has a copy of the existing/current manifesto. It never rains but pours. The party that was once mighty has now… Read more »

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