Bushiri gets South Africa politicians backing: Malema, Minister Gigaba pay spiritual visit to Malawian prophet

Malawi’s most famous – and wealthiest – prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is based in South Africa ministering his Enlightment Christian Gathering church has received a boost of that country’s prominent politicians who have given their weight to his the Man of God, saying his calling is a blessing to the rainbow nation.

Bushiri and South African's Home Affairs minister

Bushiri and South African’s Home Affairs minister

Malema and Bushiri after meeting

Malema and Bushiri after meeting

Bushiri, since his return from Malawi where he had gone for charity initiatives, has received in audience of two influential South African politicians. He has been visited by Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi  Nkanyezi Gigaba and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema.

The two politicians separately paid a “spiritual visit” to Prophet Bushiri the ‘Major 1’ to meet and create friendship with this son of Africa.

Bushiri is getting more famous for his prophesies faith healing and humanitarian work.

The South African Home Affairs Minister told Bushiri that the government of President Jacob Zuma is impressed with people of meaningful development ideas that help economy of the continent’s second largest economy like ‘Major 1’.

He assured him that South Africa is “pleased” to have progressive religious leaders like Prophet Bushiri and other preachers of his calibre.

“I personally love preachers like Bushiri who are humble and don’t depend on the church offerings but learn to rely on themselves,” he said after the meeting.

The Minister said he was pleased to note that Bushiri, apart from his faith work, he is an entrepreneur of high repute.

During the meeting with Malema, a controversial but prominent politician in the economic giant nation, Bushiri said he was humbled with the visit.

Malema said he had visited the Malawian prophet to ask for blessings for the journey ahead and praised Bushiri as a “great inspiration.”

“We must not take his success for a play but learn from him,” said Malema.

Malema advised Malawians to “stop pulling down fellow Malawians if your country is to develop and also if you are to attain individual prosperity.”

The EEF leader said he strongly believes Bushiri is a “true and genuine” Man of God and that “Africa needs such men of God.”

Bushiri has been dominating headlines in Malawi and international media over his acquisition of a third jet and the charity works he has done.

As the newsmaker of the moment, Bushiri has also been dominating interview programs on Malawi television stations, Zodiak and Times TV.

In a Times TV interview with host Brian Banda, Bushiri defended with lavish lifestyle of flying in private jet, having posh cars, repeatedly stating that it is a Malawian mentality to think men of God should be poor.

“You cannot compare now and 2000 years ago. Jesus was using a donkey or a ship and in those days a donkey was like a [Mercedes] Benz,” he said.

He also hit at “most Malawians” who “just know the verse that talks about false prophets” rising in the last days, saying the same Bible talks about God pouring his spirit on young men so that they can prophesy and see visions.

“South Africa and other African countries have welcomed me as a man of God and not as Bushiri. Malawi and some other people have welcomed me as Bushiri, but other countries have welcomed me as a prophet.

I know no matter what I can do, I will still have people in my country who will never believe me because it is biblical [that a prophet is without honour in his own country] and it has to pass,” said Bushiri.

He also defended his followers for calling him ‘Major 1’ or ‘Papa’, saying the same elements are prevalent in other churches such as Catholic.

“In the Catholic Church we call [bishops] Ambuye [Pope is called his Holiness]. If they give that name to Bushiri, the whole Malawi is going to be like he is God. But if that name is given to a Catholic priest, why is it that there is no question mark?” queried Bushiri.

Bushiri said he is not a public figure living on tax payer’s money to be dictated on his lifestyle over his

“I am not using public money to be dictated to say don’t do this; use this money to do this… It is my personal money. My wife and I work for that money and to another journalist who said ‘you are coming from a poor country, why don’t you use the money for the poor’ my answer was: praise God you have mentioned that I am coming from that poor country.

“I worked hard. Those poor people should work hard and become what they want to become and praise God, in our country, we have many people who have come from poverty, from scratch, and they are doing well. That’s what we need,” enthused Bushiri.

Bushiri is gaining a foothold in Africa from church-goers who seek to be healed and cleansed of evil spirits that stand between them and personal advancement

The miracle preacher who was appointed the president of African Christian Coalition for Israel (AFRICCI), a charity organisation, also believes he can help African governments in development matters.

Secretary General for AFRICCI Catherine Nabagesera Naava, said about Bushiri: “We have also monitored Prophet Bushiri for some time and we have realised he has been instrumental to Malawi’s development and despite being a prophet, he is also an entrepreneur and patriotic citizen. His love for investments and entrepreneurship is just so inspiring. At the same time, religious leaders have more influence on their followers than political leaders”.

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major shepherd bushiri papa the man of god major G i will always stand by your side papa keep on prophecising man of god so that our lifes can turn around eeeeeeeyeeeeeeee.power lalala

John Chambwinja

Honour and Glory to God the Almighty – it is a blessing to have young Servant of God the Almighty on our times – AFRICA CELEBRATE!


l love this man of God. HE is truly an inspiration. Jeeeeeesus…… that’s my BOSS…


Major1 is real , iyeeeeeeEeeeee
Prophetic google
Prophetic gps
I love my papa


Malawians should stop bieng jealous to others and work hard rather than talking useless things to other fellow Malawians’ that’s why poverty is not leaving them. Work hard and things will be better


To minimise costs to our ailing economy, my proposal would be that, apart from holding a minimum of credible MBA, anyone aspiring to be a Malawian president come 2019, should have at least ONE personal jet.


Oh! How i wish i were Major 1, or King Mswati.


live the man of God a lone.its only God who will judge,nt you.

Daughter of major 1
I really dont understand why you people allow to be used by the devil you can say whatever you like about him and attack him but none of his hair will be lost since you are so jealous of his success he has evry right to be rich as the bible says God has given us the gold and silver to be ours so why fight him because he has taken his potion why dont you take yours?…arg!!he is prophetic gyminastic,man of God,a father,a husband God lives inside him#daddy through thick and thin and heat and rain i will always… Read more »


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