Religious Aids body bemoans homophobia in Malawi: It’s ungodly

A religious Aids organisation has slammed spiritual leaders for hate speech against gays in Malawi, saying this is against Biblical teachings.

Rev Nyondo: Homosexuality is 100 percent sin

Rev Nyondo: Homosexuality is 100 percent sin

Manarela executive director Bruce Tushave said for two to three weeks running, religious leaders have been making homophobic speeches against gays.

“This is wrong. There is no where in the world where gays are killed. There is no religion in the world that preaches the killing of gays, what the religious leaders and some individuals are doing by promoting the hate speech against the gays is infringement of human rights,” he said.

Religious leaders, including Catholic bishops, have asked the government not to bow down to donor demand to legalise homosexuality.

They say the government should not be desperate because of donor money, saying Malawi would rather be poor than embrace homosexuality which they described as an abomination in the Bible.

Synod of Livingstonia general secretary Reverend Levi Nyondo has  said  President Peter Mutharika should know that homosexuality is 100 percent sin.

“The Bible is above human rights. It is better donors should stop and Malawians should die with Jesus while poor. The synod is crying for our country,” said Nyondo at the funeral of first female member of Cabinet Rose Chibambo last Saturday.

However, the Manerela boss said this was all wrong.

“Religious leaders have no powers to judge a person over sin. It is only God that can pronounce a person sinful. What the religious leaders are doing is sinful,” he said.

Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) executive director Gift Trapence said Malawi is a secular State and religious beliefs and culture should not be used as catalysts for oppressing others, especially gays.

This is the first time that a religious body has criticised church clerics as the issue of gays gets heated up.

According to Presidential press secretary  Gerald Viola and Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education Jappie Mhango,  President Mutharika will let Malawian decide on whether homosexuality should be legalised.

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Nkhaniyi siyachibwana,ndikwabwino anthu amenewa azikataidwa munyanja mopanda kuyanganila,chifukwa ndi ana a jabulosi

Kill gays

kill all the gay and Lesbians. well done Ken and to hell Maneler kaya Minerals

Eric Wise
Malawi needs to be educated.. The level of ignorance and illiteracy of the population is too high. To think 300 years later Africans who were once trapped, chained and taken as Slaves are more educated today!.. Imagine what the Slave Catchers saw when they arrived hundreds of years ago. If today what we are seeing are more educated people who are so primitive and ignorant. What does a foolish Church have to do with politics of such Evil and filth. There has never been a call for gay marriage in Malawi.. The ugly charcoal monkey black bigoted religious leaders are… Read more »
Masozi Mwenifumbo
Our Lord and Saviour, the only one approved by our Heavenly Father to be the Saviour and Redeemer of the World through His own blood of the Central Cross of Golgotha and His Resurrection from death on the third day said in in Luke 14:26, “If anyone comes to Me, and does not HATE His own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, YES, and his own LIFE, he cannot be My disciple.” In Matthew 10:37-39 He puts the same in this way, saying, “Whoever loves father and mother more than Me IS NOT WORTHY OF… Read more »
i think a lot of you are missing the point. it is not about making gay marriage legal it is about not prosecuting people who are homosexual. the church can manage who gets married in their churches but they don’t get to decide what is legal and not legal. they should stay out of this. Malawi is one of around 30% of the countries worldwide where it is illegal to be homosexual. the church don’t need to endorse their support for gay people but surely it is not a crime and people should not be sent to prison for being… Read more »
Wa Yesu

Manerela is not a church. its all about poverty here. eat the money from your stupid western donors and go to hell.
we don’t even have to wait for Muntharika to say anything about homosexuality. this is sin and Muntharika also want to eat dirty money from the western mbuzi. muntharika , iwe wa manerela komanso trapence ndinu amfiti opemphera and God will punish you

Maxwell Chunamansi

Eishhhhhh musonda waishosha inanso, he says Manarela+ is a religious organization belonging to a fellow pp national executive member, rev Mcdonald sembeleka!
So rev Mcdonald Sembeleka is selling this country to whites for monetary gains!
pp is full of traitors and cashgaters minus ken musonda

Koma Ken Musonda sazatheka, he is my man of the year – straight forward talker, surely he stands for the truth.

I wished wemhad only 5 Ken musonda’ s in Malawi this country could have developed beyond recognition.

Bravo Ken Musonda!

Zagwazatha Zulu, Mchinji
Zagwazatha Zulu, Mchinji

Aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah, so MANARELA+ is for Rev Mcdonald Sembeleka of PP?
Shaaaaaaah, zitha bwanji?
Si mbusa Mcdonald Sembeleka waku Mangochiyu mbale wake wa joyce banda?
Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Game yagona, rev Mcdonald sembeleka wagwa nayo!

Sosten Chitsulo Gomani. DZ
Sosten Chitsulo Gomani. DZ

Kikkkkkkkkkkkiest! kani Manarela+ ndi ya pp, so pp is for homosexuals & same sex marriages and it’s only one Ken Msonda who is against it!

Mumabisala mwayaluka lero! !!!!!!


Mary Buledi Mrs.
The name used as executive director for Manarela+ is fake! I was wondering because the I know the executive director for Manarela+ is Rev Mcdonald Sembeleka ( not Semereka). Thanks to Hon Ken Msonda of PP for refreshing my brains. Rev Mcdonald Sembeleka is a PP National Executive Committee member, it explains why he is against what Hon Ken Msonda, Rev Mcdonald Sembeleka’s boss is fighting for. Msonda never said gays should be killed he simply responded to what gays had asked us Malawians to do to them; 1- KILL THEM or LEGALIZE HOMOSEXUAL. Any right minded God fearing Christian… Read more »

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