Bushiri is world’s most open and media friendly preacher -ECG

South African based Malawian famous Prophet Shepherd Bushiri leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering churches that are spread throughout the globe couldwill go down in history as one of the world’s most open and media-friendly preacher.

Bushiri: When you’re on top you become a topic
 This is according to a statement released by his communications department on Tuesday and seen by Nyasa Times.
Signed by Prophet Bushiri’s communications director Ephraim Nyondo, the statement informs the public that Prophet Bushiri is open to any media interface as long as the discussions are of public interest.
“We have been receiving queries that Prophet Bushiri doesn’t want to talk to the media—especially South African media. I am sure such queries are being made from quite uninformed standpoint,” said Nyondo.
He added that in the past five months, Prophet Bushiri opened up to different international media houses and gave them access to investigate, interview and report on anything about his church.
Some of the media houses includes: BBC, Aljazeera, The Nigeria Tribune, African Leadership Magazine, New African Magazine and many others.
According to Nyondo, Prophet Bushiri has also been quite open and welcoming to South African media.
Nyondo explains that the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) leader has opened up and given interviews on any issue with South African media houses such as Mail and Guardian, The Citizen, The Sowetan, Move Magazine, Pretoria News and many others.
“Recently, after a wave of allegations of money laundering by some media houses, we saw the Prophet braving the early cold to appear on SABC to explain his side of the story.

“Mind you, this is a man who, after the Sunday Service, went to bed around 4 am. But he still had to cut his sleep short to ensure he honours the call-up at SABC. This, to us, is the definition of being media friendly,” he said.

Nyondo further says through the recent SABC interview, we saw how open the Prophet is on any issue being discussed in the public about him.
“He even challenged that ECG church is free to any investigation because there is hardly any illegal thing happening there. We are a church of God and we have nothing to hide from the public,” he said.
Nyondo has since called media houses not just in South Africa, but across the world to always make an attempt and engage ECG communications department if they are writing a story about ECG.
“We are ready to share our side of the story on every topic. We will never shy away. We feel as a church we need to be accountable to people that we serve,” he said.

During the SABC interview, Bushiri denied allegations that he is being investigated by the Hawks for money laundering.“It’s quite funny because I have never been officially told by the Hawks, neither by the police that I am being investigated. So in short, I am not aware of those investigations apart from learning from the media,” he said.

“Apart from that, I don’t think there are any investigations taking place because I inquired with the Hawks and to the police through my lawyers if I am being investigated and they officially answered us to say they are not aware of any investigations.”

This follows false  claims  that Bushiri was externalising about R15 million from South Africa to Malawi  on his  private jet.

Bushiri’ said these claims were false as he could not afford that reported amount of money and that his private jet was out of use at that time, as it had been under maintenance for the past 10 months.

He also denied using his church as a business, as he had been accused.

Bushiri said that he had entered into the mining and farming business before coming to South Africa to start the church.

“There’s no person on earth who paid money to see me.”

He said the Gospel was cheap, but expensive, meaning he could not accommodate international visitors by footing their bills.

“People who pay are international visitors. We have an international business programme,” he said, adding that it was a must for international visitors to stay in a hotel during their visit.

“These people” paid for general logistical issues, according to the prophet.

He said food, travelling expenses and accommodation were a package given to these international visitors, which the R5 000 covered.

Asked why thousands – on record – claimed they had paid money to see him, he maintained they must have been part of the international business programme.

Regarding testimonies that he had performed miracles, his response was: “I’ve never delivered any person.”

He said it was Jesus who performed the miracles.

“I’m not the healer; Jesus does … If those miracles are fake then let’s say we are attacking what Jesus Christ does, not only in my church; let’s say in every church Jesus Christ heals.”

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4 years ago

Oooh God please Remove the scales of blindness from the eyes of my fellow MALAWIANS so that we can see that BUSHIRI IS the only Answer to the hardships the country is facing otherwise We will regret like never before in human history




4 years ago

What a joke. Can Bushiri compare himself to USA pastors or fellow Nigerian entrepreneur-pastors.

Daughter of Major 1
4 years ago

My father, my father. God’s annointed , iyeeeee!

Kwataine Kachindamoto Wa Kwa Dzida
Kwataine Kachindamoto Wa Kwa Dzida
4 years ago

So what?

Mzanu akuwadyera ma South Africa ogunata. He is a millionare now. Ife zitikhudza chiani?

4 years ago

Bravo major 1 for that wonderful interview with the south african journalis, All what I can advise is that these journalists should one day be accorded a tour to your father’s farm where the roots of your wealth originated, i understand its somewhere in Rumph,i and as well the mines.Let them also come and see the big following and churches that you have built and other big investments that you have here in Malawi for them to appreciate that you have more MONEY in investments here in Malawi that in RSA. This will clear the mist surrounding your wealth.

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