Bushiri throws prophetic weight behind Mutharika not Chakwera to lead Malawi beyond 2019

South Africa-based Malawian, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church,  has  thrown his  weight behind  President Peter Mutharika to renews his five and final year mandate in 2019 Tripartite Elections and his governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Prophet Bushiri addesses the crowds that gathered at his hotel in Rustenburg.-Photo credit by ECG

Bushiri, who also has Shepherd Bushiri Investments, told special prayers organised by a grouping of Malawians living in South Africa under the banner Malawi Forum held at the Prophet’s Sparkling Waters Hotel and Spa in Rustenburg in South Africa, that he does not harbour ambitions to vie for the country’s presidency but is patriotic.

“If you asked me which party I would vote for if we were to go to the polls today, I would say DPP although it is a party that will not rest,  but fight me,” he said.

Among others, the propaganda and disinformation team of DPP has been attacking Bushiri, a move that people have described as a way of diverting people’s attention from the main challenges Malawi is facing.

But Bushiri waxed lyrical about the DPP and its performance.

“I have seen a lot of improvement in Malawi under the DPP regime and that is why I would vote them back in power to continue with those developments,” he said.

Bushiri recently visited Malawi and registered in the National Identity registration exercise and is set to put his name again for electoral roll to vote in 2019 polls.

The famous prophet, fondly addressed as Major 1 or Papa by his followers, is known not to favour leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera, hence his support for DPP.

It is reportedly that Bushiri has been bankrolling former MCP secretary general Chris Daza with his party Depeco to fight MCP on the grassroots. This could not be independently verified.

Bushiri also clarified that his charity works in Malawi has no political strings attached.

“I think Malawi deserves love. I am very patriotic and I love my country; but, it is the same love that is being mistaken for bad intentions unite in the same way that Martin Luther King’s intentions were, in the United States of America,” he said.

Bushiri stressed that there is need for mindset change among Malawians for them to stop relying on the government if the economy is to improve.

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bwana banda

Bushiri is a joke. I can’t take him seriously. Don’t read too much into his prophecies. Since there are no comic strips in this newspaper I read Bushiri articles in their place.


Bushiri has grudges against chakwera.let’s wait and see if your word can impact on pipo. Man of God,don’t embarrass yourself.nadi umo wanthu wakulilira mbwe mwati DPP njiwemi.Gona pamhanya anthu atemedwa,kwanu then u praise DPP? R u really from rumphi?

With all these comments coming in, many people will commit suicide in 2019 after seeing that their opponent has emerged the winner. Remember that BUSHIRI comes from the North. In 2014 PP got more votes from North seconded by DPP and MCP came third though their running mate was from North. This time, MCP will get a running mate from South Muhamed Sidik Mia and they can not by any means get more votes from North. Free advise to MCP and DPP. If MCP/PP/Aford field one candidate against DPP, they can win because they will amass all PP/Aford votes from… Read more »
De Magnate

Double standards, the same guy sponsors opposition parties here in Malawi, the same guy is saying DPP is doing commendable work in Malawi. Fake guy

ps chi

A dpp fusani a pp
Inu Bushiri simumamudziwa..
Amene uja simzanu
That is what we call sarcasm


Bushiri stop your stupid mind games…………akuthamangitsa kangati a DPP kumalawi kuno? It is u the very same Idiot umati this very same government refused your offer kuti uthese vuto lamagetsi in Malawi, ndiomwewo anakuukila utabweletsa makobili ako aja unawapatsa a FAM kaya makobiliwo anali akumadzi none of my bzness, now ufuna kunena kuti walapa kapena iwowow alapa now you can vote for them?? Ngati mwadyetsana mabanzi musova

mboga kamfumu

nthawi zonse kulalikira zodzipopa komanso kulalikira za ndalama why osalalikira kuti yesu akubwera posachedwa anthu alape machimo bwanji watha anthu mdziko muno namapopa ambuye akulange magazi aanthu ukumaonongawo mwazi umeneu ufunsidwe pamutu pako sizodikira chiweruzo int he name of Jesus Christ may God almighty and power one see the good way of purnishing naked lier

mboga kamfumu

bushiri ambuye akukhululukire. chikukutsata chachikulu uona tsoka pitiliza


Birds of same feathers flock together, that’s all I can say.


Mwanamulopwana, you are right. Right Honourable Chakwera achitadi zinthu. Zina mwa izo ndikumanga nyumba yodula zedi Ku maula Ku Lilongwe koma nkumalephera kufotokoza komwe anakatenga Ndalama zogwilira ntchito imeneyo. Zina ndizo kutenga magalimoto Omwe anapelekedwa Ku chipani ndi kupeleka kwa akubanja awo aziyendera pomwe chipani chikuvutika.
Tionana 2019, timugwetsanso kachiwiri Chakwerayo.

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