Callista Mutharika has led the way

Last Thursday we met at Chitipi, in Lilongwe, and held a convention where our leader of delegation, Professor Abiti Joyce Befu, MG 66 and MEGA-1 went unopposed.  She will lead our delegation until she decides to call another convention.

Callista Mutharika

We make this declaration with our eyes upright. Professor Befu is the delegation, and the delegation is her. She is the constitution of our delegation and the constitution of our delegation is her. As we all know there is nobody above our constitution.  Clearly, there is nobody above the professor.

The only initial challenger to the leadership of our delegation, Nganga Maigwaigwa, PSC (RTD) was told off in very clear language that in our organisation we don’t tolerate dissent, particularly when such dissent comes from babies, or people who were just co-opted into the delegation because of the philanthropy and generosity of our leader herself and, of course, to make us achieve our ends. Of what use are banana leaves when the fruit is ripe and ready to consume?

Here is another painful truth. Our leader of delegation is always right.  Her detractors are always wrong. Professor Abiti Joyce Befu is never wrong.  Her detractors are ever wrong. Professor Befu always leads us in the right direction. Her detractors always want to lead us astray.

Some of you might accuse us of tolerating, enjoying and nurturing dictatorship. To you we say go to hell and rot there.  We love dictatorship if good and strong leadership is dictatorship.   We love our dictator. Why do you hate yours?

Despite our unflinching love for and obedience to our dearest Ngwazi Professor Abiti Joyce Befu, there are certain bylaws we abide by.  In our delegation, we don’t praise wrongdoing. We condemn it.  However, we don’t insult the wrong doer because we easily distinguish wrong from the wrongdoer. In our group, we don’t tolerate dissent but we don’t injure the character of the dissenter.

In our group we mention what is good about ourselves because we believe it is the only way people will appreciate our successes.  We don’t believe mentioning the weaknesses and poverty of our dissenters, enemies and fiends will improve our social image and standing.  Actually, we have come to realise that the more we talk about our enemies the more we popularise them.

Now listen very carefully. If there is one thing boys and men don’t like is to hear, see and perceive anyone insulting their mothers, sisters, female cousins, and wives being insulted. Most battles between herds boys and fisher boys result from one a boy insulting someone’s female relation.

We may not all like a dissenter and disagree with her politics but we find it utterly objectionable for anyone, baby or adult, female or male, high up or down under to insult her person and call her stupid and other despicable names.  Declaration of war is when a man tells a fellow man that a fellow man’s wife and mother of a fellow man’s children is stupid.  It is unMalawian,  anti-uMunthu and belligerent.

We find it equally despicable that a woman can stand on a State sponsored public platform and allege that Callista Mutharika killed her own husband when we all know our dear President Bingu wa Mutharika died of cardiac arrest or something close to that.

We feel comforted and pleased that Callista Mutharika has led the way by suing the woman who called her matricidal, or a killer of her own husband, and regicidal, or a killer of our duly elected and installed Head of State and founder of our party, the DPP.    Killing or planning to kill a Head of State is treasonous. Isn’t it?

We repeat our earlier public appeal that politicians, journalists and even chiefs should be individually answerable for all their utterances.

However, we sympathise with the MBC. We just wonder what the MBC could have done to avoid covering those jeffrean utterances.   In fact, MBC should sue for making it carry unpalatable and demeaning remarks on Callista Mutharika and for making it appear that the remarks had the endorsement our Head of State.- Source: NPL

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winston msowoya
6 years ago

Callista you have impressed us Malawians and the African people at large for your intrepidity,yes indeed,you deserve our respect and we are proud of your dignity and patriotism,we still have the Rose Chiwambos and the Vera Chirwas.In Liberia they have J.Sarifu who led the devasted nation to democracy and economic stability.We Malawians in diaspora,are proud of you and hope that our Malawian women will follow your courage and determination to liberate our rotten beautiful Malawi. from the cacoon of atrocious tribalists and inept leadership and was also very impressed with the speech that Chilima delivered few days ago.You will agree… Read more »

6 years ago

Zeleza, you must be Zeleza nadi. Callista, a power-hungry, corrupt and abusive woman who enjoyed torturing Malawians can not be a good leader. By having people like Callista the Chilima was bound to hit the wall.

6 years ago


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