Calls for Goodall, ‘rotten ministers’ to be investigated:  Manganya says Chaponda’s comments  should give a hint on ‘Maizegate’ role 

While commending President Peter  Mutharika for firing embattled Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda from cabinet, the opposition parties and activists have called on the President to investigate Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe who was fingered out by Chaponda to have had a hand in the maize procurement scam.

Goodall Gondwe, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning: Not Involved in direct procurement

Chaponda has been insisting that Gondwe was involved in the maizegate and that he should not be spared, but the renowned economist brushed off the claims.

And Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Umodzi Party (UP), Transformation Party (TA) and social and political commentator, Michael Usi have called on Mutharika not to give deaf ear to Chaponda’s claims about Gondwe, arguing the who cabinet needs a shake up.

Michael Usi popularly known as Manganya said there was a need for the country to read between the lines in relations to Chaponda’s claims about Goodall Gondwe’s involvement in the maizegate saga.

“We should not ignore Chaponda’s nepotism comments but also we need to critically analyze that part he named Goodall Gondwe. He knew what he was talking about and people who are destroying our beloved country. That claim can’t just be ignored,” argued Usi.

MCP’s spokesperson Ezekiel Ching’oma concurred with Usi, saying: “Chaponda was on point. To quash his fingering of Goodall is bad, the minister of Finance equally has to be investigated because it is his ministry that is responsible for all international government transactions, and that’s a strong causal link.

“And the maize gate involved a lot of money. You might be surprised to find out in the end that Chaponda was just an accomplice in this financial scandal. It’s high time the ACB casted its net wider.”

UP president John Chisi said by singling out Gondwe, Chaponda clearly revealed there are more ‘rotten’ ministers within the cabinet who should be investigated.

“His statements mean he is aware of what is going on in government and that as a party Democratic Progressive party (DPP) is also aware of the existing corruption. The President needs to overhaul his cabinet and let the authorities investigate those implicated in corruption,” explained Chisi.

Commenting on the same, TA interim chairperson, Moses Kunkuyu said Mutharika has to grow thick skin and act on corruption allegations leveled against some members of his cabinet.

“We feel there is more than the eye has seen. The President should fire the other cabinet ministers that are suspected to have committed similar crimes whose list of names is said to be with the authorities. The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) should conduct a similar exercise on the other ministers as well because we feel the rot is deep rooted,” said Kunkuyu.

“Goodall Gondwe must also be probed as he was part of the maize deal.”

Chaponda and privately owned company, Transglobe are being investigated by the ACB of suspicious corrupt practices on the procurement of the maize from Zambia.

Recently Mutharika was forced to rescind his decision to have Chaponda reinstated as Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly following strong resistance by Parliamentarians.

Mutharika wanted Chaponda reinstated but Nyasa Times was able to reveal the intention on time forcing opposition parties to block it.

On Tuesday during a search at his house in Lilongwe, ACB found and seized cash amounting to K124, 500,000.00, $57,500.00, R22, 370 and other currencies in negligible amounts from the various premises within Chaponda’s house in Lilongwe.

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Dipipi wa Yudiefu
Dipipi wa Yudiefu
5 years ago

Pakadafunda padajiwisa galu. At the advanced ages of most DPP gurus, they should have been enjoying chatting to the old folks in their villages especially that most of them were abroad for a very long time.

5 years ago

I feel sick why these people have let our country. Chaponda and Gondwe are over 70 years and why getting mad with tax payers money. People like Kanyama, Chipembere, Arton Chirwa, Dunduzu, John Chilembwe laugh at you wherever they are. Please have a passion for poor people in Thyolo, Phalombe and all other areas.

5 years ago

Shame on those behind maizegate

5 years ago

What are the problems of the leaders of Malawi, the country is so poor yet leaders steal from starving population.
It is evil to rob the poor God will judge you heavily as he sees all you do as a leader given power to govern, you however take away what Is intended for the dyeing because of luck of food.
Malawians hold those corrupt leaders to book and send them prison firing them is not enough.

Chaponda wa Kuba
Chaponda wa Kuba
5 years ago

A Mutharika zoona kundipha m’bale wanu ine chonchi, amwene sindikusiyani, ulendo ndi wa tonse uwu

kumba kwanga
5 years ago

Its time that Malawians start questioning the leaders what a heil is going into their heads to destroy this beautiful country? If they don’t like Malawi move to Trump or elsewhere. Don’t join politics to steal all resources. Gondwe could have retired long time ago. The man is a disgrace. Greedy old man . These educated michonas are bad people and don’t love this nation. Have made our country very poor. We need to deport them out from Malawi. We have children and grandchildren who should live in Malawi. These michonas their children are abroad they don’t don’t care, but… Read more »

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