Search all Malawi ministers houses for stashes of money – MP Kabwila

Opposition Salima north west lawmaker Jessie Kabwila on Wednesday asked that searches be done in houses of cabinet ministers for stashes of money.

Kabwila told parliament that ministers have ‘bank nkhonde’

Kabwila, an opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator, said some cabinet ministers are keeping huge sums of money in their homes when the majority of Malawians are suffering.

Her remarks follow the discovery on Tuesday of K166 million in the residence of just fired Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development minister George Chaponda.

ACB confirmed they found K124 million, $58 000 and other currencies such as Pulas of Botswana and South African Rand.

However, Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, ruled Kabwila out of order, saying this was not her job.

Graft busting body, the Anti-Corruption Bureau investigators accompanied by the police found the money in Chaponda’s residence in Area 10 as they were investigating him in suspicious dealings in the infamous maizegate.

Parliament started on Wednesday with the announcement of the firing of Chaponda as Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development minister.

However, this did not go down well with opposition members of parliament who questioned why it had taken time for President Mutharika to take action over Chaponda.

Blantyre-based financial crime legal expert Jai Banda said there is no law that stipulates the maximum amount of money a person can keep on him.

He, however, said authorities can use the Corrupt Practices Act if a person who is keeping large amounts of money fails to explain the source of the cash.

Banda also said there is no crime in keeping foreign currency provided a person has obtained it from a legal dealer.

Two commissions, one set up by the President and the other by Parliament presented reports that called for further investigations to be carried out on Chaponda, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Principal Secretary Erica Maganga, Admarc CEO and others.

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humphrey kawenga
we should first search your house HON. Jessie Kabwila. You talk too much, first your house must be investigated. I. know that type of a person you are, you are simply jealousy because you have never been a minister, and you will never be. just keep quite, and join the ruling party( the democratic progressive party) you will not regret. Being in opposition is like staying in hell, you can never see the benefit of your sweat in opposition. Join the ruling party, cant you see that MCP nolonger needs your services. its sad. you are still trying to impress… Read more »

Guys if some of u dont have anything to contribute u better just close those holes of urs.
There is no way someone can be keeping such kind of money in his house
He must be arrested


Koma pena pake lets speak sensile issues eti. On what grounds should all Honourable Ministers’ houses be fully searched for stark of cashes. Is it a crime to have your own cash at home regardless of the quantity you have ???

Pena pake ma politicians do not “sokeretsa” we the civilians. Poti inu mulibe nde ena asanduke akapolo a chuma chao chomwe ?? That is GREEDY and SELFISH !!!!!!!!!


si milandu kusunga cash mo home ngati ulibe zako zimenezo



Dzina Msamatchula

aJai Banda, on local currency yes; the law is not specific on how much one can keep under the pillow but on foreign currency i beg to differ counsel. re-read your legal books more especially those specific for malawi not the zimbabwe ones

kuba iyayi
I am sure Cash gate of bidding money in homes is still there with DDP. These people are the same who were in the government from UDF until now. First of they have built their mansions in area 43 wth he stolen money and built Cash with imported building materials. So it is not supprised that Chaponda had both cash and foreign currency. The area 43 is known Cash gate because even the land is owned by minsters and all in government and relatives and friends. They did not buy the land according to the price. Bwana angotenga malo. There… Read more »

I am not a politician and I don`t even live in Malawi but Kabwila is right. Search all the ministers houses and you will find stashes of cash in their houses. Quick! Before they hide it!!

Foolish and senseless demand. Is it a crime to keep your own cash in your house. As long as it’s clean money one can keep trillions in his or her house. Actually most Asians keep billions of their money in their houses. While am not rich I also keep my money in my house because I don’t believe there is any benefit in Banking my money where the interest is useless. As a Katapila guy why bank my cash. Most of us receive our pay through the banks and thereafter withdraw every tambala to our trusted homes. Unless the cash… Read more »

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