Calls for support to Malawi university student-cum-guard hacked by robbers

Many Malawians are calling for  financial support ito  University of Malawi Mechanical Engineering student who had taken up a job as a guard in order to raise money for fees now battling for his life after thugs hacked him.

Poly student cum guard

Poly student works as a guard to raise tuition fees: Hacked by robbers 

Nation newspaper reported that thugs  attacked  the Polytechnic College  John Chione, 30 on when they wanted to steal from the house he was guarding at Mandala residential area in Blantyre

According to paper, Chione made it to the University of Malawi after passing his Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations with 18 points.

But he went to college at a time when government had started to provide fees to only a lucky few and he was not among them.  Since his parents are poor, Chione failed to mobilise enough funds for fees which at the time was K250,000.

College authorities nonetheless pestered him to pay fees and when he failed, they barred him from writing end of the year examinations. The Polytechnic however allowed Chione to withdraw for the academic year which ended in July and they reserved his place.

When he withdrew, Chione took up a job as a security guard at Omega Security Company where he is paid K21,000 per month. On Thursday he reported for work and that night robbers attacked him.

“As I tried to shield my head with my arms, the pangas landed on my arms and I sustained serious injuries and was taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital by the owner of the house,” he told The Nation.

The next academic year at the Polytechnic will begin on September 30 but Chione is yet to raise enough money for his fees, which is now at K400,000 following a recent hike by the government.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Polytechnic management has visited the student at the hospital and has expressed regret over his situation.


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John, I really applaud you for taking bold not to let financial situation take away what belongs to you. I wish many young men were spending vacation doing something to contribute to their livelihood at college rather than leaving all the burden on parents.

I am sorry for what happened to you but I am sure God will be with you and you will come out even more determined! I wish you a bright future, John!

What pains me the more is the fact the Chancellor of University of Malawi I hear some day said there is nobody who has withdrawn from Unima Colleges due to fees. People knew that he was lying. Why should we let people make such comments without being punished. Perhaps he was not lying, he did not know that Poly has such students. If he did no know why should the same students carry heavy load of contributing to the running of the central office with full of redundant positions. Am I emotional? normally I am not, but it’s the pain… Read more »
this is most concerning for Malawi. It is regrettable that the bright, sensible and responsible young man faces such an uphill start to life. the university has no doubt policies to follow in cases such as this; however, i cannot imagine the unfairness dealt to this young man. surely, it would have been prudent for the university to have allowed him sit his final examinations and withhold the results until fees are paid rather than set him back another year do recover his studies. In most countries, that is what universities do; but am puzzled who the university is trying… Read more »

very sad

The Analyst
O…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O “It is an idellible mark of intelligence to never let sorrow or excitement rob you of your ability to reason.” . . . Yes, the story of a university student being a guard is as sorrowful as the story of the guard being hacked (whether a student or otherwise). But just come to think of it! . . . How much was the university xool fees then? if not K275?, now K350 (paja APM akuti anachotsera)? . . . Can one raise this amount (K275) by being a guard (receiving K21) a month? No! Unless he/she is willing to… Read more »

You have missed it on this one #Analyst. Working as a guard would be one of his many undertakings to raise some funds. Having other part time jobs in the day, ti maganyu tina ndi tina then going for guarding in the evening. Ndizotheka ndithu. Kukakhala ku Lilongwe ndi madera ena ka ndalama komweko kulimako kapena kugula ka fodya ndikugulitsa ku Kanengo.

But as someone has pointed out, the university would still ahve let him sit for exams and just withhold his results and reserve his place. The college was harsh on him.

I want to shoot Peter
I want to shoot Peter

I hope this story will please the DPP idiots


Mr. PRESIDENT PROFFESSOR AUTHUR MUTHALIKA, What’s your take on this situation?

triple C

Pitala, Chilima, you are busy with za mafumu, supiti

chimzimu Chonyasa

Chonsecho mukuba ndalama kumamanga manyumba ku Area 49 ngati muli kunja! Agalu oyipa inu Mulungu adzakulangani mukapanda kulapa. Mwana wamzanu wabvulala chifukwa chaufiti wanu!

Timothy Kundanda

Somebody stupid enough tells us that we have a functioning government in Malawi. Pathetic. The story of Chione points to two serious problems in Malawi that this so called government has miserably to address despite the promises they made in the run up to the 2014 elections. First: dehumanizing levels of poverty. Second complete breakdown of security in the country. Pathetic country with pathetic and miserable government and president. The future is simply to bad for this country with this stupid government. Take it or leave it

Hi my name is China based in England , I’m willing to help this student who is doin everythin he Cn to change his life, I’m happy to donate but there is no Acc or plz txt me his phone numb on +447392063933 or plz pass the numb to Malawi news plz n I Cn donate wat I Cn afford , I never bn to school bcoz of school fees and I kno hw it feels lik bcoz if I had opportunity to go to school I would hv had great job here in England so plz lets al put… Read more »
tigwirane manja

thank you China in advance. Please keep your word and may God bless you abundantly and replace whatever you subtract!


My friend, this is indeed a sad development. However, don’t always think the president can solve every problem.


The sad thing is that 95% of students offered loans are not needy and this tricky situation makes real needy failing to access loans. The big challenge is to identify who is who. Remember last year one ward/ student of Chanco whose father is a lecture declared that he was needy and coming from a poor family…..

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