Can ‘mafia’ George Chaponda be next Malawi President? Thanks, but no thanks

We hear in the media that Agriculture Minister George Chaponda is being groomed for Malawi presidency in 2019 but the question one can ask is; how can Malawians put someone with criminal mind to become president of this country?  How can we put a dictator who proudly calls himself a bulldozer at the helm of this country?


Ladies and gentlemen, Chaponda believes in thuggery! This follows that Chaponda is a thug, a mafia and has a criminal mind. In fact, President Peter Mutharika must even be afraid of him, he can end up being sorted the mafiaso way!

Let me substantiate my argument. We all know that Chaponda was chased at his own home district in Mulanje by his fellow Lomwes.

In an Exclusive Interview on Times TV on Saturday with host Brian Banda, Citizens for the Protection of Mulanje Mountain (CPM) David Mageweta explained what happened for the minister to be chased.

For starters, the minister was heading to Mulanje Mountain to inspect a water source project where Malawi government wants to tap water to supply to people of Blantyre city. The locals have their demands that government should first of all plant trees on the mountain as a matter of conserving the mountain before the project commences. The second demand is that they need to be the first beneficiaries of the tap water before it is supplied to Blantyre city. Sounds fair demands, not so?

But Agriculture minister, who is also a local there, had a rude awakening recently.  The locals blocked the road and told the minister that he would not proceed to the project site unless government pays attention to their demands. He thought the locals were joking.

According to Majeweta , the minister told the locals that he can’t listen to them and that he would proceed whether the locals wanted it or not bragging that he is a bulldozer.

Ladies and gentlemen, Majeweta said that such dictatorial statements displeased and provoked the locals who were inspired to prove to Chaponda that Malawi is in a democratic dispensation and not in a one party era which was characterized by dictatorial tendencies.

The women started chasing him with tree branches and when he thought they were not serious, the young men started pelting stones at his official car and thus when he sensed danger and run for his dear life back to Blantyre where he came from.

From this encounter, fellow Malawians, one can see George Chaponda as a dictator. It shows the man doesn’t believe in democracy but he wants done whatever he wants to be done by any means possible be it legal or illegal. Are we Malawians ready for a Dictator in our hard fought democratic dispensation?

By the way, some of us knew already that Chaponda is Dictator when he declared himself a bulldozer. You want Chaponda to be bulldozing us Malawians if by accident he becomes President of this country?
This guy Chaponda is not only a Dictator but has also retrogressive tribal mind. He is tribalistic as well as regionalistic to the core!  He can’t unite Malawians.

You remember during the build up to the 2019 elections that Chaponda told people from the Northern region that he doesn’t care about their votes and that his DPP could win elections without people from the Northern region voting for DPP?

One wonders if such a person is what Peter Mutharika is grooming to take over leadership of this country.

As if this is not enough, this Secretary General for Citizens for the Protection of Mulanje Mountain (CPM) David Majeweta told Brian Banda during the said interview that he is in hiding following the chasing of the Minister.

Majeweta told national Times TV that following the incident; 7 men in black suits using a car without number plate stormed his compound looking to sort him out the Chasowa and/or the Njaunji way. Fortunately, he was not around and went straight into hiding when he was alerted of the incident.

Ladies and gentlemen, it does not need an intelligence officer to connect the dots as to who sent these thugs to deal with Majeweta.

Without mincing words here, one can be tempted to conclude that it is George Chaponda himself behind this failed operation.

Ladies and gentlemen, this means that George Chaponda, just like DPP is, believes in thuggery in eliminating those they disagree with. In other words, it means Chaponda’s mind is criminal in nature—thinking of oppressing and bulldozing others including sending thugs to deal with whosoever he disagrees with.

So I need to warn the Police and the International Community here; if Majeweta is going to be found dead in mysterious circumstances just as it recently happened with the ACB senior official Issa Njaunji and before him Robert Chasowa of the Polytechnic; then we will look no further but to hold ‘Mafia’ Minister George Chaponda responsible.

And such are the people believed to be groomed to take over the hot seat of this country; what a joke!
Ladies and gentlemen, to really show how criminal minded Chaponda is; then you have thus recent case. Chaponda is the guy who has defied the laws of the land by refusing to declare his assets? What is he afraid of?

To us Malawians; we can’t afford to make another mistake of putting someone with traits of criminal mind and leadership failure to be president of this country.

We made this mistake in 2019 by putting in power someone who we knew literally failed in all the Msinisterial positions he was given by his late brother.

Malawians, once beaten, twice shy.  We can’t afford another failure, a dicator and someone with criminal mind as in Chaponda to be our president in 2019.

Thanks Chaponda, but no thanks! If you want to be state president, then perhaps try to contest in your newly created state of Mulanje and Thyolo. After all, it is within your jurisdiction though I doubt if you can dislodge the Supreme Leader Vincent Wandale with your thuggery and dictatorial tendency.

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5 years ago

I just like the fact that Chaponda can stand up and tell Malawians he is a Bulldozer.It takes courage and courage he has.I for one i like the Bulldozer we need a Bulldozer to wake us up.So Bulldozer keep on Bulldozing.All the best.

Che Belo
Che Belo
5 years ago

This article is too shallow. Too much opinion and little fact.

We might agree on the conclusion that Chaponda is not the best person to groom for presidency but these arguments are rather feeble and embarrassing to the anti-Chaponda camp.

Good English, by the way. Not many can manage that in 2016.

Petre Mathanyula
Petre Mathanyula
5 years ago

So the ziphwisi minister wants to become ziphwisi president ndiye kulitola khobwe mmasotu dziko la Malawi.

Mika Kumbire
Mika Kumbire
5 years ago

We have not yet arrived in 2019. This is a typical example of a very incoherent article! It does not make any sense at all. We are in 2016 and the writer is already giving results for 2019. That’s the problem with our journalists; writing without solid and well investigated facts.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mika Kumbire

I agree! To make that mistake about 2019 once, could be considered misfortune, but to do it twice is darn right carelessness!

5 years ago

chaponda will rule, whether mcp likes it not

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