Can technology make online Casinos safer?

The latest tech goes hand in hand with any industry that offers online services, including gambling. Online gambling dens and games provide the significant upside of delivering a wide range of options at the click of a few buttons. The service comes to the gambler rather than having to seek it out like with brick-and-mortar establishments.

exciting games that are offered in the world of online casino

While omnipresent casino access is a significant upside, most people were reluctant to trust the service when it first came out due to security concerns. The virtual nature of the internet means that anybody can access data on the platform from anywhere if it is not secure. Over the years, gaming clubs have used technology to secure their services and reassure clients who choose to engage in them. Some of the ways tech has come in handy to boost casino security are broken down in this article.

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SSL Encryption

SSL certificates are a significant part of any online website looking to secure its data. These tools are digital passports that offer authentication for the confidentiality of any web communication conducted on browsers. These passports use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols to initiate any sessions with the selected browsers. Without the SSL certificate, one cannot digitally connect to a casino’s information, which is done using a cryptographic key.

SSL encryption mechanics are relatively uncomplicated, which makes it a popular security option among online gambling destinations. Once you launch your favourite casino, the action unfolds as follows:

  • A browser or server connected to a casino website secured by SSL encryption asks the webserver to identify itself. The sent message is meant to initiate SSL/TLS communication
  • The web server proceeds to send a copy of its SSL certificate to the browser
  • The browser assesses the encrypted key to gauge whether it is trustworthy or not
  • If it passes the test, the server sends the browser the decrypted key and encrypted content to the client
  • The user can now access the published content, completing the SSL/TLC interaction

Online casinos with SSL certificates offer numerous benefits to players, starting with strong Google rankings by utilizing HTTPS. Most casinos fortify their data using Organization Validated and Extended Validation SSL/TLS certificates. These SSL types offer strong encryption technology to match the sensitivity of data provided by gamblers during the creation of accounts and cash transactions. The tech ensures that information like credit card numbers and passwords cannot be decrypted when transmitted from the browser to the server. This key also serves as an essential tool to identify legitimate websites from rogue casinos. These certificates are also the costliest due to increased vetting.

PIN-Secured Accounts

PIN tech has come a long way in minimizing security concerns surrounding unauthorized access to a casino account. Nearly all gambling dens require players to create accounts to access their services. During the registration process, one has to choose a unique code that will be used to access the games. Only the gambler has access to this PIN, and not even the casino knows about it. Since these codes are used to protect sensitive data like banking information, it is essential to avoid using the following numbers:

  • Repeating sequences such as 2233 or 4455
  • Simple codes like 0000 or 1234
  • Important dates like your birthday
  • Part of your Social Security or ID number
  • Address or phone number

Make the PIN as unique as possible, even if it means writing it down and having to learn it yourself. Long PINs work better than short ones since they increase the number of potential codes hackers would have to guess. Most casinos also include a limit o the number of sequences one can guess before the security systems fire up and lock the account. This makes it more difficult for rogue computer programs to guess the code successfully.

Random Number Generators

All casino games depend on the element of chance to award winnings, even in games where the odds can be influenced in the player’s favour. In the olden days of brick-and-mortar gambling, mechanical tools were used to achieve winnings by chance. For instance, in slot machines, a spring and lever were used to spin the reels and reveal a new set of characters. As technology has advanced and online sets have become a sensation, random number generators have taken over.

A random number generators, popularly known by its acronym RNG, is a program that runs using complex mathematical formulas that generate random numbers. Depending on the program, it can produce numbers up to billions that are unique. One of these codes is selected according to the desired results to display random items. Each RNG comes with a seed number that predicts the produced numbers, but it is only available to the game creators. If a player or casino were to access the figure, they could predict the game results accurately.

Casino Regulators

Online gambling generates upward of forty billion dollars, and it is only bound to get better. The thriving nature of the industry depends on the provision of fair and secure services. Several institutions are in place to ensure that integrity is a priority for gambling dens. The regulatory bodies test the games offered on a website to ensure that their results are random before being offered an operating permit. The most prominent licensing bodies include;

  • The UK Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Alderney Gaming Control Commission
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission
  • AAMS Italy

Payment’s Security

Real money gambling is the backbone of online casinos, with millions of gamblers chasing withdrawable payouts. This venture’s high-risk nature demands significant security measures to ensure banking information does not land in the wrong hands. The best gambling destinations partner with online cashier channels with buffed up safety to ensure that transactions cannot be hacked while in transit to and from the players’ accounts. The banking channels that have earned the trust of casinos and gamblers over the years include;

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Euteller
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Maestro
  • Paysafecard
  • Trustly

Final Remarks

Thanks to technology, casinos have the firepower to ensure their services’ safety from the moment players log into their accounts. Ensure you read through each casino’s privacy policy to see what information they get from you, how it is used, and the security measures put in place before creating an account.

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