CCAP Livingstonia Synod rejects meeting Ngoni chiefs on polygamy, booze

Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Livingstonia Synod’s firebrand general secretary, the Reverend Levi Nyondo, has rebuffed a meeting with Ngoni chiefs in Mzimba over an impasse on booze and polygamy.

Young Ngoni girls performing a traditional dance

Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa V say Ngonis culture of beer and polygamy will not change

During the enthronement of Inkosi Mzukuzuku recently, Rev Nyondo irked ngoni chiefs when he spoke against drinking and polygamy because it is sinful and against the doctrine of the Presbyterian church.

Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa V, the tribe’s king of kings, has threatened to expel the synod from his territory unless it upholds the social contract Scottish missionaries signed to evangelise Mzimba without abolishing their drunken and polygamous ways.

Traditional leaders in northern Malawi have maintained they would not abandon consumption of beer and marrying many wives, challenging church leaders to bar them from sacraments as prescribed by the church.

Buy Nyondo has rejected a meeting with the Ngoni chiefs to resolve the matter, saying that would be gratification and that there cannot be dialogue over Bible teachings.

Nyondo has said Ngonis have the right to remain Christians or not, defiantly saying the Church would continue to advocate against any practices that contradict its teachings.

“Our doctrines are clear against practices of beer drinking and polygamy,” he said.

“The doctrines cannot change for the sake of Ngoni. We will suspend anyone who breaks the church doctrines regardless of status even pastors. No one is immune.”

Ngoni’s argue that the earliest missionary, Dr Robert Laws who introduced Christianity to the area  in the 1880s, signed an agreement with M’mbelwa II which stipulated that the Ngonis, can drink beer, marry several wives and enjoy full church benefits.

The Ngoni was a warrior tribe that originated from South Africa and is renown for its legendary liking for alcohol, meat and acquiring several spouses.

History was told that in the olden days a lot of husbands died at war leaving behind large populations of women who became widows.

Traditional leaders therefore advised the surviving men to marry the widows so they did not lack care and support.

Although the Ngoni persistently assert their culture, Nyondo insists Livingstonia Synod would continue to advocate against any practices that contradict its teachings.

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Rt. Reverand Levi Nyondo is very right. why should the church accept your stupid and weaked ngoni culture. what is so special with women and beer? . weakness can never be tolerated in church. You’re free to join other churches if you want but which church can accept the ngoni’s? . It is very shameful to hear from the paramount chief advocating for stupidity instead of warning his subjects regarding the HIV pandemic.


Nyondo simtumbika ndi Lambia ku Chitipa


bravo bambo Nyondo. I agree with you no compromise over Bible teaching


Atsikana koma a chilhomwe. Awa mbina njeeee and maujeni osakoka. Wamkulu wamng’ono chimodzimodzi? Shaaaah.


Levi awiske mba mitala. He should start from condemning his father…demeti.

Ise as ngonis will protect and uphold our cultural heritage and values. Timwenge mowa nakutola wanakazi naumo takhumbira.


Levi awiske mba mitala. Wakayambe na awiske. Not us the ngonis


Phuma uhambe Livingstonia Synod. Matchalichi nganandi (Chipangano, Apostole, Zion olo Islam!)
Ise timwenge nakutola wanakazi umo tikukhumbila. Nyondo iwe tilekele mdauko withu. Iwe Chiuta uli kuyowoyapo nayo kuti wakuphalire kuti mowa na mitala nkhwananga? Davide mbu? Solomon Ke?

Vyako ivo Nyondo.


Mulive nzeru,inu mukuona ngati nde udolo?

Siyahlupheka thina abangoni asim’boni Uthixo sithanda izintombi maningi now that Robert Laws deliberately wooed these warrior people into church times are not in the tracks of Laws the Ngoni must move with times that’s more reason why Mzimba is in development stagnation the Mbelwa house has any vision for Mzimba people we are graceful to God for Levi Nyondo for telling them the simple truth. The Anglican church broke away from the papacy it’s obvious that King Henry in his time was advancing his personal agenda today the Anglican church doesn’t entertain polygamy due to its internal evolution after all… Read more »
amdala bambo

The Bible says: Anthu onse akhale abodza koma Mulungu yekha akhale olungama . We are in the last days anthu kumachita kukakamira uchimo motero . Baibulo lilizasintha kuzofuna zanu sizizatheka anta mpang’ono pomwe. Chibvumbulutso akunena kuti oipa akhalebe chiyipile , oledzera akhalebe chiledzelere, hule akhalebe hule, otamba akhalebe chitambire , olungama akhalebe olungama. Chisankho chilindi wina aliyense payekhapayekha. ulendowu ndiwayekhawayekha ndipo aliyense akaima pampando wachifumu wakuweruza , chimene munthu akufesa ndichimene azatute . Dziwani ndinu wolengedwa obey the creator and His word.


Kodi Livingstonia ndiye yoyera eti? Si mwe aja adakanika kulolerana ndi Nkhoma Synod pa za malire aja.? Always atumbuka atumbuka. What a bigger than size tribe?


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Nkhumuonga Chiuta chifukwa chakutipa Rev. Dr. Levi Nyondo, a minister who always speaks the truth, unenesko ngwakuti kwananga nkhwananga ndipo chi khristu kaya Chisilamu sichitengera mtundu or one’s culture. Ngata wasankha kukhala mu Khristu or Musilamu, you need to abide by the provisions of these doctrines. Angoni mowa ndi mitala ndichikhalidwe chawo inde, koma iwo amene ali a Khristu enieni ayenera kuzisiya izi. Abusa a Nyondo muli ndi mwai mukunyozedwa Kamba kolalikira choonadi posaona status yamunthu. Kunena zoona kunja kwaopsya uku, ndiye Mafumu ena adzilimbikitsa mitala – uuummm! zikundiopsya izi atsogoleri Ngati makolo a Rev. Nyondo ndi amitala, we thank… Read more »

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