CCAP Nkhoma Synod laments in pastoral letter ‘Malawi no longer the Warm Heart’

The Nkhoma Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) has issued a Pastoral Letter-cumEaster Message  lamenting moral decay as well as calling for transparency, accountability and a responsive leadership.

Reverend Saka of Kapita CCAP reading the letter

Under the theme  ‘ Remaiing Salt and Light in the Evil and Crooked World’, the Church  has urged its faithful to pray to Gofto protect their faith and guide them in choosing leaders who will improve their lives in 2019 Tripartite Elections.

“Our country is no longer the warm heart of Africa that it used to be. Societal decay has permeated all areas of our society like spiritual decadence,” reads the letter in part signed by Biziwick Nkhoma, Synod Moderator.

The letter expressed concern that social and cultural values have gone down and that the society is faced with ills such as child marriages, low quality education, poor governance, misfiring electoral reforms, environmental degradation and climate change setbacks.

The Church observed that Malawi is lacking selfless political leaders who have the interests of people at heart.

“Leadership is a calling to serve others,” the letter pointed out.

The CCAP clergy, who met on Saturday  for a soecaio meeting and issued the letter, said it is  unethical for leaders to serve their personal interests or the interests of their ethnic groups, or political followers.

“We note with regret that the current leaders have put their personal interests and the interests of their political cronies above national interests. Unfortunately, some of our members whom God entrusted with the opportunity to be salt and light to the world have failed to demonstrate leadership values that can please God, reads the letter.

The CCAP clergy also lamented the weak transparency and accountability in the management of the country’s national affairs, demanding to know  how decisions affecting the people are made; how contracts are awarded; and how national resources including financial resources are distributed.

“For instance, the process for procuring generators by the Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) attests to this fact. Worse still the generators have not brought any change,’’ it reads.

The letter has also questioned the payout to favoured political officials that tow the ruling party line, citing the K4 billion  initial allocation for 86 legislators for allegedly voting against the electoral reform bill.

“We are pleading with members of our church who are in the position of authority to be honest, transparent, and accountable first to God and to the people they serve,”the Church said.

The  CCAP Nkhoma Synod also expressed  fears on the manner the opposition handled the issue of the K4 billion  funding .

“ The opposition has an important role to play in a representative democracy. It provides oversight functions and scrutinises all the decision of the government; and holds the government accountable to the public. The opposition should not compromise their integrity. We would like to implore all members of our church who are in parliament, both in government and opposition parties to demonstrate their Christian values by serving the interests of the people and playing their legitimate role in National Assembly of ensuring that public finances are properly used and accounted for,” reads the letter.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi a refused to comment on the letter.



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Changalikandu Pwagu
It’s well and good for the Church to criticise political leaders. Alas, I think that criticism should first be directed to the Church itself. The Church leadership in Malawi is devoid of the true spirit of Jesus Christ. It has lost its moral authority as far as I know. Church leaders are leading the way in immorality, witchcraft, egoism, debauchery, you name it. Just recently and not for the first time, Rev Billy Gama of the same CCAP was in the news for his rabid fornication. Society was promised an enquiry into the so-called allegations levelled at him, but for… Read more »
Listen and Love

At the center of all this misrule is the devil himself embodied in these heartless leaders. WE NEED GOD’S INTERVENTION AT SOONEST IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAYS TO SAVE MALAWI. O GOD SAVE THE LAND OF MALAWI….

Lazaro Chatsika

So the church knows the genesis of “The warm Heart of Africa”- kkkk ku Lubwalubwa pa pulpit- Face it churches have members who belong to different political parties- No matter what you cant force them to vote for a party they don’t want and before you go further check the abuse of zopeleka you men of the collar- Have you returned the money paid from illegal proceeds etc??? KKKK

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Chimodzimodzi uja nthawi zambiri amatiuza kuti alowa mchire (kulowa mchire ndi nkhonfo), pano akuti amene akufuna kupanga ma demonstrstions akufuna kubweretsa chisokonezo kuboma laMalawi. Anali m’modzi wogwetsa ma electoral bills ndim’modzi amene anakapatsidwa nawo K4billion. Ndalama zimakhudzidwa ndikufa kwa Yesu.


Those who do wrong no longer see anything wrong with evil deeds. Malawi has decayed to the extent that there’s no respect for rule of law which sadly starts from the very top. The president himself is fast asleep on the job, thereby compromising the very party he is representing. Those within the party who are supposed to be the custodians of its constitution are all scared to raise their voices for fear of victimisation. What type of leaders do we have……either sleeping, incompetent and uncaring or too afraid to raise their voices.

Emaa Newton

At first i was jst livingstonia synod,now its nkhoma as well,then definately something is really wrong with the government i guess

Dixson Dzida

Give us alternatives to quell the problems and just outlining them.

Malawians already know these problems but they are awaiting solutions


Don’t showcase your emptiness hear………………………………………………………….!! You mean till now you and your DPP don’t know how you can stop corruption? Zidude za anthu, nanga mkumafunilanji utsogoleri mukudziwa kuti you are empty like this………………………!! Zili zonse abale mukufuna alternatives!! Get ACB strategic plan you’ll get everything. Kenako muziti taziona ndiye how do we implement? Mbuziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii za mano kunsi………………………!

kaka ni dada

Dausi ndi Jefu wa Jeffrey ndi zidude acting in a crooked way, they are there to provide senseless information to the public. Apa mpingo wabaya, Callista wabaya in the very same week, angatinso chiyani a Dausi koposa kukhala chete, ikwana nthawi atitukwanila ku msonkhano.

A CCAP mwasiyana ndi a Katolika chifukwa simunakondere mu chikalata chanuchi. I am proud to be CCAP!!! Inu azibusa anga ngati mchere simunasinthe golo; kuchoka ku mpingo kupita ku ndale chifukwa mukanatelo mukanasuluka ngati mchere. I am proud to be ministered by you. While you lament for those who govern by favoring their ethnic groups there are even worse leaders who only think of their families to the extent of striping off vehicles from their party to the benefit of their families. There are other leaders who go to the extent of allocating party positions to people from their district… Read more »

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