CCJP accuse Malawi govt of inaction over albino killings

A social justice and advocacy arm of the Catholic Church in Malawi, the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) says is deeply worried and unsatisfied with the deafening silence and passive approach which the government has taken on the problems faced by people with albinism in Malawi.

Mary Jana (right) one of few patients who collect sunsecreen from Simbota (left) dspites reports of kidnappings and killings. (Lameck Masina for VOA News)

Mary Jana (right) one of few patients who collect sunsecreen from Simbota (left) dspites reports of kidnappings and killings. (Lameck Masina for VOA News)

It its strongly worded statement issued Wednesday, the organization is calling upon government and its relevant ministries to take up various actions to stop the killings “and defend the plight of our albino brothers and sisters”.

“We appeal to the Executive from the Office of the President, the Ministry of Gender, Child Welfare, Elderly and Disabilities and the Ministry of Home Affairs to categorically condemn these killings and make a public appeal that mobilizes the nation and various stakeholders to take action on the killings of albinos” reads the statement in part.

It says say the government must give people the sense of direction and the commitment to deal with the menace once for all.

“Our appeal to the state is emanating from our understanding of the Social Teachings of the Church on the role of the state that “Because we are social beings, the state is natural to the person. Therefore, the state has a positive moral function. It is an instrument to promote human dignity, protect human rights and build the common good”.

The CCJP has also made a direct appeal to the relations of people with albinism.

“Your primary duty is to protect albinos who are becoming more vulnerable than before and must report of any strange developments to authorities in your area. You must desist from succumbing to this belief that your albino brother or sister has any source of mystical or magical powers for quick riches.”

The statement has accused the police of misplacement of human resources which it says is contributing to the security lapses that are currently taken advantage of by criminals.

“You have been told time and again that there are a lot of Traffic Police Officers than General Duties Police Officers that could help to combat crime. We appeal to you to redeploy more personnel into crime combating and prevention from the road.

“We appeal to you to work with communities to build effective alliances for community security and in this case, the protection of albinos whose lives are in danger now than before.”

About fifteen albinos has so been reported abducted and killed since January this year in various parts of the country  many of them in the eastern district of Machinga where police say the incidents refuse to die.

Besides Machinga, other cases of attacks on albino have also been registered in southern districts of Mulanje, Nsanje, Chikwawa and Blantyre and Ntcheu district in central Malawi.

But Home Affairs and Internal Security minister Paul Chibingu says the government has strengthened the community policing knowing that those who are involved in such acts live among the communities.

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Tilibe mau

I agree with people who say DPP gurus r involved in albino killings prove this wrong by exposing those who are offering millions of kwachas & not only those who are offerd abale. Mukufuna titani mpaka impcment zomwezi? Atupele kumudzi kwanutu uku 3million ija umachita offer siiwe?Nanga ndani?

Uta wa Leza

Why is it that Nyasas are always copying bad habits from other countries? Do you know what happenned when Israel started sacrificing their children just like the heathens around them? By the way, Nyasatimes, the woman in the picture is not Albino. She has vitiligo. It can be treated…..


M’ma township mavendor akaona albino akumafuula ‘m’godi! m’godi! m’godi” ena kumati makobili awo! makobili awo! makobili awo!



Mma township anthu akaone vendor akumafuula “m’godi! m’godi! m’goadi! m’godi!” ena nkumati ” makaobili awo! makobili awo!”

Sambi !


Civo society useless dyera basi y cant you voice out of the Alubinos?


Koma guys english mukumalembayi……..bwanji….tied instead of tired…..half adacade….mmmmmmmmm.guyz be serious…hwmany yrs makes adacade!……mxiiiii!!!!!


Dpp officials are involved that is why they are very quiet and that is why 4 weeks no rain mizimu yakwiya, how can we kill fellow malawians like that kunachita kuwathamangitsa ngati nkhuku uyo uyo uyo. Eeee malawi wafikapo pa usatana


Dpp officials are involved that is why they are very quiet

Malawi wa Lero

Wopezeka ndimabozo amunthu ena kukhoti anawalamula kupereka K20,000. Zowona zimenezi. Mobonzowo sindekuti akuwonetsa kuti munthu anaphedwa.


Our friends in Tanzania are very serious on this issue they banned traditional doctors and if you’re heard whispering anything to do with albino business you are arrested outright…let’s copy this its not too late!

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