Chakwera admits persuading Sidik Mia, others into MCP: Political renaissance

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has admitted meeting a number of people in the country including former cabinet minister, Sidik Mia, to join the party claiming the move is only for purposes of strengthening their structures.

Chakwera (left) with Mia and business magnet Simbi Phiri: We are talking

In the last few days Chakwera and the MCP have intensively invaded the Southern Region where several quarters have seen him with Mia.

Speculations have arisen that Chakwera could be considering Mia for his running mate for the 2019 presidential elections as a replacement of Richard Msowoya, his current vice and Speaker of the National Assembly.

But Chakwera parried away the speculations, saying it was not about the issue of the running mate.

“I have asked him to join the party. He has not answered yet. It is not about the issue of a running mate,” Chakwera told Times TV on Saturday.

He said it way too early to be discussing the issue of running mate now.

“I am not searching for a running mate. There is time,” said cool and composed opposition leader.

“I have asked Mia to join the MCP just as I have done with others. I am talking to so many people,” he said, adding: “I am hanging out with everyone in this country. Why should the issue of Sidik Mia be more important?”

Mia, who rose to the post of People’s Party (PP) vice president for the South in the President Joyce Banda administration, announced he had retired from active politics in 2014 – just before the country went to its first ever tripartite polls.

Rumours were that the former Chikhwawa Nkombezi legislator had been tipped to be running mate for Banda but the latter had settled for youthful Sosten Gwengwe.

Banda flopped in the elections, only trailing third.


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I would call for Mia. He has served both DPP and PP so he also knows the loopholes for stealing. What we need are total new faces if we are serious to see a total change.

Binnwell Kachikopa

The fact is people are tired of this walking devil dpp, whether Mia or Richard Msowoya what we need is change. Southerners who are real will vote out these devils kids. Why should Chaponda and Mutharika kill all Malawians? Blackouts, maizegate, tractorgate, closed universities, water scarcity, everywhere dpp are thieves and whoever is still sticking to this evil party is insane and must die with it


I feel Mia is a good idea coz not only shire valley but also eastern region he has a good comand so Chakwera take him, as for msowoya 2014 he failed to convince his northerners n also he lost a by election of councillor in his own constituency so his a spent force, 2019 Chakwera / Miami boma woooooo


2019 is for DPP. Period! Who can outsmart the solid block of DPP and UDF? If DPP won from opposition while alone,Who can upset it now? Thats why every sane politician SHOULD join DPP now if he/she is to remain politically viable and enjoy political fruits come 2019 and beyond. Even Mia or Msowoya, they must join DPP now or else they will be deleted from the political pages.


this is kinda funny,,,how can a real man with good reasoning ask politicians to join DPP???from the sense of politics itself,,i really see it as kinda awkward…this is politics,,make moves but dont say all other politicians should join DPP,, then will that be a multiparty country too???

Nyerere ndiye ineyo

My President Prof. Lazarus Chakwera, if the speculation is true, go home and do your mathematics very well. Winning an election needs numbers. Lower Shire has two districts while Northern region has six districts. I would rather ask you to maintain Hon. Msowoya inorder to win more votes from the north. Another advice to you Mr. President is that, start conducting meetings in the southern region other than concentrating the central region where you’re already popular. You are the only HOPE for Malawians as far as 2019 general elections are concerned.

Samuel Lwara.

I see no problem in Chakwera and Sadik courting. Mia is an instrument of varieties of purpose in shaping our damaged democracy at this stage. Has a spirit that is embraced by many of us in dire need for better leadership of Malawi. It doesn’t matter from which side. opposition or ruling party.

We have all along been saying that Chakwera is not and will never be a politician. Has he done his home work to find out who can give him much votes between Msowoya and Mia? By dumping the northern candidate is he sure he can convince the rigid southerners to vote for him through Mia? Sometimes a person can be popular in that area but the voters also look at the party the guy is driving them to. MCP was popular in the lower states because Chakwamba was the no.1 person in the party’s hierarchy. Once Chakwamba was displaced by… Read more »
Lets wait,otherwise i sense danger for honorable Richard Msowoya.If Chakwela dumps Msowoya he would be casting a spell on himself as far as votes from our swinging state(North) is concerned.May i remind Dr Chakwela that this country do not just need people who are popular(like Mia),the country needs leaders who are patriots,selfless and who have got integrity.Honorable Dr Chakwela in courting Sidik Mia were you in your right senses thinking that he has got something to offer to Malawians or you just desperately want to use his popularity in the lower shire and partly the rest of the south to… Read more »

Lower shire tribes were at one time full of Stewardship and wonder whether they are still the same. They are behind their closest leader as was with Chakuamba. This will be a confused battle ground because Kasaila comes from there also and will depend on how DPP uses him. Questions: can MCP who failed under famous Chakuamba win now under Chakwera with the influence of Mia? Why did PP opt for Gwengwe not Mia for running mate for JB?
Food for thought!

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