Chakwera gets court injunction stopping Kaliwo holding MCP emergency convention

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has obtained a court injunction stopping secretary general Gustav Kaliwo holding a party convention from July 7 to 9 with parallel structures.

Chakwera: Gets injunction

Kaliwo, a lawyer by profession, said convention has been called to clear their differences relying on Article 40 of the MCP constitution which states that district committees or the National Executive Committee (NEC) are mandated to call for a convention and that in the current case half of the district committees are calling for it.

But MCP second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka has said the party has sought court intervention to stop the illegal convention.

He said lawyer Peter Chakwantha of Armstrong Lawyers and Company has lodged to court for an order of interlocutory injunction.

In an affidavit dated June 9 2019 by MCP president Lazarous Chakwera filled in support of the application for the injunction, he argues that Kaliwo was supposed to formally put across to the party’s NEC the request for an emergency convention.

Chakwera said the chairperson which Kaliwo is using to call for convention including Lackson Khamalatha who is first defendant, relinquished his position like others and no longer have powers to call for such an emergency convention in the name of MCP.

He said the emergency convention championed by Kaliwo is “wrongful, illegal and.”

Chakwera’s affidavit further reads: “That is legally trite to take heed that non-office bearers, by the dictates of the Malawi Congress Party constitution, have no powers to petition for an emergency convention.”

The injunction has been granted by the court and Kaliwo has been ordered to “refrain from doing any acts that may be deeded to be part of the preparations for the alleged party convention until the processes for substantial matter is held.”

The court said Kaliwo and former district chairperson risk imprisonment if they continue planning for convention as they will “adjudged to be in contempt of court.”

MCP top brass and lawmakers are since calling for resignation of Kaliwo.

But Kaliwo, who was handpicked by Chakwera after the elected SG Chris Daza left to join the People’s Party, insists that he is a bonafide member of the party, hence no need for him to resign.


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MCP yomweyo kuti wa!wa!wa! ,wasanje amene ali wa DPP mumuuze akakolope mnyanja!


DPP is the club of lhomwes not MCP. MCP is national party, it has got well built regional offices in all three regions not rented house office for dpp up to now. MCP has a Vibrant facility at the hub of Malawi the capital city a national headquarters a building that dpp never build until Jesus comes again why because of arrogance and thieving.

Nzeru Nkupangwa

Za MCP zisakhudze DPP. Kodi Chakwera amatenga Kaliwo kuti? Why are you taking an injunction for somebody you handpicked? Malawi Crocodile Party (MCP) ilibe nzeru


To hell DPP and Kaliwo….munya muona.

nonse a DPP mwalephera ndi Kaliwo. kakolopeni mnyanja!


dpp yalakwa chani? mcp cant win malawi wthout proper stratagies to have more votes from south, eastern and north regions believe me instead of strenghtening the party ur busy with divisions, court injuctions and just taking only views of central regions people as if it is a club. how can people believe u that ur a changed party if u hate convetion shame on u. dpp woyee!! cashgate ya pp ikusausa anthu mcp itha kubanso coz alibe cash coz 24 yrs opposing.bring your new ideas rather than opposing everything

dalitso nyanda

kkkkk koma Malawi tulo lakero, busy kumapanga comment pa zinthu zozizila ngati izi. munthu mukumunena apayi palibe chomwe walakwa. Wina akupita kunja kukapanga address University ina pamene kuno ina ikumukanikana kuyendesa. Aziphunzitsi ali pa strike sakulowa mkalasi koma nikumapita kwina mkumakakamba za xool. kkkkk… Kukhala prof sikuti ndiwe mtsogoleri wabwino ayi. Ndikupanda mzeru kuchoka mnyumba mwako muli njala mkumakauza anthu ena njila zopezera chakudya…… Zausilu……

Keen Observer

If he is followed by the people who are outside MCP then why court injunction? Why don’t just let him to hold it & prove him wrong when nobody attends that convention? Chakwera knows that people will be there.


Iya tu chifukwa Kaliwo is using MCP name for his convention. So court injunction is valid!! put. Kaliwo should call for a convention of his political party and not MCP. Tisaberane apa.


MCP will never rule Malawi again……..take it or leave it………..


Yes! We have heard you as a Creator of Heaven and the Earth!!!


Malawi wambuyako are you God

Kachepa Tambuli

No other party can dislodge DPP because the entire opposition is divided. Bwana Chakwera stop fooling yourself that one day you will rule this country. I guess the most honourable thing for you to do is to go back to church (Assemblies of God in particular) and confess your sins. I believe the lord will forgive you and take you back into the fold. This country does not need to be ruled by a featherweight like yourself, so you better shut up


A Kachepa kulira kumeneko!!! Chisatana ndichoncho chimawoneratu patali kuti kwake kwatha basi!!! kikikikiki!!!!! Dr.Chakwera wawoloka basi!! Inu limbanani kaye ndi Chanco, Primary xool Demos, Civil war ndiye this coming Monday, Inept Prsesident and Inept Minister!!! kikikik AFROBAROMETER WOYE!!!!!!


Koma bwana Kaliwo azidyadi za DPP. Unfortunately he is not a good leader and is followed by people that are outside MCP.

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