Sidik Mia calls on Muslim women, students to value their religion: Back calls for  Islamic banking in Malawi

Businessman-cum-politician Muhammad Sidik Mia  has backed call to establish an Islamic Finance Institution which will enable Malawians to lend money without any interest rate attached.

Mia encourages Muslims

The  Shire Valley political heavyweight made the call when he hosted Muslim women for Iftar (breaking the Ramadan fast) at his residence on Monday.

This was after the Muslim women pleased with Mia to help them with  finances to for the education of the children, health  as well as development of Muslim community.

He called for a Muslim financial institution which  will among other important things offer; Banking, insurance and medical aid.

“There are cultural wrongs that Muslims are faced with in Malawi public hospitals. Our Muslim women are treated by a male doctor which is not right with our culture,” he said.

Mia also had an Iftar with Muslim university students asked them to  value their religion.

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16 thoughts on “Sidik Mia calls on Muslim women, students to value their religion: Back calls for  Islamic banking in Malawi”

  1. winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,your leaders are just good for nothing,they don’t know what Muslims have in their agendas.As I always narrate that,I strongly opposed Hastings Banda in many issues like apparent hate of democratic freedoms Malawians fought for,he thought he was the only one in the country who was highly educated and looked down upon us as uneducated brutes.He aligned himself with imperialists and colonialists to oppress Malawians and Africans in general.However,when it came to Indians and Muslims,I gave him KUDOS.He knew exactly who they were before many people realised how obnoxious these kulkubes were.Muslims have in their agendas to Islamise all countries in the world and Africa,is the first target.The opening of the gates in Malawi by a Muslim leader Bakili Muluzi,has drifted us into this awkward situation.Muslims go into other countries the world over and build mosques freely but,Christians are not allowed to follow their faiths in their countries,our women are brutalised in the streets if they do not wear the niqabs,their Churches are frequently bombed and many are killed and injured.In Pakistan,Christians pray in their homes privately.Look in Europe, whites have welcomed millions of Muslims in their countries but,Muslims turn against them and fire-bomb them mercilessly,we have seen these atrocities recently in the UK,France,Germany, where there are millions of these barbalians.Malawians,stand firmly to defend our nation and its people,we must stand strongly as the Rock of Giblotar and the immigration Dept.must see to it that Arabs,Pakistans,Indians and others are rigidly controlled along the borders and Air Ports and bear in mind that these people on the other hand hate blacks,I have seen this with my own eyes and I have experienced physical abuse in India and other Arab nations.Africans,especially those From Southern Africa must stand strongly to disallow the influx of these rats.In East Africa especially,Tanzania and Kenya there are millions of Arab and Indian Muslims in their countries and of course these rats control the economies of the two countries and aboveall,they control the African leaders therefore,they have the powers to dictate to these lifeless leaders.To my fellow Northerners,do not allow these rats to grow roots in our region where Christianity has grown strong roots.May God protect us from these killers,AMEN!!!!!!!

  2. yeniyeniyo says:

    I think Mia is saying It is not good for Moslem women to be treated by men, His wish is Moslem women to be treated by female medical personnel, either Christian, Satanism, or even those who don’t visit the church corridors, as far is a woman it doesn’t matter to his views

  3. winston msowoya says:

    Sidik mia,if you came into our country with your dirty notions to mislead our decent people,then packup and go where you came from.I hope you have not already tought our people in your uncultured and killer religion to go with water buckets in toilets to wipe their asses with their hands after delivering their smelling shit.What is wrong for male doctors to treat muslim women? To hell with your uncultured and murderous faith.You go around and mislead your members to ignore Western Education,unfortunately,the resultant is that you have millions of people who are uneducated and go around and kill innocent people in the name of your allah.What a primitive society.There are millions of your people in the Western World who went there running from bloody wars in their countries and they are learning in English and other Christian languages.Your oil industries,are controlled by Christians in the sense that,they are advanced in modern technologies which you are by far incompitent.Please Sidik,I repeat that if you are in our country to start another Boko Haram,you will not prevail,Malawi is strongly a Christian country until our Jesus Christ comes back.

  4. Hassan says:

    Learn to respect other people’s faith you savages. do not insult what Muslims believe. zitsiru inu. afiti Osowa chochita. Be courageous to reveal your identity if indeed you think you can get away with you stupid remarks.

  5. Mani says:

    People should understand the concept first…… The game is not about Christianity vs Islam……… pick the senses from the senseless…… Mia is selling his ideas………. that pregnant women should be treated with fellow women nurses/doctors………likewise……..alot of men feel unconfortable to get circumcised with female specialist……… Please we are all Malawians…………. verbal wars are useless……………. Tonse tinakatha kukhala anthu osapemphera zikadakhala kuti tidachokera ku dziko la anthu losapemphera…………

  6. santana says:

    Let us understand Mia by considering our culture not religion. Dziwapo and Zander, take a situation whereby your wife has gone to deliver but despite many female nurses in the hospital your wife is being helped in the labour room by your male neighbor who happens to be on shift on that particular day. Your wife opens wide both legs to this male neighbor and he views all the nakedness of your wife. Apart from being in the delivery room another case can be a test for vaginal or cervix cancer. Your wife goes exposes the whole vagina to a male doctor who happens to be a person in the same vicinity you stay, and you talk and greet each other when you meet. How will you feel if your wife tells you that the one who examined her is the guy yemwe amadutsa apa akamapita kuntchito? It is natural that women’s nakedness are to be respected more than that of a man. Mia might talk as a muslim but muslim and non-muslim women have the same design of vagina and should both receive the same respect. We should not be like those men who allow their wives go out half dressed as if their bodies are for sale. Bible and Quoran have talked a lot on how women should respect their bodies. A woman’s nakedness should not be for the public. Young men who are studying nursing these days are doing this deliberately with the aim of enjoying women’s vaginas when they start working. Imagine that one of the women whose vagina is being enjoyed to these young men is your respected wife. Will Zander and Dziwapo like their wives be examined of vaginal cancer by a son of his neighbor. No wonder that it is only moslem women who know the limit of what part of their bodies is for the public. We have many males who have a view of Dziwapo and Zander. But know for sure that maliseche a mzimayi should be respected regardless of which religion she belongs.

    1. Maganizo says:

      I understand your point of view but I don’t agree with your proposition. If you don’t want your wife or daughter to be examined by a male doctor then maybe you should sponsor enough Muslim women or women in general to study medicine and nursing. You could also take them to private hospitals where you can pay and ask for such a favour. The other alternative is to open Muslim hospitals where you can address that concern. Government hospitals are public hospitals and should not cater for any religious beliefs. What is going to happen if other people from other religions come in with their own demands on the hospitals? There will be total chaos. The onus is on you. You can either go to a public hospital and abide by the rules and not expect special treatment based on religion or gender or you can pay in private and have all your special concerns addressed.

  7. Uziwa-Uziwa says:

    Here comes a pure Moslem. He forgets that this is Malawi and not Arabia. Mr Mia and all other Moslems pliz assist your friend to build your own hospitals and train your own doctors and nurses so that you each other or samukani mupite ku Arabia

  8. Timve Ziti says:

    This is the beginning of trouble. The strange thing is the moslems in Malawi exaggerate. You mean all these female asylum seekers all over the world are being treated by female doctors? Can bet anything that even this financial institution will only serve Moslems. Take a look around their shops and businesses mostly employ Moslems. Yet most of them were educated in Christian schools. Wake up!

  9. Mfiti ya Chi Khristu says:

    Koma zinazi eeeiiiiish. Chokani mdziko lathu pitani kwanu kwa anthu akupha. komanso anthu akuda kutengeka, chimenecho chipembezo? we dont want muslims in malawi, they are an eyesore. tawonani azimai kunyasa ndi tizikolofiya tawoto. anthu inu timadana nanu inu.

  10. Che Spindulo says:

    Sadik Mia and his overly ambitious wife, Abida, should get it into their heads that this predominantly Christian and African country called Malawi can never elect an Indian moslem as a president.
    Although it is always good to have ambitions in life, some ambitions are just impossible to achieve and they are a mere waste of time and resources.

  11. mtete says:

    Is this not the same man who rumour has it he would join MCP only as Chakwera’s running mate? How is going to assist in the development of the country if he is already separating the country’s population on religious grounds?

    Trouble with most Moslem men is too much nsanje with their women ; hence the hijab. They don’t like other men to see their women’s complete faces and yet they themselves stare gleefully at other women.

    By the way, do moslem women doctors treat men?

  12. Zander mutiuze says:

    Mia should not separate women by religion. We are all living in Malawi and should follow Malawi law. There are not many female doctors so where muslims doctors going to come from? In Malawi There are lack of doctors in general. This man is India and want to be a leader of a Christian Malawi to bring his muslim culture and turn Malawi into religion blood fight. NO!

    1. ely says:

      Cristian Malawi? You’re the one turning Malawi into a religion blood fight, don’t you think?

  13. dziwapo says:

    If you do not want to be treated by male doctors then building your own hospitals and train your own doctors.

    1. Che Mbwana says:

      Mr Mia Malawi has 12% Muslims and don’t expect Muslim doctrines in this country . In Islamic countries non Muslim ladies are forced to wear hijab .
      If you can’t follow the laws of Malawi then please leave the country and go to an Islamic country of your choice.

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