Chakwera issues stern warning to DPP on Malawi electoral reforms: Backs 50+1

Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera has issued a stern warning to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to bring during the current Parliamentary sitting the  Electoral Reforms Bills as well as the Local Government Reforms Bills or face revolt.

Chakwera: Malawi should adopt 50 percent plus one

Chakwera said government should table the bills to uphold the will of Malawians.

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times, Chakwera , who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, has categorically denied published reports that he asked government to delay the 50+1 provision, saying it  is cheap propaganda.

The Nation newspaper cited unnamed source saying  MCP is equally not comfortable with the 50+1 proposal  to replace the much-maligned First-Past-the-Post and claimed two MCP MPs from Kasungu and two others from Lilongwe corroborated the matter.

But Chakwera said to set the record straight, as recently as three weeks ago,he  publicly demanded that the DPP-led government should fulfill its promise to Malawians that the six Electoral Reforms  Bill he has been demanding would be brought to Parliament for tabling in the current seating.

“In fact, after noticing that President Mutharika’s opening address made no commitment to fulfill that promise, I publicly threatened that I and the MCP would boycott proceedings unless Government committed to bring the Bills, which is when Government leaders in the house committed to bring the bills,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said after waiting in vain for two weeks for Mutharika’s cabinet to bring the Bills, last week he called Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu and leader of the House Kondwani Nankhumwa to hold them accountable for the continued delays.

The Leader of the Opposition said the two Ministers explained that some of the Bills have been cleared through Cabinet and some had not.

“In good faith, I not only told the two ministers that Malawians are expecting the Bills, but I also insisted that while Cabinet is clearing some of the Bills, the ones it has already cleared should be tabled immediately as proof that Government has the Bills,” said Chakwera.

“The agreement was to have them bring the bills that are ready rather than wait until all of them are ready. Our position has not changed on the 50+1 issue. Anything that strengthens our democracy is what MCP supports,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said Malawians deserve to know.

“And the truth is that this malicious lie not only contradicts the facts of the meeting I called for with the two government ministers to confront them about the delays, but it also contradicts both what I said to the reporter [of The Nation newspaper] and what I have consistently pushed and lobbied for on your behalf for over two years, as the following public record clearly shows,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera has since sent 15 news links which set the MCP and his position clear on the bill dating as back as 2015.

Nankhumwa described the meeting with MCP as normal House business.

“We had a meeting yes and it is normal for leader of the House to meet leader of opposition. By the way, we meet almost every day during Parliament session because we all sit in the business committee. But I am not in a position to share what we discussed, because doing so would be unethical for me,” he said.

Meanwhile,  diplomats who included British High Commissioner Holly Tett, Norwegian Ambassador Kikkan Haugen and USA envoy Virginia Palmer, indicated that they expected government to table the Electoral Reforms Bills in this meeting of Parliament.



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I hope bwana Chakwera had time to discuss the disadvantages/challenges of 50+1 to his followers. Countries like Malawi, there are more challenges/disadvantages than benefits. Wina adzalira ndikuthawa mansankho, akusowa ndalama za second campaign.


A Cohort inu. Kumakhalanso campaign yachiwiri?

Kanthiti Mzandu

Mantha basi koma mtchonayu ativuta koma 2019 zamuvuta basi mpakana Chilima kumema anthu kuti akayende pa 13 eeeeeeeeee kwavutadi


This Chakwera guy is a corn artist! Instead of pressurizing the Govt to work on energy reform, to minimize blackouts, he is busy bringing up the damn Electoral Bills. All he cares about is the election, and not the welfare of Malawians. Malawi is finished! The country is going down the tubes.

Kapolo Kambani

As we are discussing the issue of 50+1 . What is PAC saying about the legislation on ABORTION?????


PAC Does not share the abortion issue and considering their mission on earth one wouldn’t expect anything different from them. So maybe you can lead the campaign. After all nothing for us without us is the slogan these days. Nobody will fight for you.


A Malawi, mulibe magetsi mukufuna abortion law. Chifukwa cha mdima mimba zichuluka?


is he crazy or what? oh paja he is also part of the clergy? doesnt he know the process it takes to get a bill in Parliament?


Kunali JZU and Mbuya kuti apulumutse MCP koma zinakanika. Nanga inu wosapola pamchombonu muzitha?


Sazitha Santana achepa nazo. Even if 50+1 bill is introduced, do you think all opposing members will vote for Kongelesi? Let the bill come and use it in 2019 if Kongeresi can win! Congeresi inatha ngati makatani.

Fake Petros
Bring it on! if you dpp thieves are real political giants and not afraid of the 50+1 system, as would want people to believe. Dpp thugs know pretty well that they are political mediocres who can only be voted into power by a section of illiterate, impoverished, over-populated poor tribesmen in only one corner of the country. Otherwise, real men face challenging situations head on. Like Kamuzu Banda gave in for the referendum. Both Bakili and Chihana were fighting against the one-party rule right from within Malawi (unlike FAKE cowards) who were abroad kuopa ndi udzudzu omwe. That’s why angopezana… Read more »

Hahahahahaha akulu munamwalira eti?


Zitheka inu mukuona ndimaso anu.


Failling to table 50+1 then this will be tatamount to impeachment


In all sanity I wonder how some think DPP will lose elections coz of the 50+1. Just wait when campaign starts you will know the difference between mainline politics and church politics which is full of stealing in form of misusing offerings and tithes.


Zako izo, ndiku church kwanu kumene amaba offerings.

Joloza Kapokola

DPP never learns from its past mistakes. Bringing Ntaba, Dausi, Mulli among others will make Malawi burn again. Burning, it will, because thats what DPP needs. Others die and others live but thats the way it goes if we chose democracy. It is them who will have lost their legacy that will haunt APM one day. He will be busy answering charges while the rest of his advisors will have dissappeared! Let the game begin.


Dpp is afraid of you Bwana. Akudziwa kuti wawoyo sangamake inu ndi kuchikweza bwana. Akusziwanso kuti njira zonse zobera chisankho zatsekedwa tsopano. Akusowa kothawira.

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