Chakwera raps Mutharika again: ‘More squeezed families in Malawi under failed leadership’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition in parliament, Lazarous Chakwera has  used his New Year message to talk about the cost of living crisis facing Malawi and that Peter Mutharika led administration is a bad government that is letting down the good people of this country.

Chakwera: The time for being afraid is over

He said 2016 has been a tumult and a torture for Malawians.

“ I know that despite your patience with President Mutharika and his Government, and despite your cries for change, not only are things no better than they were in the dark days of 2015, but they are now decidedly worse as the curtain closes on 2016. A quick glance at 2016 is all it takes to see the damage our hopes have suffered throughout the year,” said Chakwera at a news conference held on Friday.

Chakwera was due to address a news conference at his official office at Parliament Building but was blocked by state security and he had to speak to reporters at his residence.

The leader of the opposition  said he is saddened that the hope-destroying hardships that Malawians are suffering today will continue for some time because the causes thereof are rooted in the country’s  complex history.

“Our nation is in crisis because the mistakes that different ruling parties made while in power have largely remained uncorrected, and there is no leader in Government today with the gravitas or will to correct them,” said the MCP leader.

He said with the economic turmoil, its time to say “enough is enough”.

Said Chakwera: “The time for being afraid is over. It is time for the people in power to be afraid of the power in people.”

He said Malawi  needed profound change and MCP must  renew and reinvent its mission and rise to the challenge  in the year ahead.

“So on this last day of 2016, this day that signals the end of the old and the dawn of the new, I want to appeal to all of you Malawians to keep your hope alive. You have been given a rich heritage as a nation, and the Malawi Congress Party under my leadership together with other opposition parties are determined to work tirelessly in 2017 to see that heritage bear fruit for your prosperity and peace,” said Chakwera.

The leader of of the opposition said he is dedicated with his party  in a “renewed resolve” to raise his voice on  behalf of Malawians and stand up for them “until my legs collapse beneath me.”

Chakwera has commioted to use 2017 to lead MCP and other opposition parties in the following legislative and governance agendas which will help all Malawians.

He said the electoral reforms will be advanced   in Parliament so that a new legislation is encated  for better regulation of national elections

Chakwera said he will also lead to press government until President Mutharika signs the new Access to Information bill according to the wishes of Malawians .

He also promised to be pushing for new legislation to give the Anti-Corruption Bureau independence and power to investigate and swiftly conclude all previous and emerging cases of corruption and Cashgate.

Chakwera said he will also be demanding justice for  the  law-enforcement agencies to conclude the murder case of IsaaNjaunju, a high-ranking officer at the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

MCP president said he will ensure checks and blances for DPP-led government that is letting down the good people of this country.

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“Every day, they want you to believe that we are failures. They want to undermine our determination to succeed by making us believe that we are failures. But I say to you, never think like a failure…… They want you to believe that nothing is happening, simply to undermine everything that is happening. And I say to you; never allow anyone to make you undermine your country. In the year 2017, let us rise above and say no to negative mindset! The ability to achieve greater goals is founded on a more positive mindset” – Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika, 2017… Read more »
Jelbin mk

Spot on, am sure somebody is having sleepless nights at New State House because he is really a failure all times he has never done better ever since. I even wonder how did he attain professorial status he is not near that.

Dr.Ruxfus Wakudyanaye Jere
From what I know, all politicians are there to suck people’s blood. It is obvious that many Malawians are facing numerous hardships like any other African country. Those who join politics in Africa, think it is the quickest fixing way to one’s poverty. Even if Hon.Dr.Chakwera is elected Malawi Leader today, the same trend of events will continue to unravel in Malawi, l prophesy today None of the politicians in Malawi joined politics when they were rich.None of them.They all get filthy rich once they become politicians.They are all, but a bunch of mbimba tiye achimwene tikawapeza konko ( Lucky… Read more »

chakwera dont point ur finger at anybody jwe are in the latest days are you blind and deaf since you are now far away from God?mwaufuna udindo koma simudzauwona chifukwa komwe mukuchokera antchito achepa munda wakula.


What a dull person you are! You are the type of people that make Malawi to be stagnant. Can’t you honestly see that Chakwera is raising issues that affect all Malawians? He has raised issues of corruption, problems of electricity, of water, high cost of living, etc. Are you, as a Malawian, not affected by all these? Be honest with yourself and don’t blame Chakwera for bringing these issues to our attention but instead, back him so that Malawi becomes a better place. Also, stop being personal!

misozi banda

So a bilimankhwe inu ndekuti nzonama????????????? muli mommuno? bola kwanu magetsi saazima and etc. dalitsikana. kukana coona


Said Chakwera: “The time for being afraid is over. It is time for the people in power to be afraid of the power in people.”

This is true because our politicians do not treat us as Malawians. They always tell us lies. Yet we are the ones who vote for them. It shows no respect at all.


My fellow members in the Mcp we are tired of this lunatic. He will make us loose heavily in 2019.
Why not concentrate on uniting the party.
Every time he works up he thinks on castigating the leadership of this country.
Don’t we have people of wisdom to silence this idiot
He thinks he is leading the church where people fears the reverend or Pastor
Keep on shouting and opening stinky mouth. By December 2018 you Wil run out of ideas and will have nothing to offer
Please let’s take this man to Zomba mental hospital we are losing him.
Pulpit and politics are totally different platforms

nyasa celeb

My friend you don’t know what you are talking about he is the only opposition leader who is making DPP to lose a sleep at night


Yes Dr. In you, Malawians find good leadership.


koma kuti moto buuuuu that is my opposition leader


I saliute you Dr. Chakwera. May Almighty God we worship guide you give you wisdom, better knowledge and good life. We pray for you and God shall answer our prayers. We are rearly touchered, .and living in a misery life. Let the Almigthy God intervin the stuation,

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