Chakwera rejects Mutharika accusations of wanting to ‘overthrow government by force’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday denied accusations by President Peter Mutharika of wanting to “overthrow the government by force”.

Chakwera insists that law and order would be maintained as they wait for court outcome.

Mutharika in a national television address on Thursday said Chakwera’s  call for “violence and a blood bath’’ is a plot to plunge the country into chaos.

“The real objective of the Reverend Chakwera is to overthrow the government by violence and force,” he added.

But addressing a news conference at the party’s headquarters in  Lilongwe, Chakwera denied reports that he is the one inciting violence.

“I have been preaching peace all along there is no way I can also be doing the opposite. We have gone to court to seek justice on the declared fraudulent polls,” he said.
Commentators have also highlighted that while  Constitution guarantees the right for everyone to assemble and demonstrate their grievances but at no point does it allow anyone to infringe on other people’s rights.
They have since condemned  deplorable events of Tuesday when supporters of MCP forcibly entered Capital Hill compound and proceeded to intimidate civil servants.

Both Chakwera and third-place finisher Saulos Chilima have petitioned the High Court to nullify the results of the peaceful election.

Chakwera insists that law and order would be maintained as their petition is taken through the court motions.

In the ballot count, Mutharika, of the Democratic Progressive Party, was declared the victor with 38.57% of the vote, beating Chakwera on 35.41%.

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3 years ago

When we say elections were free simply mean during the process of voting , people went and voted without disturbances.That is general outlook of atmosphere. Tippex Rigging was not done by voters but Jane and Mec staff.Therefore the freedom of casting the ballot was nonviolent thus it was free and fair.PRIVATE activities that was discovered by competitors now reveals that although it was free casting counting and aggregating results dents the free casting activity then the whole process becomes dirty.

3 years ago

What is it exactly Favour of Yahweh is trying to tell us?.

Favour of Yahweh
3 years ago

Chakwera is a double faced man. The demonstrators are following what he said. He has taken the matter to court why then his MPs are on the forefront, who gives them a go ahead. Just to remind him the words of US Ambassador Palmer” The observing mission said the elections were free fair and transparent “

Mdzukulu wa AWazilinda
Mdzukulu wa AWazilinda
3 years ago

If they the elections were “free, fair and transparent,” I have a question for you. Was there evidence of tippex involved in erasing some summary sheets? If your answer is yes, is that free, fair and transparent? Never mind what international observers said. They watched people vote and there was no chaos. They were telling the truth according to how far they had observed. But were they there when votes were being counted? Were they there when tippex was allegedly being used? Be honest to yourself when answering these questions.

3 years ago

Mr. Chakwera you are a hypocrite . Are you denying that you ordered your youth cadres to cause havoc? You have seen that police has started arresting those perpetrating violence under the guise of peaceful marches. Why did they pluck us from our offices at capital hill ? You ordered civil unrest and blood bath. That’s not they way we react to losing an are a pastor so u need to preach peace . After all ndale zikakukanikani you can go back to the pulpit and preach.

3 years ago

Very disappointed with Chakwera. Bwelerani ku ubusa mungochimwa nazo izi.

Chimtonga cha vindele Mbwenu mtumbuka

Kuioperatu patali?
3 years ago

Achakwera…..tinene kuti simukudziwa zoti anthu amakawononga ku capital hill???

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