Chakwera returns to Malawi from US political tour

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president  Lazarus Chakwera  is returning home this Monday from a political tour in the United States.

Chakwera: Returning home

Chakwera: Returning home

MCP  Publicity Secretary Jessie Kabwira confirmed to Nyasa Times that Chakwera is returning home Monday through Lilongwe  at Kamuzu International Airport.

“Yes Chakwera is returning on Monday. As a party we are very happy, we are now expecting to meet and reflect on the way forward on various issues which has been unfolding in the party. He went to make connections with MCP members in diaspora and faith community,” said Kabwila.

She said the opposition chief will address a news conference on his arrival.

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Liston kwalira

well we need to put all in Gods hands without that we are all nothing and all these will continue untill we finish each other allow God MALAWI to lead you


Hope for Malawi, a Gonani wakida, midzang’ambika nokha ife ayi, malawi needs a servant of God not MBAVA BWAMPX

Dpp govt and its thugs wanted to frighten Laz not to come home by spinning the conspiracy that Laz is involved in the plot to overthrow this useless and shameful president and its failed govt. Laz wound not fall for that, he is not jb. He will not run away, he didn’t seek political asylum, he came back home courageously and without fear of arrest to face thus shameful govt. Dpp thugs got very busy destabilising mcp everywhere while Laz was away. Agalu inu. And you dpp thugs why don’t you now attack the agricultural minister who is killing the… Read more »

Ngati mwabwera ndi nkhani za overthrowing government just forget it! it wont help you and it wont help Malawi it will just perpetuat confusion! we dont want to be forced into homosexuality! Our peolpe should have the freedom to do what they want on the matter! DONT SELL OUT CHEKWERA! YOU WONT BENEFIT AND THE COUNTRY WONT BENEFIT!

Gongoni wa kuda

Iiii bola a APM munthawi yawo kwabwela napolo ndi ng’amba ya elnino, koma awa A LAZARO kudzabwera chivomerezi nkung’amba Malawi yense!

Raphael Naitha

Bola kubwera ndi zanzeru! Musamangokamba za anzanu


Come to our rescure pliz Bwana Chakwera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Mathanyula

welcome home abwana, uja anakuberani mavotiyu zikumuvutabe, AMalawi tatsala pang’ono kuthana naye.

Alick sachila

Amayi adatha bwanji kusithako mavuto omwe achimwene awo a presdent adatisiyila, ndiye ACHAKWELA mukalephele kutichepetselanso mavoto tilinawowa ambuye amalikonda dzikoli sangalole kuti tizingovutika moyowathuwonse nzosatheka tilinacho chiyembekezo

Emmanuel pande

Welcome back Dr chakwera,pliz help de president on making decision how to deal with problems malawi z facing now.In u we see fruits of leadership.proud u Dr

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