Chakwera to launch ‘National Clean Up Day’ to beautify Malawi, take care of environment

President Lazarus Chakwera has expressed his administration’s commitment to step up efforts aimed at combating climate change and its effects on communities, announcing that government will launch a National Clean-up Day to ensure the country has sustainable environment management and waste disposal systems.

Chakwera: For us to be part of the solution and not a problem

Chakwera, who won a historic victory over Peter Mutharika in June, said this at a news conference held at Kamuzu Palace in the Capital Lilongwe which focused on environment related issues.

He said the National Clean-up Day will rally citizens to better the environment by collaborating with one another to improve their local communities.

“I will launch National Clean-up Day, for us to be part of the solution and not a problem,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said Malawi ‘watsopano okomela Tonse‘ means every citizen should have clean water. He said if Malawians continue to destroy the environment, that dream Malawi cannot be reached.

Heavily reliant on agriculture, which employs 80% of the population, the Malawi economy is vulnerable to the climate crisis.

Chakwera said no nation can keep it’s date with destiny without settling it’s debt with nature.

He said Malawi will be a terrible home for Malawians without forests and that the country will be an undesirable home without rivers and mountains.

Chakwera, a former Pentecostal church leader, said protecting the country’s natural resources is like the country’s bank account. He said the mistake that Malawians have made is to withdraw from the bank account without replenishing it.

According to President Chakwera, failure by Malawians to take good care of the environment has resulted in many problems. He has since called for drastic measures to address the problem.

He said government will establish a taskforce that will look into issues of environment. The taskforce will look into matters of water resources, mining and energy among other issues.

Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources Nancy Tembo flanked the President during the news conference and expressed government’s commitment to climate change policies.

Malawi will take part in next year’s Glasgow United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26).

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1 year ago

Yes, first all jumbo and plastic bags have to be banned, especially the thin one! Alternatively the tailoring, paper recycling industry and starch & fiber producer, will help us to find solutions for multiple usable bags or containers! On energy: Don’t go for coal-fired power look for clean renewable sources like solar, biomass fired (like bamboo grown by farmers) wind, hydropower, geothermal energy! On solar: Try to involve as much as possible the private sector and privat households to be a producer and allow them to feed into the national electricity grid! This huge amount of energy will save hydropower… Read more »

The Knight Templar
The Knight Templar
1 year ago

Zisakhale za youth week izizi please. Anthu inu pena ndimakukayikirani. Hahahahahahaha

Mwini muzi
1 year ago

I think Youth week was good. I would love to see it’s come back as our roads and bridges in the rural areas can receive more attention.

Moqtadar al Sadir
1 year ago

Moto mu Chikangawa sukutha. Dedza Mountain and Zomba Mountain needs mikungudza back. Mzungu and Kamuzu adatisiyira Malawi wabwino. Koma Bakili Muluzi and Muthalika anankafumbwe onsamva mankhwala makamaka Bakili Muluzi.

1 year ago

just give the old people the 15,000 you promised first. Time is of the essence to them. Zinazo muzipanga no problem

Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

There is a lot to be done. The first is to clear all streets of illegal and ugly structures. On climate change this is a transboundary environmental problem because carbon dioxide that is responsible global warming knows no boundary. Most of our carbon sinks which are forests have been destroyed. Strengthen the Ministry of Forest like those days when they could manage fires. Engage the communities in this fight of deliberate destruction of fires. The charcoal business must be controlled as well. On waste management, why are thin plastics still around? What is the ministry of environment doing? Why should… Read more »

Bentby from Chigunda Dwangwa

Kudos H.E Dr Chakwera. i think on the issue of plastic, the only solution is to impose tax on plastic, both bottles and bags. then the govt should bring in black owned companies that will be collecting those plastic waste, then use money collected through plastic tax to pay them. then the waste should be sold to recycles.

Namadzi Bomba
Namadzi Bomba
1 year ago

The work also starts with citizens of Malawi themselves rather than relying on the president alone. This is a collective effort, so you need the president to inform you that our streets stink and we should rely on the same boma to clean up your mess. Seriously!! Zinazi!!

Kumavalo Nsamaonetsa Nyoni
Kumavalo Nsamaonetsa Nyoni
1 year ago

How will hungry people do all this?

Did the president not clean his corridor on his first day at work? What was he launching then?

This man seams to be going in circles.

He’s been thrown at the deep end and he can’t swim,just like the one before.

He has an added problem that he is in a partnership with people who want to be where he is,and chances are they will let the poor preacher drown.

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