Chakwera wants DPP out next year, declares Malawi is ‘held back by a self-serving elite’

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous Chakwera has repeated his previous assertion that his is leading a “government in waiting” , saying  his party will  ensure  citizens  are part of social –economic development.

Chakwera: DPP administration takes Malawians for fool

Chakwera blasted   the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration, saying  it has no idea how to fix their broken system  and have refused to implement some of brilliant ideas MCP offered to improve the affairs of the country.

He vowed to use 2018 to help people “fulfil their hopes”ahead of the election in 2019.

“We have, as aparty, a policy that will have to do with business continuity and disaster management. A plan that will be translated to action when people vote MCP to power next year,” said Chakwera.

He accused the government of creating more poverty in the country than reducing it and of drastically lowering education standards, leaving many Malawians illiterate.

“Malawians have all the reasons to vote this government out of power during the 2019 general election. This government takes Malawians for fools. Their time is up; they must go,” Chakwera said.

He also said those in power are systematically looting public coffers through theft and corruption, saying the nation is being held back by a self-serving elite who look after themselves and their friends, and a failed system which delivers staggering wealth at the top while more and more people struggle to simply make ends meet.

Chakwera  said this would not be the case once the MCP is voted back in power after 20 years in opposition.

“We will never betray the wishes of the people. We will ensure integrity and justice in the way we govern to ensure total transparency and accountability,” Chakwera said.

He said the prospect of a “new Malawi” was “closer than ever before”  adding that  MCP will create space where all Malawians regardless of region or tribe share in the wealth the nation create.

Chakwera said Malawians have to be ready to vote for MCP that will translate policy that will serve the people.

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Gadama Chiwanga lero osakamba za Njaunju bwanji anthu alpha inu kupha Ana school ng’ooooo MCP yagwira Mseu kokoliko kwachaaaaaa!

Pension Nenereko

The funny thing about times is repetition. When Muluzi opposed Kamuzu, the Ntabas said ndi wopenga. Those who call a spade a spade are usually referred to as fools. But what is happening around significantly shows people are tied of crooks, thieves etc. Those who ignore this they do it at their peril. UNLESS RIGGING HAPPENS AGAIN then DPP will not lose the 2019 vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moses Nkhambako

These are the words that your followers want to hear,what else can you tell Malawians a Mulisha

Good courage Lazarous. Like a man of faith speak like you are already in Government. Appoint a shadow cabinet of all tribes on merit. Tickle us with the good rhetoric over and over again like the German Goebels. Repeat the truths like you do when you are in prayer. Create desperation amongst the populace and blame all the problems on the Lomwes the way Jews were blamed in the Hitler time. Repeat the blame game over and over again agains the Lomwes. Then give us solutions to the Lomwe syndrome which can excite us. Tell us that Chewas will never… Read more »

A Patrick- Ife akuno kummwera tayamba kuyikondatu MCP chifukwa zipani za anthuzi zatitopetsa cos democracy mulibemo , timangomvera zofuna zaiwo eni chipani poti amatulutsa ndalama. Tioneko chipani cha amalawi mmene mwatuluka udf ndi zipani zina. pano munthu sangatinamize aliyense akupanga kampeni anena zokoma zokhazokha oro zokomazo zitamlephera kale. pano zichoka kwani. kampeni basi. we want real change now!!!!!!!!!!


Chakwera is not different from Wabdale You heard on MBC during the program “Ndikati Chete” The daughter to late David Chiwanga among the four cabinet ministers killed by mcp brutal party in Mwanza
You think people have forgotten Wait and see,you will fail mserably Bro, muyenda mutanyamula underwear yanu mmanja kwa Biwi 2019 mutapenga We are ready to circumcise you next year


Tell Chiwanda’s daughter to ask Dausi and Ntaba about about her father’s death

Che Duli

Oooooh Poor Lazaro, the fallen reverend. You will stay in a pipe-dream. Never MCP again, the party of death and darkness (Chakufwa Chihan publications) and based on nyau policy.


Muyambe mwawafunsa a Joyce Banda kuti Zinatani ali ndichiyembekezo chonse.


Ine olo kutulo ndimavotera inuyo bwana president.. Osavutika nkunena anthu tudziwa kale kuti MCP boma 2019!!!! Zinazi ati zagwirizana mbava ambanda okhaokha

Patrick Phiri

Chakwera is dreaming, but his dreams will never materialise. How can he assure Malawians of equal opportunities when his NEC is full of Lilongwe people? He should not cheat Malawians, and Malawians are not kids. What is happening at party level signals what will happen if he is given a chance to rule. Fortunately for Malawians, he will never rule. He cannot succeed where JZU has failed.


kkkkkkkkkkk !!!! This idiot will die a miserable


La lero MCP?

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