Chanco students leader Ayuba brands Ntaba a ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘devil’ 

Students Union of Chancellor College (SUCC) president Sylvester Ayuba James scolded  at  presidential adviser on domestic policy Hetherwick Ntaba, the Sixth All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference in Blantyre calling him a  “ biggest hypocrite” .

Ayuba: Ntaba is a hypocrite and a devil

Ntaba: Accused of being anti-democratic twerp

Ayuba was hitting at Ntaba, saying he was not the right person to stand on higher moral ground and talk of hypocricy.

Apparently, Ayumba  missed the remarks because it was United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesman Ken Ndanga who  talked about hypocricy and not Ntaba as he alluded.

Nonetheless, Ayuba rapped Ntaba saying he was anti-democratic twerp who also misled late president Bingu wa Mutharika.

“I see in you the biggest devil, hypocrite,” Ayuba said in remarks targeted at Ntaba.

Ntaba spoke in defence of government, saying a lot of people in the country are beneficiaries of corruption, including the church, but they pretend a lot.

He  said PAC has no moral ground to heap the blame of corruption on only government officials.

He said: “We are all beneficiaries of corruption. We are disgusted as much as you are. It is naïve to think that this is something that can only be done by those in power. We must change the approach and we would like PAC to have the confidence from all Malawians, the divisions must end. Let us move together and find solutions and not divide Malawians.”

Professor Wiseman Chijere Chirwa, who also presented a paper on governance issues, faulted government for being in “denial” on the status of the country’s economy.

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32 thoughts on “Chanco students leader Ayuba brands Ntaba a ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘devil’ ”

  1. evannce says:

    such an emotional man Ayuba is. couldn’t wait to target the wrong man. Students Union of Chancellor College president Sylvester Ayuba James. I feel sorrow for the future of this country.

  2. ebbance says:

    such an emotional man Ayuba is. couldnt wait to target the wrong man. Students Union of Chancellor College president Sylvester Ayuba James. I feel sorrow for the future of this country.

  3. ebba says:

    Very emotional ayuba is. Such a hasty little man.

  4. ebance says:

    Ayube being hasty with his words there. Such an emotional little man.

  5. Nkhawa says:

    Whoever offers employment to naughty boys like these ndiye kuti abetsa. Akhoza kutukwana mabwana pa office uyu chifukwa choti ukumulangiza za nchito. Satha kusiyanitsa zinthu za official ndi za personal. These are official matters, why take them personal like that? The nation and God are ungry with you. You have been tested and failed. Rude boys to elders call curse upon their heads. Please apologise to your fellow atudenta because you didnt represent them well. Apologise to the nation too because regardless of what, Dr Ntaba is a highly dignified and distinguished personality in our Society.

  6. Mgoloso says:

    Prosperity comes with individual hard work – who told you that a political party brings prosperity for individuals – anakunamiza.

    Its Kamuzu who killed our spirits – he managed to brainwash us Malawians and believed that its only him who can bail us out. Just imagine;

    1. Malawi had one radio station
    2. Malawi had one newspaper
    3. Malawi had no single cellphone provider
    4. Malawi did not know that one could buy a car from Japan while he/she is in-Country
    5. Malawi had no single TV station
    6. Malawi had no internet services
    7. Malawi had no CSOs
    8. Malawi had handful Private schools
    9. Many more

    So, which MCP are you talking about? MCP in the “Centre” yes, but “South” forget it

    Say whatever you can, BUT will meet in 2019 and witness a massive DPP win – come rain come sunshine. Mind you DPP does penetrate the Centre but MCP can’t make an inch in the South (fact)

  7. Mkupamame says:

    Pali zoti anakakhala bambo ako apa? Your brain is too manute to comment on this issue..AYUBA is just straight forward on this Useless Ntaba.Ntaba is Dangerouse creature to live with in this political dynamic era he has zero idea on this moderm politics….he cannot mark against tick taka politics n sharp minds of just like Ayuba…..Ntaba your too old…

  8. James says:

    Ayuba should have expressed his opinion on Dr Ntaba a bit more maturely , as an educated person , you could used some diplomacy and sent the similar message. It looks like , Ayuba had a advanced prepared speech as he mis directed the venom on, as Ntaba never mentioned anything about Hypocrisy. It doesn’t befit a normal person with such Venom in public. It shows some immaturity.

  9. Banda says:

    Kodi inu Corruption yoseyi muziti Ntaba? Bwerani mmuzaone nyumba zikumangidwa ku Naperi, Sunnyside, Area 49, Chimaliro plus Namiwawa plus plus. Nde mkumati boma lokha ndilomwe likuba? SHUPPIT! Kulembana okhaokha ntchito ku Plan Malawi, Care Malawi, fhi360 ActionAID, Baobab, Goal Malawi, World Vision plus plus. Nde mkumati ndi Ntaba? Zimagalimoto zonsezi akugula mma NGOzi mkumati mzachilungamo? Please mukamanena zachinyengozi muzisamala.

  10. joze says:

    Onse Ntaba ndi Ayuba ali ndi madazi oti ng’aning’ani. Ku Mozambique akufuna anthu a madazi ngati Ntaba ndi Auyba kuti akachotsepo golide pa madaziwo..ndi diruuuu.!!!!!!.muwagwire..kikikiki

  11. Kaya says:

    Amalawi kusekelera katangale plus kusamva. vuto ndilakuti aliyese ku Malawi kuno ndiwanzeru…….koma mbuli zenizeni. pitani ku Mzuzu nseu wa chiputula ndi katawa anthu agula cement wotchipa kuchokera kwa onkhoza nseu…..kumachita kusekelera Katawa yonse kumawona izi zikuchitika…
    Yambani mwawamphuzitsa Amalawiwa kuti corruption ndi chani! ena amawona ngati kumupatsa wapolisi K200 bus ikadzadza sikatangale. ndindalama zingati zimene Amalawi amawononga tsiku lililonse pa nseu?
    kulani Amalawi osapereka ma comment opusa.

  12. chiphazi says:

    Point of correction, ngati enanu mukuba musatipake enafe. Ndi bwino mwavomera pagulu kuti mumaba. A Malawi anzanga tanzimvera tokha. Eish

  13. John says:

    Nothing wrong here. It was a mere debate articulating issues of national importance.

  14. Kamphata f says:

    While Ayuba sounded emotional, but let us carefully examine what type of a person is Mr, Ntaba ( he does not qualify to be a Doctor now). Every time he is against the masses. During One party regime, he defended MCP too so much. When we earned multiparty democracy he also defend the wrong this Muluzi was doing, then defended the evils of Bingu now APM. A Malawi Dziwani izi the most evil people in this country of ours are as follows:
    1. Muluzi_ South
    2. Ntaba_Centre
    3. Ndausi_South
    4. Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey-Centre
    5. Jappie Mhango-North

    The top three carried the evils of MCP to UDF and DPP. MCP is now clean. In 2019 Vote for MCP for prosperity and for the future of Children

  15. bob says:

    nothing wrong with Ntaba bt this small boy u have to respect people

  16. ine pano says:

    maw mawu

  17. maki says:

    Contenders for Men of the Year 2017 Malawi: Vincent Wandale and Ayuba. Akulu mukuti Ayuba watsala pati, zigonani choncho!

  18. santana says:

    Ayuba, what are you studying at Chanco? It only shows you have no future in life. Your rhetoric only shows that you can not command any society and achieve the goals. You are too rude first to yourself and then to others. You are such type of educated savages. What have you done to Malawians so far that we can take you as a future leader? Mukunena sukulu zopambanira zithumwa? A person who is rude to himself cannot achieve anything in life. There are people who were in that institution who showed strides in life even in their first year while you cannot point any achievement now and even after 3 years from now. Some words in English or Chichewa when mentioned in public only shows the type of a person who utters them. You have depicted yourself to be an educated savage. You are not even fit to be a leader of any dambwe because even at dambwe we need those who have manners to lead others. Whatever you can do in life you will never come closer to Dr Ntaba in matters of any type of caliber. May be you should try to clean the forest in your face incase it is this forest making you insane. The jungle in your face is too heavy for you.

    1. Employer okwiya says:

      How does PAC chair and Excecutive feel when they see ana amwano chonchi kumatukwana a kulu akulu omwe achita zinthu padzikopa, “politics aside”. Its shame. For sure as a current Board chair at my organisation, I have marked you. We wouldnt employ an educated savage like Ayobe. He destroying his own future. Ndiye poti maboma ake omwe a Democracy wa koma lathu la MCP ndi Kamuzu you could have been expelled from College. Shame to PAC and your own parents because these are signs of ill cultured children who have no morals and manners to elders. your name has gone into books in a bad way. The boy is a disgrace to the nation.

  19. Mzika says:

    Osamuopyse Ayuba ndipo Ntaba ndi munthu omumvera aaaaaah kusowa anthu chani

  20. WiseMan Phiri says:

    Mutu wako Ayuba

  21. Apao Kugola says:

    A Ntaba mpaka kuvomereza kuti simukuba nokha? Munthu wa mkulu ngati inuyo munayenera kukhala chete koposa kulankhula motumbwa choncho. Is Ntaba trying to insinuate that it is ok for the government to lead a band wagon of thieves instead of controlling escalation of the corruption vice? Government was not in all strongest terms supposed to be part of the greedy people plundering public resources. This is a shame an an embarrassment to President Peter Mutharika. Ntaba has vindicated what people have been saying all along that even the president is a thief; thats why he is inactive on fighting corruption. You guys should be lucky to have been born in Malawi where every citizen is as docile as a sheep led to be butchered. Otherwise, else before finishing that nonsense before PAC and everybody, Ntaba could have been taken to explain his gullibility to responsible citizens.

    Those of you blaming Ayuba should think well. Even a parent looses respect from his own sons when he becomes an a shame to the children. I can’t imagine why somebody should think that the youth of Malawi should respect Ntaba. For what?

    Basi mbite. Ittekimasu.

    The Fearless Samurai

  22. chilungamo says:

    Mukufuna kuti muzamusowese anthu odana ndi chilungamo osangovomeleza kuti Boma lakukanikani.

  23. getrude says:

    So what will u benefit? AYUBA, this will take u nowhere. Why on a wrong person? change yr mindset. Chanco product – NO sense.

  24. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Koma Dr Ntaba are you sure, we are all corrupt or have benefited from corruption . Why are you generalizing the issue.?

  25. santana says:

    Ayuba, why are you so uneasy on a simple matter like this? Do you have a long standing hatred with Dr Ntaba? Many have tried to belittle Ntaba but at the end they end up belittling themselves. Whether you like it or not, Dr Ntaba remains a figure in Malawi.

  26. Maunits says:

    Wasala pati dziko lino likuyendetsedwa ndi devil.

  27. Kanthu Ako! says:

    Does this ignorant young man realize that the mouth follows you forever. The actions of today become your nightmares of tomorrow.

    For a start he is, according to this article, directing his venom at the wrong person and seems to think its OK because Ntaba is a politician anyway, and anything goes for politicians.

    This kind of thing will come back to haunt him. I wouldn’t employ him even if he was the last man with extensive knowledge.

  28. You are talking no sense. Are you really a university student you bald headed man.

  29. Rev Misozi Chanthunya says:

    Some people never learn. I feel sorry for this Ayuba guy. Others have trodden this path and the results weren’t good. my thoughts are with the family of Robert Chasowa. May his soul rest in peace.

  30. MWENDANATO says:


    1. namarika says:

      @ Mwendanato, mufuna mumuchite tintini ngati momwe munachitira Chasowa? Kulankhula kwa a Ntaba ndi kulankhula kopusa kwambiri, kuyikira kumbuyo atsogoleri a DPP omwe akuba molapitsa, zaka zitatu zapitazo anali amphawi awa, koma lero ndi Mamilioneya ndiye kumanena kuti mpingo wapindula ndi katangale? a stupid doctor!!!!!!! ngati mipingo ikupindula ndiye anganeneso kuti siyani ziphuphu?

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